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28 Feb


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Hey Jesse,

I missed out on the first closed beta on PC, but I'm extremely interested in this game as my household has two PS4s and one PC and three people super interested in playing MOBAs together.

What's the targetted frame rate on PS4? Are PC players at 60+ fps going to dominate PS4 players locked at 30, or is PS4 targetting 60 fps? I'd feel a LOT better buying into the closet beta knowing that the PS4 and PC will at least hit that 60 fps minimum a game like this needs.

We're aiming for a steady 60FPS on the normal PS4. We're not quite there yet but we're close, and we'll be continuing to improve PS4 optimization throughout CB2. Performance improvement was a focus between CB1 and CB2 and we'll continue that through full release. :)

10 Dec

    Seth on News - Thread - Direct

Proletariat combines battle royale, rogue-like, and RPG gameplay spin in a spellbinding new package.

I’m incredibly excited to announce today that Spellbreak will be coming to PS4! And we’re pleased to confirm that we’re working on a beta that will be available to PS4 players in early 2020.

Spellbreak is a fantasy battle royale where you play as a battlemage, casting huge spells, combining primal elements, and literally flying through the world (or Teleporting, Shadowstepping, or a myriad of other movement abilities.). Guns and grenades can only take you so far and we wanted to explore something different, something that harkens back to the fantasy books that we grew up reading.

We took our inspiration from old-school shooters with skill shots and crazy mobility and we added in some modern twists to make a combat system that truly embodies fantasy action spellcasting. Add to that our spin on battle royale with elements of rogue-like gam...

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15 Oct

    Seth on News - Thread - Direct

Spellbreak has been in community development since the summer of 2018. We have released over 40 total updates and the game has been played by thousands of  players. Since the start, the community has been a valuable partner in shaping the direction of Spellbreak’s development and we could not be more excited to continue that work through Closed Beta 1 and beyond. The goal of this post is to explain our high level plan for the next major Spellbreak milestone so you know what to expect. 

The Closed Beta 1 milestone started today, October 15, and it will run until mid-December when we plan to bring the game down before the next major milestone to allow us to better implement player feedback on CB1 and additional features.

As we get closer to Spellbreak’s full release there will be many exciting upcoming announcements, so make sure you join our ...

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21 Feb

    Seth on News - Thread - Direct

Spellbreak has been involving the player community in its development since June of 2018. Around that time, we felt we needed to open the game up to the community that had been following our progress and start developing live with our players as an essential part of the conversation. Since that time, Spellbreak has grown considerably and as we enter the next phase of development, we want to share more details on the coming roadmap and changes you can expect to see. The goal of this post is to lay out our high-level vision for the Closed Alpha and to open up the discussion with the community on where Spellbreak is headed.

What did we achieve in the Closed Pre-alpha?

The goal for the pre-alpha was to create an in-match experience we were happy with. This focused on both the engaging spellcasting combat (including mechanics like runes and gauntlets) and the RPG progression system of classes and how they interact with items. There is still plenty of work to be done (see ga...

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