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The day of the latest update, after playing for some time I noticed an alert on the Apparel button on the main menu. I clicked on that, and there indeed was a new Apparel Cache to open. Opened it and accepted the Textiles in lieu of a duplicate item. Escape to close that window, and the main menu indicates a new item alert on the Apparel button. Clicked on the button, but there is no new cache to open, and there are no new item alerts on any of the Apparel categories, but the Apparel tab does show a new item alert.
Restarted the game, no change. Restarted PC, logged on TD2, no change.
Quit the game, enabled the Verify Files option from Ubisoft Connect.
When completed, logged back on TD2. There is still a new item alert indicated on the Apparel button, but in the Apparel menu there is nothing in the Store, no new Cache, and all apparel tiles (Cap, Glasses, Neck, etc.) do not indicate any new item alerts.
I selected each tile (Cap, Glasses, Neck, etc. and in turn selected each item listed on each. There are no new items found under any of those tiles.

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Hey there guys,

Thanks for reaching out and reporting this.

Did this begin for you all with TU16?

Could you please also share any screenshot / video examples of this as well as note what the last new item you genuinely received was?

We can then pass all this onto the team to take a look.

Thank you!

6 months ago - Ubi-Milky - Direct link

Thank you to everyone who reported this issue with the notifications, and thank you to @V4MPiR1 for providing that video. I will forward this to our Division team now to try and replicate - thanks for creating this bug report!

3 months ago - Ubi-TheBerry - Direct link

Thanks for keeping in touch guys.

Our investigation is still ongoing at the moment with no further updates.

As and when we hear more, we'll update the thread.

Thank you and apologies for the inconvenience caused!

2 months ago - Ubi-Froggard - Direct link

I can only apologise for the time taking to resolve @VanSven and in regards to tickets, we have received a lot more than usual throughout December and the holiday period also added to the delays too unfortunately but we're trying to catch up as quickly as possible.

about 2 months ago - Ubi-Keo - Direct link

Hi @JaimSandar @Oatiecrumble @Crossaber @V4MPiR1 @chacachaca13 @VanSven the development team have been unable to reproduce this issue.

Can you confirm if you are still experiencing this? If you are could you please provide a video. If you already provided a video previously could you provide an updated one if possible.

I would recommend uploading your video to a video sharing platform such as YouTube, you can then copy the URL link into this thread.