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16 Mar

14 Mar

Urgent news, capsuleers! The face of warfare in New Eden continues to evolve as long-held alliances between empires have fractured, and the heat has just been turned up again. Empire and capsuleer research efforts into Triglavian technology have provided an opportunity to build brand-new interstellar shipcasters, allowing for the long-distance transport of ships across star systems directly into the warzone. This development alone has plunged the empires into fierce competition and conflict.

Additionally, Direct Enlistment now affords capsuleers the choice of entering Factional Warfare (FW) without leaving their player corporation or alliance. The new Shadow War event has also begun and your continued participation in the narrative arc unfolding in New Eden will directly influence who gets their hands on coveted interstellar shipcaster technology first! Also, corp and alliance emblems on all remaining EVE ships have been released, so you can fly your colors no matter what yo... Read more

13 Mar

10 Mar

09 Mar

08 Mar

There is an age-old question facing all capsuleers: If you replace your spaceship one spare part at a time, when is the ship completely new and no longer the original?

That’s where we find ourselves now with Tranquility hardware. Nothing remains of Tranquility Tech III - the current cluster is entirely Tranquility Tech IV.

As part of continually evolving and modernizing EVE, we keep improving Tranquility’s technology to achieve better performance. The end goal is to ensure that it lasts forever, in turn making your experience in New Eden a continuously exciting one.

In early 2016 new hardware for Tranquility[www.eveonline.com] was deployed after months of ... Read more

07 Mar

04 Mar

Competitive capsuleers,
The effort to make New Eden a more engaging place with a level of detail that takes you deeper is always ongoing. Audio is a major part of that effort, both setting the tone and atmosphere of EVE, and giving players critical cues that can inform their strategic approach. With that in mind, we invite all pilots to join a mass audio test focused on turret movement and impact sounds and help make EVE Online an even better experience.

The test will take place on the Singularity server. To take part in the scheduled fleet fight at 17:00 UTC Monday, 6 March, gather in the FD-MLJ system.

Those joining the test are encouraged to engage in fleet fights to allow for monitoring of performance issues and crashes, while pooling feedback on the audio experience of large-scale battle.

To access Singularity, change the server from Tranquility to Singularity in the bottom right corner of the launcher and log in as normal. More detailed ... Read more

03 Mar

Attention, capsuleers!
You may have noticed that as part of the ongoing narrative arc in New Eden, the long-established alliances between major empires have started to fracture. This is highlighted in the latest episode of The Scope where Alton Haveri reports on the cracks appearing in Caldari-Amarr, and Gallente-Minmatar relations as the empires race to develop transport and power technologies, and credible allegations of espionage circulate.

With relationships cracking, the empires are more desperate than ever for capsuleer support through Direct Enlistment. This much-anticipated feature mentioned in the Producer’s Letter... Read more

02 Mar

Capsuleers, the time has come to start celebrating!
As part of EVE Online’s 20th anniversary celebrations, we want to pay tribute to the EVE community and its capsuleers by composing an amazing mosaic! The characters you have created, the stories you have lived, and the communities you have built form the fabric of New Eden and the universe which players enjoy today. Starting today youall have the opportunity toadd your character portrait to the mosaic, whether you are an Alpha or Omega capsuleer.

To immortalize your character on the mosaic, you will need to log into EVE Online and complete three daily challenges between 2 March and 22 March. These challenges will alternate between the Skilling Spree, Mining Blitz, and Skillers in the Abyss. The opportunity to add your avatar to this historic tapestry is not to be missed and will be a piece of cake for a capsuleer!Those of you that successfully complete the challenges and qualify for the mosaic will receive email confirm... Read more

24 Feb

Enterprising Capsuleers,
PLEX is the heart of New Eden’s vast empyrean economy, providing utility, style, or simply wealth to any pilot – and there’s no better time to grab it than today, with a 15% flash sale on select PLEX packages from 24-28 February!

You can use PLEX to purchase Omega time (unlocking doubled training speed & access to training advanced skills), obtain services like Multi-Character Training (MCT) or Skill Extractors in the NES, purchase SKINs and character apparel, and can also sell any quantity for generous sums of ISK on the market.

Head over to the EVE Store[secure.eveonline.com] and enjoy all the benefits of PLEX at a discount while you can!

... Read more

23 Feb

Generous capsuleers,
Again, you have come together to aid those in need, this time in the wake of the earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria. The latest PLEX for GOOD campaign has been a showcase of gamer generosity, with the EVE community raising $26,140 that will be split equally between Ahbap and Doctors Without Borders. Various capsuleers from different groups and across different activities within the community came together and organized drives and events. You gathered in a massive brawl in Pochven over the weekend and ran public community fleets throughout the week over on Twitch, donated extremely rare memorabilia as well as donating Alliance Tournament price ships from Alliance Tournament XVIII. It has been heartwarming to see this kind of solidarity on display in New Eden.

Doctors Without Borders/Mé... Read more

16 Feb

Charitable capsuleers.

Early this week in the dead of night, two massive earthquakes struck in the southern part of Türkiye, devastating nearby cities and those in neighboring Syria as far as 300 miles from the earthquake epicenters.

More than 300,000 people have been forced to leave their homes and over 21,000 people have lost their lives with this number sadly increasing over time. The world has mobilized relief efforts with doctors, nurses, search & rescue, engineers, emergency shelter staff, and many other lifesaving specialists. This includes the Icelandic elite search and rescue team who have described the freezing and extremely difficult conditions in which the collective rescue effort operates in their attempts to unearth the people who have been buried underneath the rubble.

Also affected are the millions of refugees residing on both sides of the border whom have been displaced from their own country living in flimsy shelters, tents, and partially de... Read more

14 Feb

Attention, capsuleers!

EVE Online continues to evolve and invest in the day-to-day experience of its players and its technological foundations to stay on course for a successful third decade in New Eden. This now includes the full rollout of the sparkling new Photon UI, as well as improvements to the multiple overview feature, Tranquility server hardware upgrades, and more!

Also evolving are the fortunes of New Eden’s great empires and EVE Online’s events, moving more purposefully towards a narrative-driven schedule instead of the previously established annual calendar of in-game events. This will be informed by the roadmap for upcoming happenings in EVE, first introduced in the Producer’s Letter[www.... Read more

10 Feb

The recent Uprising expansion[www.eveonline.com] introduced a massive overhaul to Factional Warfare, including the new Frontlines system. With the war heating up, progress for the various factions can now be monitored through the Frontlines – New Eden War Report[www.eveonline.com] page which displays kills, warzone control, and more. 

Everyone knows that the best part of EVE is winning- and for those who like to keep track of how they’re doing, Factional Warfare leaderbo... Read more
Calling all capsuleers,

This year’s Fanfest is poised to be an unforgettable celebration of the game and its players, making it a must-attend for anyone passionate about EVE Online. Some of the spectacular events of this year’s festival are now being announced, starting with European Space Agency (ESA) senior advisor for Science & Exploration Mark McCaughrean’s guest lecture on the James Webb Space Telescope and Daði Freyr’s musical performance at the Party at the Top of the World.

Space can be a solitary place, with its vast distances and empty voids. This makes companionship all the more precious and important, and it’s no secret that the EVE community is the heart and soul of New Eden. Which is why it’s always a special time when players get together in Iceland for Fanfest, and this year’s celebration is extra special, as we celebrate 20 years of EVE.

... Read more

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