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26 Jan

Welcome to the first Pulse episode of 2024, back in the heart of Jita 4-4 for your source of news from EVE Online!

This episode contains details on the following:

00:00 - Intro
00:21 - EVE Online: Havoc update
01:54 - EVE Vanguard First Strike January playtest
02:39 - Directors’ Letter 02:55 - Anger Games 6
03:13 - EVE: War for New Eden Kickstarter
03:28 - New Starter Packs
03:48 - Outro

Many thanks to Captain Benzie for EVE: War for New Eden review footage!

25 Jan

24 Jan

The Kickstarter campaign for EVE: War for New Eden is going live! From 24 January to 21 February, you’ll have the limited-time opportunity to support the campaign and secure a special copy of this epic new board game.

Created in cooperation with Titan Forge, EVE: War for New Eden[evewarforneweden.com] features game pieces of incredible craftsmanship. Choose one of the four empires to lead into strategic combat in the EVE Universe, and explore the boundless possibilities of intergalactic warfare.

Why support the cam... Read more

23 Jan

Ambitious capsuleers,
New starter packs are now available from the EVE Store! Each one contains an assortment of Omega, Skill Points, cerebral accelerators and SKINs, and they’re the perfect way for new and veteran players alike to continue their journey through New Eden in 2024.

Here’s what’s inside each one of the packs:

Bronze Starter Pack
  • 14 days Omega
  • Specialist 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator
  • 50,000 Skill Points
  • 2 x Core Ship Operations Expert System
  • Rifter Snowline Bladeracer SKIN
  • Nereus Inner Zone Vanguard SKIN
  • Inquisitor Khanid SKIN
  • Heron Zento Isideko Combine SKIN
  • Venture Radioactives Reclamation SKIN

Silver Starter Pack
  • 30 days Omega
  • Advanced 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator
  • 250,000 Skill Points
  • Mining Barge Operations Ex...
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Attention Vanguard, 
It is nearly time to go planetside once more. The next First Strike playtest for EVE Vanguard is taking place from 12:00 UTC 25 January - 12:00 UTC 29 January, opening the doors once again to the in-development FPS module for EVE Online. The event is open to all Omega players as part of Founders’ Access.   

ADVANCING IN FORMATION  EVE Vanguard is a work in progress, being developed in collaboration with you, the community. This upcoming playtest will welcome even more warclones by opening server access in the Asia Pacific and South American territories.  

The First Strike playtest event in December provided a wealth of insights which have already been put to good use in the upcoming build. Issues have been identified, bugs have been fixed and minor changes have been made, all of which would not have been possible without participation and feedback from you, the Founders. We look forward to welcoming you to the First Strike January pl... Read more

16 Jan

Ambitious capsuleers, The Havoc expansion for EVE Online was introduced last November, and has been a big hit with capsuleers, introducing the chance to align with pirates or fight against them, in a gripping struggle between suppression and corruption. Nothing is static in New Eden, including Havoc, and the first update of the new year is now live, bringing adjustments to Pirate Insurgencies, graphical updates, certain NPCs respecting pirate alignment, and more.

Modify your ambitions
Among the things announced on stage at Fanfest 2023, when the Havoc expansion was revealed, was the inclusion of an Ambition Modifier, which adjusts the number of points needed to win an Insurgency. The Ambition Modifier has now been implemented in Havoc, and it will affect the side that regularly wins Insurgencies by requiring more system wins for subsequent victories.... Read more

10 Jan

21 Dec

Celebrated capsuleers,
A new year is almost upon us, and what a year 2023 has been for EVE Online! The 20th year of New Eden was filled with excitement and chaos, with pilots pulling off heists, joining pirate factions, and filling the cluster with life and death.

“Wow, what a year! A fitting one for the 20th Anniversary, with two incredible expansions in Viridian and Havoc, a record breaking Fanfest, EVE Vanguard First Strike earlier this month, and whole lot more in between! I can say hand on heart that New Eden is full of life and vibrancy right now, evidenced both in higher concurrent capsuleers in space, but also in the unbelievable stories you continue to create. It’s incredibly exciting to again have boots on the ground in New Eden, and in the coming year, we will continue building on that core experience, creating an FPS experience with the community that we can all be proud of. We had ambitious goals for this year and we hope you agree we've delivered on a lo... Read more

12 Dec

Formidable capsuleers,
New Eden is in turmoil, thanks to Havoc being wrought by pirate insurgents and empire militia fighting to suppress corruption. A brand new update to EVE Online’s Havoc expansion only adds to the chaos by introducing an exciting Ice Refinery Heist activity and AIR Daily Goals.

NEW EDEN IS SHAPED ON THE FRONTLINES Recently, fearless mercenaries went boots-on-the-ground in the EVE Vanguard[vanguard.eveonline.com] First Strike event, which gave Omega players the opportunity to jump into the new multiplayer sandbox FPS module for EVE Online. As Vanguard, pl... Read more

07 Dec

Greetings, capsuleers!
Watch as Alton Haveri reports for the Scope on the latest developments from Pirate Insurgency zones, where the Guristas Pirates ambushed a task force including heavily modified Mordu’s Legion Bowhead freighters. With one of the freighters crash-landing on the planet of Hevrice III, it is rumored that the Deathless Circle have deployed experimental “Vanguard” clone troops to the planet to retrieve equipment valuable to their interests.

The Scope is the leading news agency in the world of EVE. Though based in the Gallente Federation, the company takes pride in its total independence and operates separate agencies throughout New Eden. The Scope swings slightly to the left, but it is conservative enough to be considered a reliable news agency even to the toughest businessmen and politicians.

06 Dec

05 Dec

Festive capsuleers,
Today marks the beginning of the Winter Nexus[www.eveonline.com], and what a party it will be! Multiple snowstorms have started to travel around New Eden, creating a winter wonderland filled with festive Yoiul challenges and sensational rewards. The event runs until 4 January, and it pays to get started right away, as there are amazing daily rewards to be claimed!

SNOWSTORMY FUN Head to the heart of the stormy systems to find stunning winter environments filled... Read more