04 Dec


To kick things of, I'm not disagreeing on the fact that mouse aiming may have issues right now. We have eyes on it and we're actively investigating what can be wrong and how we improve this amongst other input related issues.


However, I was curious about what Silk showed in this video and gave this software (Mouse Movement Recorder) a go to better understand what information it actually gives and I think the testing isn't really showing anything that can prove any issue sadly. It doesn't show a problem at least for mouse input acceleration because it can't really clearly show that clearly in FPS games.


From testing, having both green and red is perfectly normal for FPS games or any shooters and games where the program needs to lock the pointer to screen center. This is actually what the green & red mean here, they indicate that the pointer is being re-positioned on positive or negative axis which you will find in any shooter games most likely.

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14 Nov


Originally posted by MidwayMonster2223

The lead game designer is saying that as well, so this probably won't get fixed until he leaves his fantasy land.

Spread in BFBC2 was quite different but we are also investigating a potential bug on Portal weapons when firing right after sprinting or running which could be the cause of what people are complaining about.

13 Nov


Originally posted by -Token

DRUNKKZ3 is Lead Game Designer now? how does a sweaty player like him even allow for the gunplay, hitreg issues and borked mouse and controller aim to get like this in the first place.

Quite recently (as in very recently!) :) I do appreciate that there are things that are not great but please do not target people personally, making games like this takes A LOT of time and people, things rarely come from a single person but know that all of the feedback is always ending up to the right people even if not everyone replies.

To make sure, the feedback is acknowledged, I am just not in a position to give you more details at this point but know that we all care and are very passionate about the game. When things aren't right and there are issues we haven't been able to catch, all we want is to make things better the earliest possible.


Originally posted by Knoxeh

I had no doubt. But is it possible to allow medics to inform players on the ground that we are coming to res them. Like pressing Q on a downed friendly giving them a dialogue of something like "I got you!".

Yes we are looking at adding this back as well.


Originally posted by LordBaranox

Thanks for getting this out there! Hopefully it helps you guys out and gets DICE's eyes on it!

Thanks for sharing, we're taking a look at this now.

11 Nov


Originally posted by iCaps_

I loved your work in BFV and the changes you started introducing to the franchise. I think it added a nice layer of flavor and variety.

What was your favorite new feature you helped design/implement for this release?

Thank you! 😊

Probably the new Parachute with its steering mode that allows you to easily navigate around at the cost of not being able to use your weapon and the other mode which does the opposite (very little steering but possibly to use most weapons, gadgets or throwables)


Originally posted by idee_fx2

Good now add back the fire mode indicator outside of ADS. Like in all DICE previous battlefield titles of the last decade...

I highly doubt the guy who approved this UI has ever switched his fire mode ever or he would have realized why it was a terrible idea to leave it in ADS only.



Originally posted by florentinomain00f

DICE knows us and they are watching us


17 Oct


Originally posted by Father_Giliam

The strafe input for sliding doesn't mean they're allowing turning while sliding like in bfv, right?

It will allow you to slightly adjust your direction but it will be a very small amount. Nowhere near enough for you to turn in a slide, you will only be able to adjust your direction by a few degrees.


We're already looking at changing this icon alongside a lot more changes related to the screen-center killfeed in an update that will come shortly after launch :)

04 Sep


Originally posted by ThickNeckMegaTrapped

The Battlefield 5 skulls were the best kill indicator, no doubt. And everyone loves the BF1 sound, but I preferred BFV kill sound.

There are a lot of different tastes about hit/kill indicators as well as sounds - Hope you'll like what you'll see (and hear) when we launch! :)


Hit indicators are very Work In Progress in the footage you saw, they're going to change for the Open Beta and will change again even more at launch since those are the elements we save time for iterating on usually at the end. Same applies to kill-feed and the similar hit / kill feedback elements.


The issue with hitmarkers showing below reticle / crosshair was a bug as well which has been addressed since.


Options to customize crosshair / hit indicators / kill indicators will be available and we can potentially add more heavily requested options! :)

18 Aug

03 Mar


Originally posted by Lilzycho

Something about the plane flares visibility at high altitude is fishy, isn't it? We aren't all just insane and paranoid. Not such a big deal on EU maps because the Fighter builds that have them aren't that popular. But if pilots abuse this on Pacific breakthrough maps it's extremely annoying.

Yes that is being looked into


Originally posted by Dante2005

I don't see mention of any spotting changes, is this correct that there are none?

Hi, u/braddock512 and u/partwelsh just wondering if you could clarify please.


There has been quite a few changes with 5.2.2 and 6.0 that aimed to revert most of the changes made to spotting back to 5.0. What are the changes that you are expecting?

That being said, we are looking at some more changes and bug fixing for future updates (plane flares, adjustments to "you're spotted" widget, bug fixing of the widget...) but nothing for 6.2 apart from the adjustments to spotted players seen from planes and consistency of smokes blocking spotted player icons.

10 Feb


Totally worth making sure that gadget could be used in passenger seats :D

13 Dec


Originally posted by blackmesatech

Yeah but back then it was only 5m.

No, it was 10m but also twice the angle


Originally posted by UniQue1992

and it will be very likely changed in a future update.

I hope this ends up being true Florian, knowing what way the enemy is facing is just way to OP.

I've made the change this morning so it will change in whatever patch that changes ends up into (most likely somewhere in January).