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I have no involvement in this game

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My birthday is December 3rd

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Originally posted by PhoenoFox

Exactly. ConcernedApe knows how to make a great game, but story progression is not his strong suit.

Part of it is just that I'm stretched too thin to be able to fully realize every aspect of the game. No matter what part I spend my time on, other parts of the game will be neglected. There are definitely a lot of loose ends with the characters that I would like to tie up, such as Clint, Lewis & Marnie, etc... Whenever possible, I've been trying to do that with the updates. For example, I think it was either 1.3 or 1.4 where you could buy Pam a house, and then you get another cutscene with her. I could give that treatment to probably every character in the game, but it would require a lot of work and there are also other parts of the game that need attention, too. After feedback from the initial launch, I worked really hard on improving the spouses, giving each spouse a bunch of unique dialogue, a unique outdoor activity, having them leave the farm to visit town a few times a week, and then giving each one a unique 14-heart cutscene. Of course, there is always more that can be don...

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Originally posted by [deleted]


Yup this is true, this was the harvest moon roleplaying server that I've mentioned before. It was created and run by fiddypercent, who was the mayor. I played as Basil. The server had a great community, and it's still probably the best gaming experience I've ever had. It really felt like you were living in harvest moon.

Check out this video of the server:

You can see me at 1:30 attending a wedding as best man.

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Originally posted by faeofthecosmos

You can tag him at u/ConcernedApe , he's pretty active on this subreddit and always open to hearing suggestions.

Yes, there will be way to remove cribs in the next update.

16 May


Originally posted by whorin_bajoran

Wow thanks! Wouldn’t even know how to get his attention ha ha, maybe he Reddits? Who knows?

they look really cool, and it's a unique take. Good work!

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Originally posted by evergreenqveen

Prints here 😁

Thanks, gonna order one myself

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Margotbean is very dedicated and works extremely hard on the wiki and deserves a lot of praise. We all appreciate it!

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Originally posted by robisodd

We need answers from /u/ConcernedApe for this important question!

I have my own pronunciation for "poke" but I prefer that players interpret the game in their own way

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Wow that's really awesome, great work! It's really accurate and tons of attention to detail. I'm really impressed. I would love to see people do a Stardew Valley roleplaying server with this! I used to play on a Harvest Moon roleplaying server and it was the best gaming experience of my life (I was Basil)