09 Sep


I made a copy of your account, and did not see a problem.  I was able to subsume both Ember (with the archon shard segment installed),  and Mag (without the archon shard segment).

Is this still a problem for anybody after updating to 32.0.2?

07 Sep

1 hour ago, XennethKeisere said:

You guys literally nerfed the throws. You didn't keep the full damage from charge throws at all!

The speargun throw now has the stats of a charged throw, without needing to charge it.  If you review the wiki you will see that the explosion of Javlok's charged throw is listed as 300 heat damage.... And in new update, the Javlok's throw damage explosion is 300 heat damage.

(modified by the amount of ammo still in the spear when you throw it, of course)

18 Aug


We don't see this happening.  Please supply more details, ideally a video, about exactly what you're doing when this happens.

17 Aug


Were you using Last Gasp by any chance?  There is a known bug where Last Gasp can result in a loss of function in conjunction with junction...fights.  We'll be disabling this in a future update

02 Aug

On 2022-07-28 at 8:33 PM, Tyreaus said:


I did my best recording footage - one with a full build and one with just BR + WW, and a few other things - but my computer is a complete potato. It's leaking starch as I type this. Hopefully it's still able to provide some info of some sort.

Good video showcasing bug a few times.

Mega link for other (low-quality) tests.

Thank you, the video was helpful. A picture is worth a thousand words which means a video i...

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29 Jul


Are any of you overclocking, forcing process affinity, or have you disabled multithreading, or disabled one or more CPU cores for your machine?

28 Jul


Can confirm that one is supposed to be Axi K10, we will fix up for German players. If you see issues like this come up, it's super helpful to tell us what language your game launcher is set to since the names of relics are localized :)

17 Jul


Our apologies, dear Tenno.

* This problem will affect players who received Titania Prime via a Steam drop, and if they never owned Titania Prime before.

* Titania Prime can still be equipped and played, but you won't be able to mod or progress her special weapons

* We're aware of the issue and are working on a server-side fix. No further action from you should be necessary. We will update when we have a definitive timeline for when the fix is run

15 Jul


It definitely IS weapon (or stance) specific, because I tried Crimson Dervish and that was fine.  Can repro with the Nikana Prime+Blind Justice though.

This is why we always ask for as many details as humanly possible in bug reports :D


You don't own a copy of Furious Javelin.  Are you feeling well, operator?

5 hours ago, Twisted_Wisdom said:

I thought the evolution was originally from 5 headshots down to 3 and now its 12 down to 8?

Hits are not Shots. Don't forget Multishot.  The charging effect is based on how many times you hit the target not how many times you pressed the trigger.  A single shot, that produces 2 bullets, can be 2 hits.


This is not happening for me.  Is it only with specific weapons? Have you rebound your controls in some unique way? (Do problems persist if you reset to default?)

14 Jul

8 minutes ago, Ifeanyi said:

Top right, first buff from the left is the crosshairs stack. All 5 drop after 12s and also strangely, it drops from 5 stacks to 4 stacks after 7s of the first 5 stacks duration, drops to 3 and quickly 2 after 3s, then 1 stacks after 2s

Thanks for clarifying. What you are claiming as a bug though, is the expected behavior. Each individual stack of  Galvanized Scope/Crosshair has its own timer and you're seeing them time out sequentially.  You gain the buff at 2 seconds in, and you lose that stack at 14 seconds.... exactly 12 seconds after gaining it.  Consider that you also lose the other effect as well when you stop getting headshots. Unlike something like Split Chamber/Galvanized Chamber which are basically a passive upgrade,  Argon Scope/Hydralic Crosshairs is intended to be a time-limited effect that you have to actively maintain.

19 minutes ago, Ifeanyi said:

Not fixed. Tested both in-game in both simulation and missions, they still lose all stacks when the first timer runs out.

Any possibility that you can record a detailed video demonstrating your builds and science?

3 minutes ago, nicolajtheking2 said:

Please for the love of all that is good, reduce to cooldown on heavy weapons 5 minutes to refill the gun is waaay too long when a necamech (with appropriate intrinsics) only has a 1~ minute cooldown, pls I want my big gun to go BRRRR

I'm not sure if you're aware, but picking up a Heavy Ammo Pack resets the cooldown on your heavy weapon. Heavy-type enemies like Gunners have a chance to drop these large yellow ammo pickups. Does that help you out at all?

08 Jul


That crash number is related to video encode library. Do you have Nvidia Shadowplay running? Does disabling Shadowplay make the crashing stop?  🤨

07 Jul


Playing Warframe on the Steam Deck should not result in anti-cheat getting angry at you.  We'd be very interested to know if you run into problems with it!  Warframe on "other flavors of Linux" is currently neither forbidden nor supported. You're on your own if you try to go that route.

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30 Jun

On 2022-06-11 at 2:23 PM, Ekvivu said:

Nidus does keep Mutation stacks when revived by a teammate

We tested and that doesn't seem accurate. You lose 15 stacks when you hit the check for special death state. If that's still a positive number, you avoid being downed, and become invulnerable. Otherwise you go into a downed state, which is where Last Gasp kicks in.  You've already lost 15 stacks when you go down even if somebody else revives you. So losing your stacks before Last Gasp even triggers is consistent with previous behavior.


This is already fixed on our dev branch and will be in the next update. Please be patient with us as we are deep in final preparations for Tennocon 2022 right now!


This bug is not a bug. Your warframe is not allowed to convert energy into health with Quick Thinking when you're not in it. This avoids the scenario where you would spontaneously and *completely* die, if you were in operator mode and your warframe ran out of energy.

Note that recall should only happen if your warframe is left in a vulnerable state IE if you had an active power still running.  If you turn off all active powers, then your warframe will be invulnerable while you are not in it, and the recall should not occur. (If recall occurs while you are invulnerable,  that is a bug and we thought that was previously fixed)