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Bargain-hunting capsuleers,
It is time to take to the void in true style, with two brand new bundles inspired by WWI warships!

https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/34514/World_of_Warships_x_EVE_Online_... Read more

19 Sep

08 Sep

Balloting capsuleers,

Elections for the 2023 Council of Stellar Management (CSM18) are underway, and to celebrate EVE’s next season of player representation a selection of three gifts will be made available to all capsuleers for free through the NES on 8, 9, and 10 September:

  • 8 September: Council Diplomatic Shuttle

  • 9 September: Council Diplomatic Shuttle Semiotique Sports SKIN

  • 10 September: Agency Support Drop
Additionally, as a special reward for those who vote in the CSM elections, any account which votes will also receive a free Council Diplomatic Shuttle SARO ‘Black Troop’ SKIN!

Vote for your preferred representatives and help guide EVE towards a brighter future.

Vote now![... Read more

28 Aug

If you haven’t yet ordered EVE’s 20th anniversary Collector’s Edition – produced in partnership with Limited Run Games – then you need to act fast! The Collector’s Edition is ONLY available by pre-order[limitedrungames.com] until 23:59 ET on 10 September and will not be on general sale anywhere.

Be sure to get your order in now so you don’t miss out on the exclusive contents[www.eveonline.com], such as the exquisitely produced 8” Megathron ship model, adorable 6” Fedo plushie, an exclusive New Eden Soundtr... Read more

26 Aug

24 Aug

22 Aug

Sleuthing capsuleers,
Following the disruption of Guri Malakim activity surrounding ancient Jovian sites by capsuleers earlier this year and the still-ongoing recovery of fragmentary destroyer schematics from Angel and Guristas commanders, corrupted fragments containing structural data for what appears to be a Jove stargate have begun to circulate, marked with an enigmatic emblem.

Simultaneously, footage has emerged of both Cartel commando Rafik Zohar and Caldari Navy defector Esri Hakuzosu meeting with an unknown representative. The footage, showing the representative offering an invitation from the mysterious figure known only as the Deathless, has begun to spread across GalNet:

It would therefore appear, fearless capsuleers, that there are one or more stargates out there, waiting to be discovered. While... Read more

18 Aug

Watchful Capsuleers,
EVE Online is now offering Twitch Drops[www.twitch.tv], meaning that all pilots can claim free rewards just for watching EVE Online content on Twitch[www.twitch.tv].

The first round of Twitch Drops rewards offer Capsuleers the stunning Sunesis Violet Vellication SKIN, the head turning Gnosis Galnet StreamCast Unit SKIN, and enviably stylish male and female Semiotique Superlumina jackets. And each of them can be yours for free, just for catching up on the best streamed EVE Online conten... Read more

17 Aug

Fanfestive capsuleers,
We are excited to announce that EVE Fanfest 2023 is now sold out, with a record number of tickets sold, and is poised to exceed all previous iterations in terms of scope, number of capsuleers and sheer fun! This will be a great pinnacle of the 20 year anniversary celebration, and an explosive start to the third decade in New Eden. Laugardalshöll Arena will be brimming with capsuleers from all over the world and to ensure the optimal experience we have doubled the size of the event area, creating additional room for space friends and enemies to meet, hang out and socialize. But fear not, if you are not able to join EVE Fanfest on site this year, make sure to join us on CCPTV[www.twitch.tv] for the live streams on Friday 22 September... Read more

16 Aug

Combatative capsuleers,
To mark the arrival of the long-awaited Alliance Tournament XIX, pilots can now trade just 10 PLEX for 10 days of Omega time, over at the New Eden Store! You have until 23:59 UTC on 20 August to seize this offer.

In addition to this, during ATXIX, you can head to the New Eden Store for a special 50% discount on IGС SKINs. The Gallente Federation sponsored IGС SKINs Bundle on offer contains SKINs for Brutix, Brutix Navy Issue, Ishtar, Vexor and Vexor Navy Issue.

Keep up with all the action and drama of ATXIX live over on CCP TV[www.twitch.tv]. The tournament kicks off on 12 August, givi... Read more

04 Aug

02 Aug

31 Jul

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