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Latest Patch Notes1.4 PC Release Date & More! (8 days ago)

18 Nov

Just want to clarify that this screenshot is from an update to a fan-made mod called "Stardew Valley Expanded". It's not official content, and is not part of the official 1.4 update that is coming out on November 26th. I think some people are confusing this mod with the official content update.

With that out of the way, just want to say that I'm really proud of the Stardew modding community and I'm really glad that it's thriving. Looks cool!

13 Nov

12 Nov

1.4 PC Release Date & More!

8 days ago - ConcernedApe on News - Thread - Direct

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I posted here, so I’d like to give you all an update on what’s happening in the world of Stardew Valley. In short, it’s an exciting time and there are a lot of great things going on right now!

1.3 Update For Xbox and PS4

The most recent big news is that XBOX and PS4 now both have the 1.3 multiplayer update, bringing all platforms (except VITA) into parity with one another. This is a rare state of harmony and peace that I am enjoying for the moment. I know Xbox and PS4 took longer than expected to get the 1.3 update, and I’m sorry for any frustration that caused. It’s not how I wanted things to happen, but unfortunately there were a series of technical roadblocks that were specific to these consoles, and also the fact that 1.3 radically changed Stardew’s code to allow for multiplayer (which made it particularly difficult to port). Still, the updates are out now, and I am going to do my best to mak...

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09 Nov

Happy birthday :-)

08 Nov

01 Oct

Self-publishing on Switch

about 2 months ago - ConcernedApe on News - Thread - Direct

Just a heads up everyone, starting today I’ll begin self-publishing Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch. That means I will now have full responsibility for any and all matters concerning Stardew Valley on the Switch, so if you have any comments or inquiries about the Switch version please send them directly to me.

I thank Chucklefish for their help in making Stardew Valley a major success on the Switch, and I’m looking forward to continuing full support of Stardew Valley on the platform!

With today’s change, I’m now self-publishing Stardew Valley on all platforms except mobile, where Chucklefish continues to serve as publisher.



28 Sep

24 Sep

14 Sep

Hi everyone,

This is Eric Barone (aka ConcernedApe), creator of Stardew Valley.

I am aware of the news and social media reports that Chucklefish allegedly engaged in unfair and potentially abusive labor practices during development of their game, Starbound. I feel the need to address this situation because the connection between Chucklefish and Stardew Valley, as well as the degree to which Chucklefish was involved in the creation of the game,  has been a source of confusion for many people . So I’d like to clarify a couple of things.

Throughout the 4.5 years of development, I was the only person to work on Stardew Valley. Neither Chucklefish nor any contributors working with Chucklefish were involved in creating the game, in any capacity.

For the multiplayer update, which came out on PC 2.5 years after the game first launched, a Chucklefish employee did create the multiplayer net-code, but that was the only case where Chuckl...

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10 Sep

Originally posted by FreddieD76

/u/ConcernedApe I would like you to see the good you’ve done. How all those long days and nights of writing the game have helped others during times of great strife.

Seeing Stardew have a positive impact on so many people has been the most meaningful thing in my life. I tend not to comment often on these threads because I'd prefer the focus be on the people sharing their stories instead of on me, but I do come here and read these and it's really special & amazing. I'm very happy and grateful for this wonderful community, and to everyone who's shared their stories here <3

05 Sep

22 Aug

weird... what season/day is it?

05 Aug

04 Aug

I love it... a very beautiful and faithful rendition! The cello and piano are perfect for this. Thanks so much for sharing it with us

31 Jul

An Open Letter to ConcernedApe

4 months ago - /u/ConcernedApe on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hey, thanks for the kind words about Stardew Valley! I'm really glad you like the game so much and it's bringing you joy, magic and happiness. I'll keep doing my best to make great video game experiences for as long as I can, it's what I live for! I wish you all the very best

26 Jul

22 Jul

09 Jul

Originally posted by Starrywisdom_reddit

Been a few weeks, any update?

The updates are still in the certification loop. Could be ready tomorrow or could still be weeks, depending on what happens

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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