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So I didn’t see fix of that stupid slipping or flinch when you’re on uneven surfaces. Your camera goes all over the place even when it shouldn’t.

That's fixed in this update, the bug fix was late and missed the patch notes though.

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You're welcome! :)

23 Jan


You're welcome

13 Dec


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I wanna see you go for a challenge. (Only revive and heal. Killing enemy is prohibited. Try to go for the most revives and heals. No kills no kill assists.)

12 Dec

11 Dec


They do appear if the target you shoot at is close enough to a wall


Yeah this new bug has been introduced with Patch 3.1.0 and we're working on fixing it.

10 Dec


It does that today for everyone yes but will be fixed, you'll go prone instead of standing up in a future update :)

29 Nov


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Please let this be real.


03 Nov


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Surprisingly I can get hits on enemy players like there's no problem because the mouse movements are fine and the hitmarkers are on time. It's the moving and the other actions that are delayed (gun switch, gadget deployment, revives,...).

Tried unplugging the superfluous USB devices and play, no difference. Origin in-game is disabled, I also deleted the file "IGO64.dll" in [C:\program files (x86)\Origin] as it was suggested in a video, no changes. Game starts fine, in the menu works fine but when I start a mach the game works fine for the first seconds the the input lag starts increasing more and more until it gets unplayable.

I tried also to repair the game and re-installing it. No results.

What keyboard and mouse are you using?

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Average latency of everyone on the server

Can confirm

08 Jun


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Could always do that with SPACE on PC.

It has always been there indeed but there was no UI for it for a long time so I don't think a lot of people know about it :)


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"#28 Did they change health regen? Seems to occur faster now. (YEP, they really did… lol)"


28 Did they change health regen? Seems to occur faster now. (YEP, they really did… lol)

This hasn't changed, health regeneration is still 5HP/s after being out of combat for 5s (not taking damage).


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There used to be a revive limit before, now you can keep reviving the same guy forever. Also when playing angel you can hear dead players ping their requests revive, it’s very annoying when there’s a lot of dead people and some people spam it

I doubt this has been removed, there should be a 5s period after which you can't be revived if you die again after being recently revived. This has been in the game since launch. If that isn't working then chances are that this is more of a bug :)

19 Apr


Great list, gave me a refresher as well! Some of those things were actually fixed quite some time ago on our side but they didn't make it to any patches until today for a variety of reasons that would be probably a bit difficult to explain here! Same difficult to explain reasons why sometimes there are changes that we don't capture in the notes. Happy to see that the changes are positive :)

04 Dec


To kick things of, I'm not disagreeing on the fact that mouse aiming may have issues right now. We have eyes on it and we're actively investigating what can be wrong and how we improve this amongst other input related issues.


However, I was curious about what Silk showed in this video and gave this software (Mouse Movement Recorder) a go to better understand what information it actually gives and I think the testing isn't really showing anything that can prove any issue sadly. It doesn't show a problem at least for mouse input acceleration because it can't really clearly show that clearly in FPS games.


From testing, having both green and red is perfectly normal for FPS games or any shooters and games where the program needs to lock the pointer to screen center. This is actually what the green & red mean here, they indicate that the pointer is being re-positioned on positive or negative axis which you will find in any shooter games most likely.

... Read more

14 Nov


Originally posted by MidwayMonster2223

The lead game designer is saying that as well, so this probably won't get fixed until he leaves his fantasy land.

Spread in BFBC2 was quite different but we are also investigating a potential bug on Portal weapons when firing right after sprinting or running which could be the cause of what people are complaining about.

13 Nov


Originally posted by -Token

DRUNKKZ3 is Lead Game Designer now? how does a sweaty player like him even allow for the gunplay, hitreg issues and borked mouse and controller aim to get like this in the first place.

Quite recently (as in very recently!) :) I do appreciate that there are things that are not great but please do not target people personally, making games like this takes A LOT of time and people, things rarely come from a single person but know that all of the feedback is always ending up to the right people even if not everyone replies.

To make sure, the feedback is acknowledged, I am just not in a position to give you more details at this point but know that we all care and are very passionate about the game. When things aren't right and there are issues we haven't been able to catch, all we want is to make things better the earliest possible.

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