We have some strong leads on what's causing this and a programmer is stalking the bug.  Until a formal fix, testing suggests you might be able to avoid the issue entirely by not using the arsenal before interacting with the chair.

14 hours ago, NelomirPrime said:

I don't remember the details.

Before: While the ship was on fire, Artillery would consume 2 ammo per shot instead of 1, which would make it unable to fire unless you had 2+ ammo loaded

After: While the ship is on fire, Artillery will take more time to charge up before the shot is ready


There's a lot of settings that could potentially contribute to that, please post a screenshot of what graphical settings you're using :)

07 May


News update for all Tenno using Gara!

You have requested many times (many, many, times) to have a UI toggle that will give you control over whether Gara's glass armor parts will "shatter" while using Splinter Storm. You want to use...

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There was an interruption with player accounts coming from Geforce Now, should be good now if you try again 👍

7 hours ago, DarcosRoyal said:

Still happens in 30.1.1.

I made a copy of your account, I see the incubator being active, and I was able to sit down at Helminth without any problem. Does this happen every time you visit the orbiter? Is it possible for you to record a video starting from login and showing every step?

06 May


Did you try doing it today? We believe polarity swapping to be fixed as of hotfix 30.1.1

05 May

8 minutes ago, DragonDude3010 said:

This ^^^. My two Egyptian friends already submitted support tickets about this very issue but it seems it's very complicated to fix, an announcement toward the players affected by this bug would be appreciated on behalf of my friends and other people affected.

We did make an announcement about this issue.


04 May


The railjack will default to copying some controls from your "on foot" settings, but it has its own section further down the list in Options -> Controls. Did you try changing the Primary Fire setting there?

03 May

On 2021-05-01 at 4:03 PM, Darkstalix said:

Im just confused how is the aura working now

It is intended that your assigned Crew members will each use a copy of your own aura mod.  When other real players join, the aura provided by your Crew member gets removed because that slot has been replaced by the human player.

30 Apr

16 hours ago, mystery052 said:

i was able to put in a ticket  using the support option. but without access to the launcher i can not get to the gear  to get logs .

The launcher won't even go that far?  The log is in


29 Apr


Please open a ticket with Support and attach your log files AFTER the launcher has failed. In the launcher click the "Gear" icon to open settings and then there is a button for Get Logs.

28 Apr


If you have troubles running the launcher, please read this page


Starting just before Update 30, Warframe included network updates to the way the game transmits data between players and servers. These updates increase the security of our game traffic as part of our campaign to fully support Warframe on new-generation consoles.

Unfortunately, the way Internet Service Providers are configured in some parts of the world- principally Egypt, according to our data- causes interference with the secure connections Warframe requires. This may cause you to be unable to see or join multiplayer sessions, or to see other players online.

We are looking at workarounds to address this in the game client, but currently we do not have a date for when you can expect this to be fixed. Other network-related alternatives may be available to you in the meantime. We regret the frustration that this has caused some of you, but ultimately we do not control the internet, and we must do our best to work within the limitations that are set for us...

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11 hours ago, S1tu810n said:

Looks like it started working for me after trying again a few hours ago. Don't know if it was due to the fix or my game specifically, but it's good to know its fixed/on the radar!

Ninja hotfix. We came, we executed, we left apparently unseen. :D



27 Apr

13 minutes ago, Monsieur_Fromage said:

Could we actually get the functionality to swap between operator and frame in the loading tunnel (e.g. for the use of Energizing dash while loading, to give you a bit of energy top up in the down time).

This is deliberately disabled because it caused a large number of functionality problems (e.g. spawning into the level in the wrong place, not having your correct character avatar, etc)


We're looking into this now, might have a fix very soon

20 minutes ago, Darkstalix said:

It doesn't work unless specific steps are taken

To make the aura to work you must :
- Go to Dojo, dont even attempt to start a mission from normal navigation it wont apply from there either
- Go dry dock and open your Configure Railjack and notice your armor and hull stats are lower than they should be
- Go to the upgrades/mods tab and voila your stats increase magically

Now you can start a mission and the aura works as it should

I'm not seeing this. Can you record a video showing what numbers you expect to see, and what you get instead?

For my Railjack I have a hull plating of 6000 HP. With Ironclad Matrix and no crew members I should get 7350 HP, and that's wha...

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26 Apr

On 2021-04-25 at 1:28 PM, TexMex-- said:


my 2 cents:

  • TYPE: API https://api.warframestat.us/pc
  • DESCRIPTION: Text and key are the same for some entries in fissure section
  • VISUAL: Not in-game
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Some better text about the fissure mission
  • OBSERVED RESULT: The data is the same for many fissure sub-entries after fetching API content
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: refresh...


I'm maintaining a little web app (...

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You can only get the rewards from completing a Junction once.  You completed the Junction for the first time on 20th October 2019 and then sold the blueprint on 25 October in a large batch of other blueprints.

Fortunately, Simaris keeps an extensive library of unusual objects that he can replicate for you...