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12 Apr

Pioneering capsuleers,
The future is looking brighter than ever as EVE Online constantly evolves, modernizes, and enhances the player experience. A new EVE launcher is coming, and is ready for testing now, as well as enhancements to the visual experience in New Eden (for a sneak peek join the mass test on Singularity on 13 April at 17:00 UTC).

New Launcher Beta
The relentless pursuit of deepening your immersion in New Eden continues with the unveiling of the newest EVE Launcher, now available in Beta. This is a crucial step forward in our effort to streamline your journey into the heart of EVE Online, creating an intuitive environment that caters to your needs as a pilot. You are invited to dive in and try out the new version by downloading it here[launcher.ccpga... Read more

11 Apr

07 Apr

05 Apr

Attention Capsuleers,
This year sees the celebration of a momentous milestone - 20 incredible years of EVE Online! As a testament to your commitment and the legacy you have built together over the past two decades, we're expanding the EVE Monument, and now you have a unique opportunity to permanently carve your legacy into New Eden's history.

The Worlds within a World EVE Monument in Reykjavík, Iceland, is an awe-inspiring tribute to dedicated EVE pilots that was created as part of the celebrations around EVE’s 10th anniversary and is engraved with over half a million names for all to admire. Now, for the first time in 10 years, you have the rare opportunity to add your character’s name to the monument and forever join the legends of New Eden in being immortalized!

To have your character’s name engraved on the monumental expansion, make sure to have an active Omega account on 6 May 2023, and your character with the highest amoun... Read more

04 Apr

Capsuleers, it’s time to take what’s rightfully yours!
For all those who favor greed over creed, the Dread Pirates Pack is fit to burst with 1,000 PLEX, 275,000 Skill Points, a Specialist ‘Boost’ Cerebral Accelerator, and a container full of SKINs and apparel.
Swoop in and grab the Dread Pirates Pack from the EVE Store[secure.eveonline.com], making off with a healthy collection of PLEX, Skill Points, SKINs, and Apparel. 275,000 Skill Points will allow you to instantly fly any of the Guristas ships.

With such rich pickings, you’ll be free to run rings around the Caldari corporations, smuggle goods under the noses of your rivals, and swagger back to Venal in your matching Outlaw pants and boots.

Included are:

  • Worm, Gila, and Rattlesnake Helmatt's Harriers SKINs
  • ...
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31 Mar

Bargain-hunting Capsuleers!
You can now save 20% on Multiple Character Training (MCT) for a limited time! Simply head to EVE’s in-game New Eden Store from 31 March to 3 April to grab your certificates. With an MCT applied to your account, you can train multiple characters at the same time!

MCT offers a great way to sample new activities and roles in New Eden without delaying progress on your main pilot.

To take advantage of the discount, be sure to purchase your MCT certificates from the New Eden Store before the offer expires on 3 April!

Omega + MCT bundles
For a limited time, the EVE Store[secure.eveonline.com] is offering a 50% discou... Read more

30 Mar

Hello spacefriends,

As you may know, viewers of CCP's Twitch channel[www.twitch.tv] are able to use their accumulated channel points to claim the gorgeous GalNet StreamCast SKINs across 12 different hulls. The current batch has been in circulation for some time now and we're pleased to announce the release of 10 fresh new SKINs in the GalNet StreamCast line for CCP Twitch enjoyers.

The 10 new SKINs are available for the following hulls:

It's easy! Just keep an eye on our ... Read more

28 Mar

Greetings capsuleers,
Training your characters properly can make or break your career in New Eden. EVE Online is a complex game with many different activities, each requiring a different set of skills. Whether you're interested in combat, industry, exploration, incursions, mission running, or trading, Multiple Character Training (MCT) lets you train more pilots and try new things.

For a limited time, the EVE Store[secure.eveonline.com] is offering a 50% discount on Omega + MCT bundles. Enjoy all the benefits of an Omega account and train multiple characters simultaneously, to maximize your potential in New Eden.

Grab the following bundles:
  • 1 M Omega + 2 M MCT
  • 3 M Omega + 6 M MCT
  • 6 M Omega + 12 M MCT
  • 12 M Omega + 24 M MCT
  • ...
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24 Mar

Capsuleers, it’s time to make an impact!
For just 1 PLEX, you can upgrade to Omega for 3 days in EVE’s in-game New Eden Store. This offer ends at 11:00 UTC on 27th March. This will give you access to better ships, better modules to equip it with, and better skills to unlock more activities.

You can use your Omega status to upgrade your ship and make a bigger impact in Factional Warfare, serving your chosen empire more effectively! Remember, thanks to the new Direct Enlistment feature[www.eveonline.com] you can now join Factional Warfare without leaving your current player corporation or alliance.

You can also do more in the ... Read more

23 Mar

Ruthless Capsuleers,
EVE essentials such as PLEX and Skill Points help you achieve and exceed your ambitions throughout New Eden. SKINs and apparel can bring a touch of style and individuality as you spread your influence across the star cluster. Coming to you from deep within the Curse region, the Angelic Domination Pack is inspired by the Angel Cartel, and is now available in the EVE Store[secure.eveonline.com].

The new pack provides criminally ambitious pilots with 350 PLEX, 275,000 Skill Points, a Specialist 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator, and a bounty of SKINs and apparel direct from EVE’s most influential lawbreaking faction.

The SKINs and apparel in... Read more

20 Mar

17 Mar

The latest episode of the Pulse coming to you from the heart of Jita 4-4 features the Shadow War, nullsec war, Direct Enlistment, more emblems, 20th anniversary mosaic, and more!

This week's episode contains details on the following:   

00:00 - Intro
00:25 - Direct Enlistment
00:41 - Interstellar shipcasters
01:04 - Shadow War
02:01 - Emblems
02:23 - EVE Online Microsoft Excel add-in
02:44 - 20th anniversary mosaic
03:20 - Fighting in nullsec
03:52 - Stay Frosty FFA 9
04:11 - Captains Cup
04:38 - PLEX and free SKINs
04:50 - Outro

A Path to War[... Read more

16 Mar

Attention Capsuleers,
Raise your green glasses high and toast to some excellent bargains in the EVE Store. Not only can you get discounts off select PLEX purchases, but some packages also include free, exclusive SKINs. This limited time offer is a great opportunity to stock up on PLEX and look your best, so you can truly paint the stars green, with the Zydrine Burn SKINs.

PLEX stands as one of New Eden’s core spacefaring currencies, and right now, select PLEX packs in the EVE Store will get you 10% off the regular price, and free emerald coloured SKINs.

The sale runs until 19 March, and gives you a chance to grab the following:

  • 500 PLEX + Hawk Zydrine Burn SKIN
  • 1000 PLEX + Ishkur Zydrine Burn SKIN
  • 1500 PLEX + Hawk and Eagle Zydrine Burn SKINs
  • 3000 PLEX + Ishkur, Ishtar, Eos Zydrine Burn SKINs + 10% discount
  • 6000 PLEX + Eagle, Ishtar, Vulture, Eos Zydrine Burn...
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