31 Aug

10 minutes ago, Halo said:

Now if only we can have that % valued chance of the super crit hits after each status affecting hit...

Wish granted: it's 15%

26 Aug





Dog Days has returned!

Send off the summer heat with the wet and wild limited-time event from now until September 13 at 10 a.m. ET.


The Origin System’s favorite aquatic event is back again for a limited time! Dog Days is here to help you fend off the last days of summer heat, so don your inner tube, equip your ultra-powered Soaktron, pick up some all new Lob Blobs, and re-enter the beach arena!


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18 Aug


The upgrade was installed to the Wukong Iron Staff. Getting a catalyst for your Exalted Weapons- not the warframe- is normal.

16 Aug


Bearing in mind that we are still doing work on the steam action set,

Perhaps you could explain, specifically what functions are you missing from the Steam input action set?  Why are people trying to use Steam input to emulate a gamepad, when we provide the action set to just skip that step entirely?  If there's any deficiencies in the Steam actions, it seems like the solution is to fix the deficiencies in the Steam actions. Rather than to create hybrids which result in another layer of abstraction between the hardware and the game and two different+conflicting binding interfaces

15 Aug

34 minutes ago, (PSN)ADDY19469 said:

Have they fixed the emotes bug

Should be fixed, added the missed line to the notes

14 Aug


It seems that you were the unfortunate victim of a rare bug. You'll have to contact the Support department and have them fix this for you.  You can reference this timestamp in your request to help them out:  2023-07-09 16:06:57 UTC


Playing as Atlas I was able to create rubble, as both host and client player, after a level transition, after a host migration, and after picking a few decrees.

We will need more information about this issue to track it down. Perhaps it works at the start of the mission but one specific decree is breaking it...?

8 hours ago, notNSANE said:

Yes please. We still need Xinput back.

We have not removed DirectX-input functionality.

When I launch Warframe with Steam Input set to Default or Disabled, my Xbox controller works fine during the game, and the control options in-game are what's controlling the button presses, not Steam controller config.  Can you please verify that Steam Input is set to Default or Disabled?

09 Aug


It turns out that this is a cosmetic issue associated with players who manage to get captured by the Grustrag 3 and haven't built their Release yet.  Your warframe has been vandalized by the G3, that's why you have a Grineer emblem and the weird chunk of hardware on the left shoulder.

There is no ETA on a fix. You can immediately (1 minute) fix this yourself by just building the Grustrag Bolt Release in your foundry. Hope that helps.

04 Aug

23 hours ago, Wiergate said:

Dear DE, which Action Set am I in during this week's Ten Zero mission to fight Nihil? Melee? Game? Maybe Launcher because why not?

I don't personally have a Steam Deck, but I am informed by a QA member the Nihil fight uses the Lunaro action set, and that Right Trigger should be throwing the crystal shard. Do you not see an on-screen prompt for it?

31 minutes ago, Valravn88 said:

Would be nice to know why Xinput has been disabled/inoperable.

XBOX controllers and DirectX-Input compatible emulations of it should still work in Warframe if you set "Steam Input" to disabled and then restart Steam (we've noticed that Steam is a bit reluctant to let go while running)

03 Aug


Resetting abilities at the start of each round of the Circuit is not intended, we are working on a fix to address this

51 minutes ago, TeeMeunTsundere said:

Prime Detail on the chest is missing. And now the missing Prime Detail on the chest is now a part of her Default Prime Helmet and the Default Prime Helmet is missing its effect on her head

I'm sorry, your pictures do not make it very clear what you are asking for because you have significantly changed the appearance of the frame between them.

You're asking for the "scarf" part of the Prime Helmet to be part of the Prime Body instead? But that would cause horrendous clipping with the other Wisp helmets that have scarves built into them...


This isn't a bug, the status chance bonus is "per shot". Shotguns split their status chance per shot across their pellet count.  12% status chance per shot divided across 8 pellets gives you the displayed increase from 7.5% per pellet to 9% per pellet.

01 Aug


We don't see any crashes submitted by your account. Are you not seeing the crash handler come up?

31 Jul


After testing further, it seems what's happening is that the numbers displayed on the HUD are not displayed the same way.  For a host we would expect some pellets to hit for 1X, and others to hit for 21X, but for a client the game is taking the sum of all pellets and then displaying the average. So you are getting the benefits of Devastating Attrition but it's being presented in a way that obfuscates the numbers. Entered this bug into our database.

UPDATE: After heart-felt discussion with our weapon engineer, this probably isn't something we will be able to fix. In order to optimize the way the game sends damage events over the network, the client doesn't actually receive the damage of each individual pellet. As you can imagine with some weapons shooting 20 or 30 pellets multiple times per second, the network bandwidth would scale up very rapidly. While what you have now doesn't look exactly right visually, in terms of GAMEPLAY,...

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28 Jul


We've just published a new updated controller config which should fix the issues noted with "sticky"  controls.


In case you are having issues with your controller through Steam, again just to reinforce what Glen mentioned earlier:

  • 1) Close Steam completely by clicking on its Icon in the task bar and choosing "Exit Steam", and then restart it.  This is a required step to force it pull the latest update.
  • 2) In your Steam Library, right click on Warframe.  Click on "Properties".  Then click on "Controller", and "Enable Steam Input"
  • 3) Launch the game
  • 4) After logging in, bring up the Steam Overlay and click on the [Controller] icon to bring up your controller setting.
  • 5) At the top of the controller settings window under "Current Layout", choose "Official Layout for Warframe" to set the baseline
  • 6) You can now make custom changes on top of the Off...
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We tested this and see the buff working for clients.  Can you be more specific about the circumstances where you're not seeing this work?  Is this only in *specific* gameplay modes? Does it matter if there was a host migration? Is there some other equipped mod in your loadout that is creating a conflict?

17 hours ago, AJAL8000 said:

Still doesn't Work. Its not fixed.

We know about the buff icon not displaying correctly, but how are you testing that shows the damage itself not working?

(it is VERY easy to miss the target and lose the buff while they are getting pushed around by the Incarnon mode's impact)


latron incarnon double tap.mp4

Please try this if your launcher is having issues



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