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Originally posted by RicardioBrando

Oh, okay. I just still hear the laugh (I’m on Xbox) when I go stealth and when enemies do it

just tested it again - you do not hear the laugh from enemy lokis


Originally posted by RicardioBrando

Eh, erm. That says 2022

yep. the fix you are asking for has been Implemented for nearly a year.

enemies don't hear loki's laugh - they hear a consistent sound effect

this skin should be safe to use


SMITE Version 9.5.7096.2 (May 17, 2022)


Loki’s laugh has been removed as an audio cue on this ability due to its inconsistency in volume and duration between skins.

This ability will now have a single audio cue sound effect that shares a volume and distance modifier across all Loki skins, but with some slight adjustments depending on the theme of the skin.

08 Mar