28 Jul

    Beda on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hey there everyone, happy Thursday! We have a big patch coming up! So check out the new stuff we have deployed to the island.

First up we are transferring to the final version of Unreal engine! This is a big deal for us and a milestone we worked on for a while now. Not only does it allows us more options on the backend end of things and more options to develop features, but it also has more optimized packet ending and streaming features in in it. But what does this mean to you, the player?
It means that you will see better performances on the game than before and it means you have more and better things to look forward to in the future.

PSA if you are still playing on Windows 7 ... Read more

25 Jul

    Beda on Steam - Thread - Direct
Greetings prisoners, we are back with another Development update and some news on the International program! Check it out!

We are looking for some more reinforcements for the International program! More volunteers are needed for some supported languages and we are adding 3 more languages!

We are looking for more people for these languages:
  • Chinese - simplified
  • Chinese - traditional
  • Korean
  • Portuguese

And looking for volunteers for these 3 new languages, helping us to bring the SCUM experience to these regions!
  • Italian
  • Arabic
  • Czech

If you are interested and/or want more info on SCUM International program please contact us at:
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18 Jul

    Beda on Steam - Thread - Direct
And we are back with the regular Monday program. Check out what the team has been up to last week.

Also a PSA:
There is a bug where you can equip the hunter suppressor on the AWM and AWP sniper rifles, and the AK15 suppressor on the VHS rifles. This will be fixed in the next update, so please remove those from your weapons or they will be lost in the next update.

  • Working on a vehicle falling trough fix.
  • Resolving issues with the master server.
  • Implementing the Grenade launcher features.
  • Setting up the new weapons.
  • Further work on modular vehicles.
  • Preparations for new U...
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14 Jul

    Beda on Steam - Thread - Direct
Can't stop, won't stop we have another hotfix for you all.

  • Fixed the bug where firing the new bolt actions would switch view to iron sights between shots even though scope is equipped.
  • Fixed the bug where the VHS-2 magazine was not set correctly in it's place.
  • Fixed multiple weapon animations.
  • Fixed the issues with traders and new weapons and ammo.
  • Fixed zoom / black border issue with scopes on VHS rifle.
  • Fixed the issues with loading ammo into Carbon Hunter.

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12 Jul

    Beda on Steam - Thread - Direct
Well you can't say we don't work fast. Here is the hotfix!

  • Another potential fix for vehicles.
  • Fixed a bug where VHS sound would hang with improvised silencer.
  • Fixed the issues with the admin drone.
  • Removed the test ACOG from the spawn pool.
  • Fixed the bug where prisoners would sometimes fall through terrain when fainting.
  • Fixed various weapons misplacements bugs.

11 Jul

    Beda on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hello everyone guess what? Another Monday another update! We are on a roll here! This one is a big one for all of you fellow gun nuts but also fixes some of the major issues we were having, so check it out!

So let' start with the theme of this patch guns, guns, guns! We are adding a lot of new weapons. Some regular, some very special to us and some that will blow your mind, liter... Read more

04 Jul

    Beda on Steam - Thread - Direct
Happy Monday, we are back with more content for you all! This one has a lot of info so read it carefully before returning to the island!

To start off we have went more in depth with our fishing environment. As any well experienced fisherman will tell you there are more conditions on what fish you want to catch. So it makes sense we add that to SCUM as well. So now there are multiple ones you have to take into consideration when going fishing including:
  • Time of day.
  • Size of the body of water.
  • ...
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30 Jun

    Beda on Steam - Thread - Direct
We are happy to present to you the new update and the first character pack for SCUM!

Play as the legend himself!

In this DLC you get to play as the legendary Danny Trejo! Including the complete model, special clothing and specific weapon. Dominate the island and... Read more

20 Jun

    Beda on Steam - Thread - Direct
Well we skipped a week or so but we are back with the Dev updates. If you are wondering why it was skipped we took a Monday for some RnR and had some BBQ. So as a treat we will list all that has been done this past 2 weeks so enjoy!

  • Working on new infection types.
  • Bugfixing.
  • Working on the garden snapping system.
  • Working on the garden merge system.
  • Working on plastic surgery UI menu.
  • Implementing voice line commands for Danny Trejo DLC.
  • Working on the ATM UI.
  • Tweaking the door sensor system.
  • Research the new scope mechanics for the VHS rifle.
  • ...
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06 Jun

    Beda on Steam - Thread - Direct
And we are back with the Development update. Check out what the crew has been up to this past week, some things released and some still in the oven.

  • Bugfixing.
  • Working on the infections system.
  • Working on garden placement system.
  • Working on the PhsyX system.
  • Working on the custom zone settings.
  • Working on the infections UI.
  • Creating the ATM system.
  • Created the remote door control system.
  • Working on liquid containers rework.
  • Working on stats rework.

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03 Jun

    Beda on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hot summer means hot hotfix. Yeah I know that joke is bad just read the notes.

  • Fixed the bug where custom zone settings menu showed double options.
  • Fixed the bug where you could not holster item on slot 1 when you already had an item holstered on slot 2.
  • Potential fix for trader available funds sometimes showing incorrectly.
  • Fixed the bug where keycards tooltip did not show expiration time and which killbox they activate.
  • Fixed the bug where custom zone settings did not map to the correct damage types.
  • Fixed the bug where character tattoos sometimes disappeared.
  • Fixed the...
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02 Jun

    Beda on Steam - Thread - Direct
Well long time no see, but we are back with another update. This one has some major changes so pay close attention!

Alright, this one is a big one and contains a lot of information so pay attention. You wanted more metabolism and we are here to deliver. Contamination and infections are now active and a real threat to prisoners.

Let's take it slow. What are infections? Well, it's an invasion and growth of germs/microbes in the body. And the most common way to get it is on unclean and non-sanitized open wounds. So let's talk about that.

From now on when you get a bleeding wound, depending on the clothes you have on, if any, and their cleanliness your wounds can now get... Read more

16 May

    Beda on Steam - Thread - Direct
Another start of the week another development update! Check out what we've been up to this past week.

  • Bugfixing.
  • Adjusting trench foot mechanics according to feedback.
  • Optimizing bandwidth for the UI.
  • Working on farming replication system.
  • Transferred boats to the new vehicle physics system.
  • Resolving UI bugs.
  • Further work on transferring the UI to the new system.
  • Refactoring prisoner code.
  • Support for Danny Trejo character creation.
  • Upgrading internal commit system.
  • Researching infections.
  • Fu...
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12 May

    Beda on Steam - Thread - Direct
Well, you know the drill after the patch. Here is the hotfix everyone:

  • Fixed the bug where big steak with potatoes was not consumable.
  • Fixed the bug where Fisherman trader NPC animations would not play out.
  • Fixed the bug where players would not despawn when gracefully logged out.
  • Fixed the bug where some sliding doors audio keeps looping.
  • Fixed the bug where airplane doors and door frames would get messed up after relog.
  • Fixed the issue where multiple purchases or sales of the same item would issue more lines than necessary in the economy log.
  • Fixed the missing collision ...
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09 May

    Beda on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hey hey people it's Monday and it's time for another Dev up... no wait it's patch day! Check out new stuff we have for you on the island!

Let's start with the loudest one. We have another plane ready to zoom across the sky and scout the seas. The new Seaplane is now available!

With the capability of landing and taking off from both sea and land, this is a perfect aircraft for those who desire to claim one of the uninhabited islands but still like to move around the map, or Indiana Jones roleplayers.

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02 May

    Beda on Steam - Thread - Direct
Happy Monday everyone! Time for another development update. Check out what the crew has been up to this week!

  • Resolving the metabolism issues.
  • Validating RPCs.
  • Fixing the issues wit the M1.
  • Fixing the destroy BB elements issues in Sinlge Player.
  • Research for farming system.
  • Implementing new metabolism diseases and damages.
  • Finishing up on the first prototype for modular vehicles.
  • Fixing substepping issues.
  • Working on the new seaplane.
  • Working on the Phoenix tears revive feature.
  • Working on a respawn system re...
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25 Apr

    Beda on Steam - Thread - Direct
Monday is here and so is the Development update, on time this time!

  • Divided the kills from events to log into separate kill log.
  • Fixed the airplane spawners in Single player.
  • Research for item rework.
  • Working on modular vehicles attachment system.
  • Research for farming system.
  • Created a script for redictories in the editor.
  • Working on different mushroom effects.
  • Created the prototype of modular vehicles.
  • Optimizing data.
  • Setting up Fisherman trader items.
  • Bugfixing.

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22 Apr

    Beda on Steam - Thread - Direct
I'm running out of joke lines about how we always have a hotfix for a patch but nonetheless here we are:

  • Fixed the bug that caused crashes on puppet spawn.
  • Fixed the bug where arrows and bolts would spawn an incorrect amount.
  • Fixed the bug where car mechanic audio would not play.
  • Fixed the bug where player was able to remove the clip from M1 when the M1 was holstered.
  • Fixed the wrong base selling price for small fish hook.
  • Fixed the bug where player was unable to destroy base building elements in singleplayer.
  • Fixed an issue with the EconomyOverride.json file where prices were ap...
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21 Apr

    Beda on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hey everyone, been a while but we are here with another patch. We have some new stuff and a lot of fixes, so lets get to it!

Let's start with the new trader NPC the good ol fisherman.

Now found around the outposts this good ol geezer will have some good nautical goodies to buy and sell.
Of course not only does he sell boats, rafts and the sort but you can also get fishing supplies and use them to sell fish. It's an honest peaceful life. And remember don't talk to the raven.

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11 Apr

    Beda on Steam - Thread - Direct
Monday is here and so is the Development update, on time this time!

  • Resolving the issues with ammunition.
  • Further backend work on modular vehicles.
  • Researching vehicle network issues.
  • Research on the replication graph.
  • Researching the prerequisites for the inventory rework.
  • Adjusting the engine devkit fix some graphical environmental issues.
  • Further network testing.
  • Testing the new physics plugins.
  • Fixing up the admin commands.
  • Resolving some economy issues.
  • Optimization of the pricing cache system.
  • ...
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