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28 Nov

27 Nov

25 Nov

Industrious capsuleers,

Ever since the Uprising expansion went live on 8 November, there’s been a lot happening and a lot to do in New Eden. Factional Warfare activity has significantly increased, the arrival of new capsuleer communities in New Eden has been celebrated, new settings for EVE’s trusty overview have entered testing, Black Friday offers have gone live, and you can participate and benefit from absolutely all of that and more this weekend!

Following the release of Uprising, Factional Warfare (FW) has heated up with over 5,300 new pilots enrolling in faction militia groups to participate! As a result of increased FW activity, the map of New Eden has changed – and continues to change – based on player activity. Whether Alpha or Omega, recruitment drives have been active across the cluster, with players of all experience levels being employed across a variety of activities.

With the updated ship restrictions on the various c... Read more

24 Nov

Why Photon? Photon is a massive undertaking to overhaul the EVE User Interface. The current UI is functional, so many players have asked why we chose to embark on a large project like this.

During its twenty year development, EVE has seen many features, all with specific user interface needs. Some of these features have pushed the UI into new territory, exploring new ways to improve the interface, but not always with an established design language in mind. This has made parts of the UI less than cohesive, even confusing, and difficult to master. In addition, maintaining many UI styles is ineffective, leading to increased development time.

Last year saw the formation of a dedicated User Experience team, whose primary responsibility would be the in-space experience of EVE Online. As EVE’s user interface allows access to nearly every feature while in space, there was a lot to consider. Efficiency and sustainability need to be considered, not only from a development ... Read more
Socially minded Capsuleers,

A spread of striking new EVE-themed items has been added to the Points Shop.

That means you can customise your Steam profile with new backgrounds, avatars, animated frames featuring Empire logos, and more – each inspired by the world of New Eden.

Released to coincide with the debut of the new Uprising expansion[www.eveonline.com], the new Points Shop items let you show off your devotion to EVE to all Steam users. Equally, they allow fellow EVE players over on Steam to know where your loyalties lie, and who you are fighting for.... Read more

23 Nov

Insatiable capsuleers,

The season of giving is upon us, and there’s no better way to celebrate than to load up a hefty space turkey and generously dispense firepower upon your fellow capsuleers in the next Proving Ground event!

This event begins at 11:00 UTC on 25 November, and runs until 11:00 UTC on 28 November.

The ruleset is as follows:
  • Only the Prophecy may enter this event.
  • 200% bonus to turret and missile damage.
  • Overheat bonuses for turrets & missile launchers as well as tackle, propulsion, repair, resistance, and energy warfare modules are doubled.
  • Pilots receive 30 million ISK payout per match where they deal at least 7000 damage.
  • Sensor dampeners, weapon disruptors, and shield boost amplifier, recharger, power relay, and flux coil modules cannot be fitted.
  • Maximum of two local repair module per ship (shield or armor).
  • Modules and implants are restricted to me...
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22 Nov

21 Nov

Greetings music loving capsuleers,

We are beyond excited to announce the long-awaited arrival of Permaband, CCP in-house rockers, and pioneers of the “Thukk Rokk” musical subculture, to Spotify and beyond. Four of their popular songs, HTFU, Killing Is Just A Means, Warp To The Dance Floor, and Wrecking Machine are now available to everyone for free, on all major streaming platforms.

Permaband was the CCP in-house band, and their soaring sound should be known to anyone who has attended EVE Fanfest. The band’s music videos have been fan favorites for years, and now music loving capsuleers will finally be able to add them to their daily music rotation.

Click here to che... Read more
Greetings, Capsuleers!

As you might remember, in summer we released a Team Security update[www.eveonline.com] where we talked about RMTers, botters, fraud, and other related topics, followed by a Q&A session in the official EVE discord. We are tremendously grateful for all your attention, questions, reports, and your engagement with us. The questions were tough sometimes, but hopefully we managed to provide some answers.

Summer and autumn have been rather busy for Team Security, as there are always more bots, RMTers, and account hackings to tackle. Your help in identifying these is, as always, tremendously important.

In this entry we’d like to talk about some rules and policies, to clarify and to discu... Read more

19 Nov

Social capsuleers,

EVE’s ‘Recruit a Friend’ program has long been a great way to invite your friends to play EVE together, but often you make new friends in space - so why miss out on recruitment rewards?

Following popular demand from corporations and alliances, it has now been made possible to recruit an existing account and still be eligible for rewards defined by the Recruitment Program[www.eveonline.com] rules. And you can be sure the rewards are well worth the effort of getting your friends involved in EVE!

How does it work?There are rewards for the recruiter, and the recruit. Recruits will receive 1,000,000 SP immediately after being recruited, saving them around three weeks of skill training. If the recruit subscrib... Read more

18 Nov

Intrepid capsuleers!

The overview window is the most important tool at your disposal in EVE Online. It’s used for orientation, traveling, fighting, resource gathering... everything you do in space. Customizing the overview to suit a capsuleer’s needs is important but can be daunting for new players. We are therefore changing the default overview for new players to make it more useful and to make the transition to using custom overview packs easier. This will be achieved by making new capsuleers familiar with the more advanced use of the overview features employed by corporations and alliances they might end up joining.

The new default overview is available now on the Singularity test server. We invite you to share your feedback on the EVE Forums[forums.eveonline.com].... Read more

17 Nov

16 Nov

Carousing capsuleers,

Commemorate the finals of Alliance Tournament XVIII with victories of your own across two more 24-hour Abyssal Proving Ground events – blasting into bombastic 1v1 battleship combat on Saturday 19 November and demonstrating the destructive potential of the Empires’ brand-new navy destroyers on Sunday 20 November!


This event begins at 11:00 UTC on -- November, and runs for exactly 24 hours.

The ruleset is as follows:

- Only the Abaddon, Apocalypse, Armageddon, Raven, Rokh, Scorpion, Dominix, Hyperion, Megathron, Maelstrom, Tempest, Typhoon, and Praxis may enter this event.
- Overheat bonuses for turrets & missile launchers and tackle, propulsion, repair, resistance, and energy warfare modules are doubled.
- Pilots receive 100 million ISK payout per match where they deal at least 15000 damage.
- Sensor dampeners, weapon disruptors, and shield boost amplifier, rechar... Read more
Bargain-hunting capsuleers,

Head to the EVE Store[secure.eveonline.com] from today until 28 Nov and you´ll find all Omega packs at 20% off with free Battlecruiser SKINs & Dramiel Sariel’s Flame SKIN included with select Omega packs. If you already have any Omega time active, the Omega you get in the packs will extend your time by the purchased amount.

The Omega pack offers are as follows:

  • Get 20% off 1M Omega ⭐
  • Get 20% off 3M Omega and receive a free Dramiel Sariel´s Flame SKIN 🔥
  • Get 20% off 6M Omega and receive 3 free SKINs (Dramiel Sariel’s Flame, Prophecy Navy Issue Crown and Swords, Ferox Navy Issue Steel Cardinal SKINs) ✨
  • Get 20% off 12M Omega and receive 3 free SKINs (Dramiel Sariel’s Flame, Myrmidon Navy Issue Inner Zone Vanguard SKIN, Cyclone Fle...
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