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This annoying glitch has been there for about one year or more, I can type and send messages in the chat, and I can see what I typed, but other palyers cant see what i typed in their chat, whatever in the world/team/raid channel. A Ubisoft agent gave me some suggestions for this giltch, like reset network or others, but seems not work though.

over 1 year ago - Ubi-SleepyGoat - Direct link

Hey there @IsolandLUli

I am sorry to hear you're still having some issues with your chat messages even after a year.

This is an issue I am going to look into for you; but this may take some time. In the meantime, can you let me know if this affects every type of chat in the game? Clan chats, local chats, global chats, and whispers?

over 1 year ago - Ubi-Milky - Direct link

Thank you for your reply @IsolandLUli. In order to have this issue investigated, can you let us know what Windows OS it is you use, if you have the Connect overlay enabled in-case of conflict, and do you have an image you can provide showing you are unable to use the in-game chat? Do the options appear greyed out for you?

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Hi @IsolandLUli and thanks for providing us with screenshots showing the issue!

Sorry to hear you're still experiencing this. Have you made sure to change your keyboard layout input to English? If your system keyboard langauge is set to anything else in Windows (as well as in the game), please try changing it to English and try again. Let us know how it goes, thanks! 😊

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I'm sorry to hear that, @IsolandLUli.

If you can remember, would you mind letting us know which keyboard languages you've tried? Also, would this happen to be affecting voice chat too, or is it only text chat?

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@IsolandLUli Thanks!

To clarify, would that be English UK or English US? (Or English International, if that's an option). Also if you haven't already tried it, our connectivity troubleshooting may help you out.

Also also, would it be possible to have a friend help you capture a video from both of your point of views when you try sending something?