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19 May

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Just for reference, there are over 250 unique dialogues just on the first island alone (the content available right now on the Alpha) and this kind of references are not something common or recurrent.

17 May

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This update is written by Damian Sanchez, our composer.

Today, we’re talking about Temtem’s music!

This is not going to be an update talking about divine inspirations, musical notes, scales or chords. Instead, we will focus on the process of making music as part of a really busy development schedule.

I hope this text will bring some light on what’s the production process behind any of the music tracks.

Don’t start a long trip without proper baggage preparation.
So far Temtem has around 55 minutes of in-game music. And that is not counting alternate melodies (we’ll come back to that later) and night versions, which could easily add double the length. And remember we are still in Omninesia (which is the second island of the six planned). The final soundtrack, considering only main tracks, will probably end up having over 2 hours of music, so I had to create a fluid workflow and prepare the tools to meet the deadlines without compromising q... Read more

14 May

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30 Apr

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“It sure looks like rain,” said Professor Víctor of Briçal as he looked out of the window. The gloomy Arburian skies were steadily turning a darker shade.

“Well, I suppose we have time for a story, then. Let me put the kettle on…”

The old armchair creaked when he dropped on it again. He took off his glasses.

“So, Digital Temtem, it is? I’m not surprised you’d ask about them. They are the newest, shiniest variety after all. And all that tech we have running on the same principles, like commcasters… or TVs, like you youngsters call them. But I suppose you want to hear about the Digitals themselves, right.”

“I was there, you know. When they were first developed. I was a young research assistant, fresh out of Properton College. I jumped on an airship as soon as I got the message, and rushed to Cipanku just... Read more

27 Apr

24 Apr

23 Apr

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I personally recommend you to read the full Kickstarter campaign and all the updates we've made so far. They're full of data.

22 Apr

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    YaW on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally posted by Elche: Is it going to be one big server? If not how is that going to work?

Currently, there's only one server yeah. The server is divided into shards/instances according to the current players per area.

The plan, even when we will have several servers, is to make the process transparent to the users (i.e. you won't need to "select" in which server you will like to play). The game will automatically assign you a server and your data will be replicated on every server.

Originally posted by Elche: Will we be able to trade, buy, sell Temtems?

There will be several ways to trade Temtem and items inside the game. We haven't specified any details yet.

Originally posted by Elche: Will there be party leveling? Make a party and level up together...
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We're planning to open pre-orders with instant access to the Alpha soon, that's why the game is appearing under popular upcoming.

We will change the date to fit the more realistic date.

18 Apr

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12 Apr

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We love giving our community the chance to name new Temtem, and you already helped us name a few:

  • Nessla, Ampling and Amphatyr
  • Umishi and Ukama
  • Kalazu and Kalabyss

And today, we bring you a new contest!

#037 evolves into #038. Both #037 and #038 are common inhabitants of the areas around the Anak Volcano in Omninesia. Also both are pure-fire type.

As usual, we're running the contest in our Discord server[discord.gg]. We will be accepting new name suggestions up until Monday, then we will chose our favorites and we'll let the community vote on the final... Read more