Greetings Tenno!

You may have already heard about Warfarme’s next update, titled The 7 Crimes of Kullervo. More details about exactly what this update includes are available in Devstream #171. If you missed the live broadcast you can check the video or review the Devstream Overview to know what to expect!

In order to fully concentrate on The 7 Crimes, we will be holding off on releasing additional hotfixes between now and when the update is ready. Day to day operations will continue as normal, and we will be continuing to collec...

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23 May


Not a bug. You purchased the Heavy Strike Melee Bundle in the market which includes both the drifter and warframe version of the weapons.  I see the warframe-compatible versions of the weapons in your inventory. You already own everything! (Unless you want duplicate versions for modding purposes)

19 May


I don't see any recent crash submitted by your account.  Did you not get the crash handler?  It helps us A LOT if you can type a description into the crash handler and submit it,  and mention the "WAR-number" so that we can look up what happened.

17 May


We are tracking an issue with the UI not displaying your harvested resources properly if you abort from Duviri rather than playing all the way through. As far as I can tell from the logs you HAVE actually been gaining Tasoma Extract as you've been playing.

8 minutes ago, DatDuckSaysQuack said:

What is a Cert build?

Essentially, Warframe and many other modern games have both "code"  (what you can think of as the game engine) to power most of their underlying features, and then various scripting languages and assets to actually round out the game. When a change only updates scripts and assets, we can do a Hotfix.  But when we make changes to the code, it has to go through a Certification process by each platform owner to make sure that it doesn't crash the machine, or violate any rules like not interfering with the system menus and that sort of thing.

Hope that clears it up!


Seems to work okay for me no matter what I change the key binds to. The only thing that might be confusing is that if your Drifter is holding a melee weapon then the key to press is Heavy Attack but if they are holding their pistol then the key to press is Alt Fire and these don't necessarily have to be the same key.  But as far as I can see, the on-screen prompt updates to show this properly.

If you are CURRENTLY experiencing a problem where the on-screen prompts aren't matching up with what the game expects you to press, it might help us if you send us your EE.cfg file (this contains your key binds).

  1. From the Launcher, click the "Gear Wheel" in the upper right corner, then click on the Get Logs button.
  2. Once it finishes, click Open.
  3. Visit the Support page and create a new ticket. Explain that you are having an issue with key binds and add the EE.cfg file from step 2

12 May


Syam and Sampotes both have this issue, simply a matter of mistakenly applying some of the behaviors from the Drifter variant of the weapon (which, if you remember from the combat tutorial, can reflect projectiles on block).  Not intended and fixed in a future hotfix.

11 May

15 minutes ago, DrinkingRock said:


It looks like the Index UI broke post-hotfix. Fails to pull up the normal screen and softlocks

Thanks. We are are working on Index UI problem right now! Please stand by for another hotfix as quickly as we can resolve this

08 May


Please contact Support if you still have not received your purchases in-game.


No WAR number? Getting the crash reporter makes it quite a bit easier for us to identify what went wrong.

I would recommend, in this order:

* Shutting off or updating any software that might be trying to inject code into Warframe, such as Razer Chroma, "performance optimizers", graphical overlays, graphical effects

* Running Windows Update and letting it install all system and security updates that it finds, then updating your video drivers to the most recent from the manufacturer's website.

* If none of that helps, contact Support and they can walk you through collecting the files from your computer which might give us a clue what happened.

05 May


Sorry about that, missed the Syam. Fix coming soon to a hotfix near you

04 May


Thank for the report, we're investigating now!

03 May


Still an issue after updating to 33.0.5?  Nothing bad happens here when I try to edit a Loc-Pin, either an old or a new one

02 May

2 hours ago, -EPECb- said:

Problem with Galvanized Scope...

Multiplier "x5" in mod "Galvanized Scope" don't work. Only "x1"

Example?  When I try this, it seems to work okay.

Started with a Synapse, which has 39% critical chance. Add Point Strike, which makes it critical chance 0.39 * (1+1.5) = 97.5%. So it is just below orange crits. When I kill an enemy with a head shot,  I get an additional 120% critical chance (from Scope itself) which pushes the final crit chance to 0.39 * (1+1.5 + 1.2) = 144%,  plus 40% critical chance from the first stack.  Each stack adds 15.6% final crit chance, which I see reflected in the game, where I see red crits happening at 4 stacks (206.4%) and 5 stacks (222%)

01 May


Can you be more specific about what enemy resisted Nyx's bolts and what the mission type was? A video is worth a thousand words!

27 Apr

18 minutes ago, BlueHeardt said:

Is there a bug with ranged exalted? I swear my mesa and Titania exalted guns do no damage, they also arent procing my modded status's and with no way to check the mod config on exalted weapons I cant tell from teshin's cave what's going on.

The way this currently works is that you get the config slot of your exalted item that matches the chosen slot of your warframe. So if you choose config B of your Titania you get config B of your Dex Pixia. If you choose a warframe slot that doesn't HAVE a matching exalted config, you get the default build instead

26 Apr


In next hotfix we will change the dialog box to be more accurate.  The real requirement is SSE 4.2 instructions, as per the info provided in the update notes and as warned last year in our ...

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12 minutes ago, Leon_Von_Comarre said:

"Arcane Reaper (Warframe)
On Melee Kill: Regenerate +24 Heal Rate/s and +660 Armor per second for 10s."


Surely the Armor per second is a typo, right? Or does this give up to 6000 armor before expiring?

Amended the notes. You do not turn into a slab of armor by keeping the duration going.


The minimum hardware requirement to run Warframe has increased, as we warned last year.  You will need to upgrade to a newer CPU that has the instruction sets that Warframe now uses.



25 Apr


The latest Adrenaline version 23.4.2 has potentially fixed this issue!

If you continue to encounter your RDNA3 GPU resetting while playing, please document in detail exactly what you were looking at and what your graphics settings are so we can track it down.

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