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You can now save up to 30% off Boost Bundles ahead of the coming expansion. These bundles will give you the freedom to hop into the ship of your dreams.

They contain Skill Points to give an instant upgrade, as well as Cerebral Accelerators, which will also speed up your training for a few days.

The sale includes the Advanced, Specialist, and Expert boost bundles, each offers a different level of improvement to your character.

Amplify your Aptitude[secure.eveonline.com]
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Attention Capsuleers!
If you were worried you’d missed your chance to be part of EVE’s legacy and get your name on the EVE Monument in Reykjavik – never fear! Based on feedback, the deadline has been extended to the entire month of May. That means you now have until the end of the month to upgrade to Omega and secure your place among the legends of New Eden. If your character’s name is already on the Monument, you’ll get a chevron next to your name if you are Omega at any point in May.

Don't miss your chance to be a part of EVE Online history. Upgrade to Omega in-game, or through the EVE Store[secure.eveonline.com] now.

15 May

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10 May

Creative Capsuleers, To celebrate players and their contribution to New Eden over the years, today kicks off a competition for our most creative community members to design an original piece of artwork to celebrate 20 years of EVE.

The two best designs will be printed on t-shirts to be sold at the EVE Fanfest 2023 and online in the EVE Merch store[merch.eve.com] - with your beautiful design on the front and your name proudly printed on the back, you’ll be a true part of the 20th anniversary celebrations.

Competition timeline The competition ends 30 May 23:59 UTC. This means you have three weeks during the 20th anniversary celebration month to create and submit your designs.

What designs are we looking for? Your design should appeal to all EVE players, which means you should not submit any designs which include a... Read more

08 May

Commercial capsuleers,
We’re proud to announce the official relaunch of player-submitted video advertisements in EVE Online, enabling capsuleers to promote their own corporations, alliances, EVE-related services, and public in-game events!

Who among us hasn't had their mouth water at the thought of enjoying some delicious Matigu Sushi, or dreamed about how much FOMO pictures from a vacation to the stunning beaches of The Jade Coast of Matar booked with travel agency Sinfina Mondo would generate among friends on GalNet? In the EVE universe, publicity is power – and with this relaunch, players can once again submit ads to be featured alongside iconic New Eden brands on in-game billboards.

These ubiquitous displays appear in stations across New Eden as well as in space near stargates and are viewed by tens of thousands of pilots every single day, providing the perfect opportunity for you to get your group or content noticed!

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05 May

Capsuleer Day XX festivities are underway, pilots! 
Make the most of these celebrations with special deals on PLEX, New Eden’s premiere spacefaring currency.  

Claim brand-new Gilded Predator SKINs as a bonus with packs of 500 PLEX or more and take advantage of a 20% discount for packs of 3000 PLEX and above in recognition of the 20th anniversary. 

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