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Hey hey everyone, happy Monday. You already know it is time for another Dev update! Check it out!
In case you missed it there was another behind-the-scenes video on Friday, this time with 2 of our shy boys Dave and Brane (and kudos to Darius for getting them to be in front of the camera). Get a snippet of what is going on in video format here:

Starting off with our lovely programmers. They've been some busy bees. Work continues on getting systems in place for the new BB elements from your feedback. Hopefully, we will have some shareable results soon. Work has resumed on movement rework as well. Showing them right now would just be lines of code and I've been told I will get in trouble with the legal if I showed it. We have virtualization of the favorite subject, the encounter manager. Giving us more options with it and it is crucial with the implementation of the dropship system. We are also looking into some new player experience improvements, so we are experimenting with new player protection. Now we want new players to have a chance but we are wary of some bad actors and are keeping watch on it. To top it all off we have tons of bugfixing, code review, and also working on persistent collisions. What this will hopefully give us is a reduction if not complete removal of situations when vehicles fall through terrain. And ofc the vehicle radio part.

Level designers finally have something new to tell. They started on optimizations on specific POIs these include Samobor city, trainyard, fish factory and many more. Optimization is a priority as well as you already know, we already pushed UE4 to the brink so we need to lighten the load. They are also working on the new BB elements for you lot.

Not much changed for the art department. Which shows the amount of work it takes for these.

Animators are still working on the new trailer and resolving issues with animations, both hard and soft surface are on optimizations. There is some new farming content on the way, and the quad modular parts are progressing nicely.

The audio team is working on new audio mixing methods, to elevate the sound and resolve issues that can sometimes take you out of the game.

QA/CM/Marketing time. The QA guys are looking into issues as always and resolving issues with the master server over the pond. With that, they are constantly on the lookout for cheater reports and deal with them as soon as they can. They are also testing the new anti-cheat measures. CM has been communicating with you guys and also cooking some things you will see this week, so keep an eye out! And marketing is also cooking some materials and helping the CM team with the future things, big things.

Game designers are still on it with sorting the feedback out and converting it to future features., and also sorting everything out for the next update.

A bit shorter list this time as it's been hectic all around. But it was lovely to see all of your feedback on how you like the new format. I will try and run around to get you some visuals for the next week as well. Have a nice rest of the week everyone and talk to you soon!

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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.