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This style is really cool. Great job!

27 Feb

26 Feb

24 Feb


Originally posted by suspectwaffle

Somebody asked on Twitter about this other project of his and he said he might announce it “later this year.”

He announced it an hour later.

haha it was just a coincidence... the "other project" I mentioned was not the board game. I'm still a video game developer first and foremost!

23 Feb


Today I’m very excited to announce something special: today we release the official Stardew Valley Board Game! This is the very first merchandise project where I’m acting as publisher from start to finish.


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The Stardew Valley Wiki has been a very popular and useful resource for Stardew Valley players for many years. The wiki is an open platform, edited and maintained mostly by the Stardew Valley community. However, the site itself was originally set up by Chucklefish, who were my publishers until I moved to self-publishing several years ago (they are still the publisher on mobile platforms, though).  Chucklefish has been running the servers for the site and hosting it for these past five years, and I’d like to thank them for all the work that went into that. It’s really been a great resource for the community.

As part of the broader transition to self-publishing, though, I feel that it’s the right time for me to take over the hosting, maintenance, and responsibility for the wiki. From the perspective of you, the player, there will be very little difference. The wiki will look, feel, and behave in the same way it always has, and will continue to be an open platform edited by the ...

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17 Feb


I'm aware of this issue, but I really don't think it has to do with the update. There were no changes in the update which would have affected this, and people were reporting the issue before the update, too. Also, some people are saying it just starts working again, and wondering if there was a patch to fix something -- there was no patch. I think it has to do with the underlying matchmaking servers that are run by Steam & GOG. It could also just be that some people have firewall, antivirus, or other systems that are interfering with multiplayer, and there are more reports than usual right now because the update just came out and more people are playing the game than normal. I had this issue happen to me, as well, and I got it to work by closing the game, going invisible or signing off steam, then opening again, and possibly repeating a few times. Eventually it just worked.

12 Feb


The 1.5 update is now available for Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation.

It includes all the same features as the PC version, listed here.

One notable exception is that, on Nintendo Switch, split-screen co-op is limited to 2 players.

There will be some patches to fix any lingering issues in the update.

There is a currently a bug where the floor will be blue in certain new, late-game areas. This bug will be fixed as soon as possible.

Hope you have fun with the new update!


11 Feb

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