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Originally posted by PinkGeeRough

Discord people saying it should be fixed in next patch, 1.3.1.

Not sure when that is though, shouldn't be too long I suppose

Next week if everything goes well! Thanks for covering it, Gee

24 Mar


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22 Mar

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16 Mar


Hello, Tamers! Are you having fun with the update so far? Here's some fun info and some relevant info!

🔸We'll be performing maintenance tomorrow morning (our time) to fix some of the server issues that have been popping up. I believe the full list has also been posted to the subreddit, but I’ll include it below as well.

🔸For the client- side bugs we expect to be able to have a successful 1.3.1 build to sent for platform certification next week. We’re trying to get as many bugs fixed as possible. We’ll keep you posted on when we send it.

🔸Some Tamers are already hard at work with the Challenge Modes! Around 80% of people attempt the Randomlocke, while around 15% try the Nuzlocke, and less than 5% go for the Speedrun mode.

🔸In terms of success, we have ONE Tamer who's conquered the Randomlocke mode, FIVE Tamers who've beaten the Nuzlocke mode, and 0 Tamers who've beaten the clock in the Speedrun mode. ...

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Just to recommend something that others haven't, Coromon or Cassette Beasts!

15 Mar

14 Mar


Originally posted by keeper_of_kittens

It IS the main avenue of pansun farming, whether or not it was intended. Its so annoying to make money in Temtem. Maybe they could look into adding more ways to generate pansuns as well?

Yes, that's the point I was trying to make! That if FreeTem should not be this, that's what we're going to be looking into. I included it in another reply to the general post


Originally posted by ApocalipsyCriss

Ive also had to reset 6 times in a row because I got a tem with no attack moves and lost first battle, dont beleive its a bug, was just unfortunate RNG 😅

you're correct, very unfortunate RNG :_)