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19 Apr


Originally posted by Studious_Whale

Is there a way to add in a feature to have complete access to keybinds on controller? I know it has a backseat to other changes, but if it is an easy process, I'm sure I'm not the only one that would like that ability

Unfortunately it's a lot of work to enable full binding on gamepads. We still intend to do it but that's the reason you don't already have the option.

17 Apr


Here's a nearly copy-and-paste of an internal document I wrote to explain the aim adjustment settings for gamepads. They were aimed at a technical audience but hopefully they're still helpful! We will eventually have better explanations of these features in-game but that's a ways off in the future.

I'll do my best to answer any specific questions that this doesn't answer if I'm able to. :)




Horizontal/Vertical Look Speed

Range: 1% - 100%

This slider will adjust the speed at which your view rotates left/right or up/down. The maximum rotation rate is 360 degrees per second (100%).

Increase or decrease this setting to change how sensitive your sticks are.


Zoomed Speed Scale

Range: 1% - 100%

This slider will adjust scale applied to your look speed while zooming. This means that the actual speed is a combination ...

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09 Mar


You probably have "no fill" selected under your match settings. If you change that to "fill", you will have a third person added to your squad when you join the match.

The party/match settings options are in the process of being improved so hopefully this will be more obvious in future patches. :)

07 Mar


One of our product managers has been after me for the same request, so I think we'll try to slide this option in for our next major patch (not hotfix though!) Ultimately we want to support full button rebinding for gamepads but that's still a ways off into the future.

06 Mar


Originally posted by Tyrion93s

I don’t own the game so don’t take what I say as fact. I believe that function is not in yet. Meaning you can play against random pc players but not invite. Then again I might be completely wrong so hopefully someone fills you in better.

That's correct, no cross parties yet but they're coming soon!


I'm already working on fixing it. :) Would you mind posting your gamepad look and zoom sensitivity settings to help me further debug and test?

One thing to note about the behavior in this clip: it only happens against stationary targets, and (so far in my testing) requires low enough sensitivity settings that you cannot track a moving target at all while holding a full charge. As a result, it has very little practical impact under match conditions

That doesn't mean it isn't very bad behavior though! Thank you to everyone who has sent in clips like this, and I promise this system will improve as we continue through CB2 (and that this specific bug will be addressed).

05 Mar


Originally posted by sebastomass

I'm talking about the rotation of the pointer. I wish I could explain myself better.

I gotchu.


Originally posted by sebastomass

I mean, when you turn your camera around, the angle of the pointer just goes from angle a to angle b instantly instead of doing the full travel. I don't know if I'm not being clear. I can upload a video tomorrow explaining it better.

Ah, yeah it has a pretty low update rate. Improving the map and minimap is part of the HUD we haven't quite gotten to yet, so you should see significant improvements in that area before we launch. Thank you for pointing it out!


Can you give any further details? What don't you like about it, and what doesn't work smoothly for you?


Originally posted by Da_Borg_

A far easier solution would be to just allow key binding so i can make r3 pick up and l3 levitate, would alleviate alot of the issues with the controle gap between console and pc.

We intend to add it, can't promise exactly when but it's absolutely something we will eventually support. It's important for both customization and accessibility reasons!


You had me in the first half, not gonna lie.

04 Mar


Supporting full rebinding is on our list. How did you rebind before? AFAIK we never had official support for gamepad bindings - did something change that broke the way you used to change them?


Currently you need to use a third party program like DS4Win (this is what I used internally to test a lot of the PS4 gamepad functionality) in order to use a PS4 controller on the PC version of Spellbreak. We hope to have native support in the future but that's still a while out.

03 Mar


We're working hard on additional optimizations, stability improvements, and other performance enhancements targeted at PS4. It's always a difficult chicken and egg scenario when it comes to a beta like this - we need a decently large base of diverse players to find crashes and performance problems at scale, but we also want to provide the best possible experience for those of you kind enough to take the founder pack plunge.

Everyone has a different comfort level for a founders pack beta, and we don't begrudge anyone who feels Spellbreak isn't yet ready for their money, but either way we promise we're working to make sure that the PS4 experience is one both you and Proletariat can be proud of. Thank you for taking a risk on us, and I hope we can meet your expectations very soon!


Originally posted by smexywizardguy

Yes of course ! I’ve realized that the pull is very strong at farther distances not much aim required. Putting your reticle near them sort of auto targets. Now the problem at far distances isn’t an issue unless they are using the ice gauntlet, considering the amount of dmg it does (it’s balanced on pc dmg is high but tricky to hit shots) it’s fairly easy to land at long distances with the aim assist pull. You could spam aim until it targets on. Best way I could explain is it is similar to call of duty on console when people quick scope with snipers. They spam left trigger until it’s locks on all they have to do is time the shit right with the pull. At closer ranges it isn’t an issue as you are able to fight back but some far shots seem a little too consistent an insane to be shot on a controller (I used to use the ps4 alot).

Thank you for the additional details! We're going to be keeping a close eye on aim assist over the beta now that we have a lot of players like yourself to help us dial it in. Hopefully we'll have some adjustments out for you very soon. :)


Full rebinding support (along with additional preset profiles) are on our list. I can't say exactly when they'll be in, but it's definitely something we intend to support.


Do you have any further details you can share about how/why you feel that aim assist is broken? Is it too strong? Is it not strong enough? Somewhere in between?


Originally posted by RetiredProGamer

Can you disable this? PC vs PS4 would be an unfair advantage for the PC player

You can opt out of cross matching on PS4 if you want to.

02 Mar


Originally posted by OhHeckinGosh

Do you know if they are working on it?

We are. :)