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16 Mar

Originally posted by Jadziyah

Hey! I just hit this bug too! Went to sleep, can't get past day 6...this is a huge problem. Any updates /u/ConcernedApe ?

Thanks for the reports. I'll pass this on to the mobile porting guys and hopefully they can get a fix out ASAP

13 Mar

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give you guys a quick heads up…

It’s a day early, but Stardew Valley is now available for Android on the Google Play Store!

It’s $7.99 USD, but for regional pricing please check the store.

I hope you enjoy playing Stardew Valley on your Android device.


03 Mar

Originally posted by The_Raven81

OK so I just tested this out, and had this confirmed with my own eyes. So yes, I would definitely label this as a bug. I saw it on PC, and my friend who plays the game on Switch also confirmed this in his game. So IDK if he's labeled it as something he's going to fix at some point.

Gunna tag u/ConcernedApe for awareness of this.

Thanks for the report, I'll check it out. My goal is to fix any & every bug for the upcoming 1.4 update

01 Mar

Update 1.3.36 now live

3 months ago - ConcernedApe on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hi everyone,

The new languages update (1.3.36) is now live for everyone, and includes a couple of bug fixes.


*Added French, Korean, Italian, Hungarian, and Turkish language support
*Fixes bug where giving a gift to an NPC caused the gift action to happen twice in rapid succession
*Fixes furniture rotation bug for "stools"
*Fixes morning music not being played correctly
*(spoiler) Fixes Junimos not disappearing after the final goodbye
*New "About/Credits" menu on title screen

Thanks everyone who helped test out the beta, your feedback was really helpful!

Next up is a big free content update (1.4), that includes lots of new stuff, as well as some really nice quality of life features.

Thanks for playing Stardew Valley!


Update: Just a heads up... you may have noticed a couple of very small additional updates recently (after the 1.... Read more

26 Feb

21 Feb

19 Feb

Congrats! I'm glad to hear that Stardew helped you achieve your goals, and It's always heartwarming to hear that Stardew is a special & magical place for people :-)

15 Feb

That’s a tricky request...

3 months ago - /u/ConcernedApe on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hey everyone, trying to figure out if this only happens on consoles, or if it's on PC, too. Can anyone who's had this bug respond with the platform they had it on? Thanks a bunch

14 Feb

Hi Everyone,


Update: Stardew Valley for Android has a release date — March 14th!

Just want to give you a quick update… Stardew Valley for Android is on it’s way, and is ...

Read more

10 Feb

The Cask of Amontillado

3 months ago - /u/ConcernedApe on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Never thought I'd see a cask of amontillado reference on this sub... I'm very pleased

08 Feb

Originally posted by sercomxlive


Sorry, there are stains. :/


I recorded the game, but they still exist.

ah, okay. I swear I fixed that... but I must've forgotten to hit "save" or something. I will fix it again!

Originally posted by sercomxlive

(Please undetstand my English is poor...)

Seasons - Winter

Many thanks for fixing the winter graphics were corrupted.

Alone this time spots appeared everywhere.

Thank you very much for trying to fix it.


Language: Turkish

PC/Mac/Linux: PC

should be fixed now!

Originally posted by yusuf0808

Language: Turkish

Summary of Issue: Game crashes while choosing slime hutch from Carpenter's Shop.

To reproduce, just make the language Turkish. Create a new save file. Go to Robin. And scroll through the buildings.

No mods. And PC version.

Errorlog here.

whoops, accidentally introduced that bug back into the game. Fixing right now...

07 Feb

Great work, I love it!

03 Feb

Originally posted by PeppeMalara

Language: Italian

Summary of issue: Use of the word "Vuoto" for Void is not exactly correct.

Hey! I noticed in Italian, every instance of the word "Void" is translated with "Vuoto". In example "Void Mayonnaise" is translated "Maionese del Vuoto". This translation can be passed as correct but I'm pretty sure it does not translate the real meaning. I'm pretty sure that VOID in stardew valley is used to describe the void of space (Sidereal Void) while in italian it is used mainly to describe something EMPTY like a glass or a liquid tank. So in my opinion "Void should be translated as "Siderale" to keep the meaning correct. So as it follows:

Void Chicken = Gallina Siderale
Void Egg = Uovo Siderale
Void Essence = Essenza Siderale
Void Mayonnaise = Maionese Siderale

I cannot think of any other occurences out of my brain right now, please consider this change as it sounds really funny right now. The use of the term "Siderale" it also gives ...


Thanks for the feedback. My intention with the word "void" is not to convey "outer space" but more of an empty, dark "region". Specifically, it refers to a region of the spirit world that's occupied by "evil" entities.

Does that change your assessment of the word "vuoto"? or would you still change it to "siderale"

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