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1s hey Bill why bill wake the [ __ ] up man
5s wakey wakey Snow White it's show time
8s baby come on get off your ass there we
11s go
12s so you remember what we talked about
14s yesterday right how shifters can't focus
17s during dust so you need to go now oh
19s [ __ ] man those things give me the chills
21s they [ __ ] toward Dwayne apart don't
23s worry about it you'll make it out alive
26s just make sure you bring back the goods
28s but don't even bother coming back at all
30s boy Carter get the hell up that fence
34s and fix it before dinner time let's go
36s move it move it move it move
39s I swear to God one of these days
42s the guy said you need a backup where do
44s you want me to go
47s hey Jeanette
50s you ever been mistaken for a man no have
53s you all right cut it out between you two
54s listen yeah go to the left post and make
57s sure there are no Intruders tonight
58s understood go
60s all right dude we have no time to lose
65s foreign
66s Scotty how's she holding giving her all
69s I got Captain I can't give her no more
80s [Applause]
82s all the gear you need is in the truth
84s make sure you check the radiation level
86s before you get it okay
89s all right should be good
93s all right Bill Good Luck make sure you
95s come home before the night
97s all right boys open her up we got a
100s wagon coming through
133s foreign
144s [Music]
150s [Music]
161s [Music]