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06 Jul

17 May

Originally posted by faeofthecosmos

You can tag him at u/ConcernedApe , he's pretty active on this subreddit and always open to hearing suggestions.

Yes, there will be way to remove cribs in the next update.

16 May

Originally posted by whorin_bajoran

Wow thanks! Wouldn’t even know how to get his attention ha ha, maybe he Reddits? Who knows?

they look really cool, and it's a unique take. Good work!

01 May

21 Apr

Originally posted by evergreenqveen

Prints here 😁

Thanks, gonna order one myself

16 Apr

Margotbean is very dedicated and works extremely hard on the wiki and deserves a lot of praise. We all appreciate it!

15 Apr

Originally posted by robisodd

We need answers from /u/ConcernedApe for this important question!

I have my own pronunciation for "poke" but I prefer that players interpret the game in their own way

13 Apr

Wow that's really awesome, great work! It's really accurate and tons of attention to detail. I'm really impressed. I would love to see people do a Stardew Valley roleplaying server with this! I used to play on a Harvest Moon roleplaying server and it was the best gaming experience of my life (I was Basil)

08 Apr

07 Apr

05 Apr

Hey. I've never heard of this issue happening before, so my first guess is somehow the mods you used might have inadvertently done this. Regardless, I can edit an incubator into your save file if you want. Find your save in %appdata%/StardewValley/Saves (zip the folder that has your character's name on it) and send it to me via upload to a file sharing site like dropbox and then send me a private message here with the link (preferred) or as an email attachment. If you send it as an email please let me know in a private message here anyway

03 Apr

28 Mar

16 Mar

Hi, sorry you are experiencing issues. Are you certain it only started after the 1.4.5 update?

If you are both playing on Steam, I have something I will ask you to try.

Everyone who is playing multiplayer together must do the following:

  1. In Steam library, right click on Stardew Valley, and select "Properties"

  2. Select the "Betas" tab

  3. In the Field labeled "Enter beta access code to unlock private beta", type "testSDKupdate" (no quotes)

  4. press "Check Code"

  5. Select the "stats" beta from the drop down menu.

  6. Press Close. Stardew Valley should now update, and the title in the library should have a [stats] label next to it

Then try playing as normal. Please let me know if the disconnects still happen or if there was any change to them.

Thank you

28 Feb

Originally posted by evilkumquat

That's immensely funny to me because my main was also an undead mage AND I used her name for my Stardew Valley character.

Mages are best if you focus on getting achievements what with their sweet, sweet teleport ability.

Cool! yeah, mages are great. I always played as a frost mage, through thick and thin

I was actually a WOW player for many years (undead mage), and while I don't play it anymore, I do think the game had an influence on my game development style. Many people describe Stardew Valley as "addictive" and I think some of that might come from the WOW influence.

26 Feb

24 Feb

Originally posted by The_Raven81

no no no lol. F12 through Steam will only take a screenshot of what's on the screen at the moment you press it. It won't generate a picture of the whole farm. If you just want what's on screen, then sure, F12 is fine. But if you want the whole farm in your shot, you have to go through the menu for it, there is no hot key. As for F4, it's meant as a tool for screenshots with F12 by getting rid of the GUI overlay(the toolbar, and the date/time/money panel up in the top right corner).

Perhaps u/ConcernedApe could add a hotkey for taking a shot of the whole farm when/if there is another update?

Hi, there is a quicker way to do it. Press the '/' key and then type "mapscreenshot" and press enter. You can also add optional parameters to the command to set the name and the zoom level (e.g. "/mapscreenshot myfarm_1 50" would create a screenshot of the current map called "myfarm_1.png" at a 50% zoom level (Default zoom level is 25%)

23 Feb

12 Feb

Originally posted by moarwineprs

I've been curious: do you have a background in any musical instruments or training? It's really amazing to me that you developed the entire game from the programming, the world building and lore, the story, and all the assets including soundtrack all on your own. That's so awesome.

My 18 month old loovvveessss the overture! She could be playing with something else but as soon as she hears the opening bars she'll stop whatever she's doing to stand in front of the TV and clap, dance, "hum" (it's just a flat "ahhhhhh" but it's obvious she's trying to hum), and/or sway to the song. She's recently started bopping her head to other tracks while giving us a big smile.

I have no musical training (besides playing percussion for a year in middle school), but I did play guitar and make electronic music starting in high school, and before that I played around a lot on a little electric keyboard I had. I never learned to read music or any music theory or anything like that. Glad to hear that your daughter loves the music haha

11 Feb