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12 Mar


Originally posted by ArchIsEpic_YT

From experience, you can do damage to overheal but it won't show damage numbers until you damage his actual health. You are doing more than four damage trust me

thats still a bug and I want to fix that


Originally posted by OB0E

This is a knight. Not a spitfire. Look at the clip

What is also weird is that your damage numbers didn't pop up as you were eating through his overheal. Makes me think his overheal is affecting this issue?


Originally posted by OB0E

This is a knight. Not a spitfire. Look at the clip

Yeah sorry, I was reading your comment in my messages and not in this post. Sorry, yeah this is absolutely a bug. You should be doing full damage. He was legit in your face


Originally posted by CapoDV

Hopefully I'm not too late. What are the chances of a BR more? I know it was in the survey a while back, did it get any traction? Is it something players wanted?

Pretty low atm. We have BZ as our initial experiment into the BR realm. To really make a full-fledged BR it'd require a much larger map and a lot more tech development to support a large collection of players in a single match. Pretty cost and resource prohibitive at this time I'm afraid :(


Originally posted by guy_of_disguise

I appreciate the reply! and i’m happy to hear that reevaluating the perk system in this game is something that you’re considering.

As for the second half, i guess what i mean is having characters feel a bit more fleshed out in terms of their interpersonal relationships, but also i just want more characters that add to a more serious tone included in the game. While i can appreciate the work that the art team, and who ever else is responsible for character design, does, characters like cannon and glimpse just seem weird and out of place at points for me personally, while especially characters like trench and dallas after trench’s redesign and dallas’s lore change feel like caricatures of what they’re aimed to be.

Realism isn’t exactly something i want to see incorporated in the gameplay, as it can lead to some frustrating and unbalanced changes, but incorporated into the lore and character design, i feel it’d help the roco community connect with the characters just...

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ah ok I see what you mean, yeah currently our character's "character" is a bit shallow and they dont interact much. Something I definitely want to improve on when we are able!


Originally posted by eSkuzy

Hello Jared, first of all thank you for doing this Q&A.

My question is very simple and you started answer it in your post :

"Over the years that intention had gotten muddied as we had struggled to really clarify what our game's core was to be about(was it tactical? was it casual/arcade-y? what is our game?)"

So my question is the same as yours in this sentence,

What is Rogue Company ? And where do you want it to go ? More tactical "hardcore" gameplay or more of a "casual" shooting game ?

Thank you for your time.

The core of roco is defined by it's rogues and the weapons they use. Each one should be paramount in their distinctive playstyles, strengths and weaknesses. It is a fast moving action-y third person shooter with tight mechanics. Game modes are a vehicle that can dictate how hardcore or casual the experience will be(think Halo's BTB vs SWAT).


Originally posted by Tenebrae42

Hope I'm not too late to the party after reading through the other stuff. I tend to give a lot of (perhaps needless) exposition, so I'll try to bold the actual questions/relevant bits. Sorry about the quote boxes, if it makes it harder to parse or anything. Reddit didn't agree with my breaks for some reason

  1. Not so much as question as it is my main concern: matchmaking and servers. Dead horse, I know you know, you know we know you know. Been playing about 2.5 years now, so I've been through it. Servers Down emote represent. Matchmaking is rough, often feeling like a 1v4/1v3/2v3/2v4/etc, with wide, wild gaps in player skill on the same team, much less between teams. This is massively exacerbated, especially for me as of the late, by server issues. I can break my back and maybe carry an effective 1v3 or 1v4, but it is made infinitely harder and beyond infinitely more frustrating when I rubberband and toss my molly at the...

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  1. Ongoing efforts to improve them, you as the player have avenues to report server issues! Ingame and in our discord! Do your civic duty as we need as much data as we can get!
  2. I am looking at things to make the guns even more unique so stay tuned
  3. I get that and we'll keep this in mind
  4. noted
  5. I want this back as well, on the list!
  6. Yeah I want to fix it so that the joining player is financially "caught up" with the other players

Originally posted by Diligent_Chemistry63

Perhaps you could make it like how VALORANT worked around it, they spawn the bomb on the ground (in this case,, the chimera) and its' up to rhe players to pick it up, instead of a random player having it which was also CS's problem

That's one of the solutions we will want to try


Originally posted by Bdonn4

Could you please fix the SMGs? I avoid using any SMG at all now with the new bloom. It's just too frustrating to miss shots uncontrollably. It has also steered me away from playing rogues that use SMGs, which sucks because many of them are my favorite rouges.

Thanks for the Q&A! Much appreciated!

SMGs are getting and accuracy and range bump in the next update and ARs are getting adjusted to not stomp them in CQC. Give em a whirl


Originally posted by zDD_EDIT

Can you share how the Matchmaking (SBMM) works in this game, or is that also a secret?

It's a secret even to me(for now). But I'll uncover it


Originally posted by OB0E

So, I’ll just ask this straight up. Is it at all possible to hardware ban people at this point?…

we do in fact Hardware ban


Originally posted by FuzzyPiez

Personally feel event passes should be 8 weeks at least, more time for the average salaryman/woman who have little grinding time yeah?

Hope you understand this as a fellow corporate slave

totally understand that, however we are locked in on having event passes go live for major patches which run 6 week cycles. This corpo slave needs to go with the whims of his superiors on that one I'm afraid :(


Originally posted by zxi

Are you aware of the ranked (strikeout) bug where if your game crashes and you join back you can no longer open or buy anything from the store?

Yep, its in our big bucket of 'reconnect bugs that we must fix" so hang in there!


Originally posted by Particular-Sky3467

Thank you for your response! To clarify my menu question: On console, when you’re in the main lobby screen, you have to press R1 a few times to get to the store. I was just wondering if you could make it so that if you press L1 from the main lobby it would take you to the last “menu.” I know it’s a weird ask, but I think it would be convenient. Thanks again!

oooooh you want it to wrap around to the end, gotcha. I'll put that on the list!


Originally posted by WearyPitch8795

1st My Question is probably very hard to anserw but why i wont ask

How exacly skillgap graph in matchmaking looks like? Did game has problems with lack of avg skilled players ? Because matches in RoCo are pretty bizzare when i get matches they mostly looks like 2 Strong and 2 Weak players in one team

2nd Question is about SMG do you plan to give some balance changes to LMP-X like reduce ADS bloom size to level of currently Deagle but make much bigger spread when you shooting full auto ? I came with up idea to make LMP-X good weapon in 2 styles of shooting 1. is Fullauto shooting (For Short distance) and 2nd. Is bursting (For mid - long distance) What do you think about it?

Hard to answer the MM stuff as I'm still working on learning its inner workings myself.

SMGs will get another bump in the next update, give it a shot and let me know


Originally posted by jrdyson

This is great to see that so much work is being done on this game. I’m new to RoCo. I first tried RoCo like a year ago and really just wasn’t feeling it. Gave it another shot a few days ago and am really digging it now. So some of the changes are definitely a step in the right direction.

Have you guys thought of adding a social hub?

Would love some progressive weapon skins. Maybe that come with unique quips and maybe burst into flames and flash a skull on the screen when we get a kill once they are leveled up. I got the season pass to support the game, but honestly wish the weapon skins and cosmetics were a little flashier.

Lastly is there any plan to add some detailed stats so we can track our kills in a season or how well we do with certain weapon types vs others?

Sounds like you missed out on some of the mythic weapons! Stay tuned as we roll some out! :D

Hmm, we currently don't partition stats by season but that isn't a bad idea potentially, I'll keep it on the list.


Originally posted by OB0E

u/RoCoJared probably should take a look into that. Hydra Maw meta is one thing, it’s another when a gun that is supposed to do no less than 10(?) damage from the furthest range is doing 4 from a car length or two away.

EDIT: Whoops I didn't see the video and thought this was in a different post. Yeah u/OB0E this look slike a bug. You should'nt have done 4 dmg there. Passing along to QA to check out


Originally posted by anonperson96

Why did the rogues speed all have to change to equal? It makes no sense that Lancer is as fast as Anvil or Cannon. If Lancer doesn’t have massive mag sizes or a ton of armour she should at least move faster.

Also Cannons power is OP and is almost impossible to kill when that is activated.

Speed and Toughness existed to offset each other. You can't have just one. Buy Legendary evade and enjoy being 20% faster in combat than any other rogue.

I'll look at cannon for potential identity adjustments and tuning down his minigun in a later update


Originally posted by Apprehensive-Wave-37

So, every so often there is a game out there like say a racing or a fighting game that when you select said character/car they are outlandishly different from any other but are good. they just need a bit of practice to get the hang of.

is that what your trying to do with roco? if so that's cool! personally i think you got that down with the knight. the objection would need a bit more tinkering but i like that when you aim the reticle losses out on focus because its a hip fire gun. the lmpx just a reticle bloom reduction, D40C a small fire rate increase. ibex im not sure how to react. that's my feedback.

You're pretty on the money with my intentions. Aiming to give each weapon a unique nuance and playstyle. RoCo has suffered from weapons being roughly the same in behavior and effectiveness(i.e. SMGs and ARs have been same-y).