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Hello Rogue Reddit!

In a previous stream we often spoke about weapon mastery and its impact on balance. I've seen many a post, tweet and comments centered around its removal from the game but I would like to focus this post to be a discussion around Ranked, Weapon Mastery and where we should go from here.

In our eyes, we see Ranked to be an experience where the players work around a tight and consistent ruleset with known variables(i.e. they understand what they and their enemy have access to and the decisions/strategies around it). Weapon Mastery is a system that currently runs counter to that in that it allows Rogues to either push their strengths further or shore up their weaknesses.

To that end we are leaning towards disabling Weapon Mastery in the Ranked Ruleset. However, I'd like to create an open forum here to discuss that here with the players who play ranked and value that experience.

If you don't want to voice your opinion but still...

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Originally posted by Filmstuff37

Not sure if your team is aware that the map rotation is acting bugged? u/RoCoJared - It's in all modes: TDM, demo, SO, an ranked, on multiple servers across regions. I have played NAE and W, and I know other comments on here are from EU. Majority of the maps repeating are High castle Omega, which is at least 3-4 times in a row, Glacier repeating, and randomly a few others but mostly Omega consistently on repeat. - This started right after the last maintenance update from around four days ago. Thanks 👍

Apologies for the late reply, but yeah we noticed and are working to adjust that. Something about the last maintenance seemed to have affected our map pools for players.

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