12 Feb

With 0.9.1 being released, please leave your feedback and thoughts on the latest patch.

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Royal Navy British Heavy Cruisers

Ranked Season 15

New Map: Northern Waters

Updates to Unique Upgrades

Gameplay Balance changes

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Ahoy Fleet!

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11 Feb

Heyo Captains

Since this is the discussion of moderation action, this topic will be locked as it is against the forum rules.

@Narcolepsia if you contact support they will detail you the infringing text that caused you to receive the ban. This was a manual ban that was applied from you saying something infringing in game.


Not sure the exact answer to that to be honest, but it will return once fixed.

Removing it for the time being prevents any further issues with the content for the time being.


We saw an increase of issues and complaints regarding the operation. As such, we will fix and return it in a future patch.


I understand this, part of the reason I pushed for a timeline this morning on the fix. I have been given a specific date however cannot share this at this time :)

No gameplay/balance change. Its just a modelling factor that is being updated.

We have several ships coming in soon for various currencies:

Hayate, Yashima, Marceau for example.

Unfortunately I have no update on other operations that were removed, at this time, I would not expect any new operations content or return of the out-of-rotation ones in the foreseeable future (obviously not including Narai which we do have an internal timeline for its expected fix).

I have confirmed with the Dev team this morning:

We 100% intend to bring back Narai once fixes have been made.

We are hoping this will take minimal time, when there is more information or timeline available we will of course update you all.


I have confirmed with the Dev team this morning:

We 100% intend to bring back Narai once fixes have been made.

We are hoping this will take minimal time, when there is more information or timeline available we will of course update you all.

You are pitchforking over a non-issue. We understand you're upset that it needs to be taken down, however this is required to prevent further issues while it is fixed.


We're going to work and try and see if we can get some more information on the state of other operations that we can share with you all.

If and when we get something back, we will share it with you all.


We're aware of the issues, thus why we're pulling it to fix it...?

Update 0.9.1: British Heavy Cruisers Part 2

The release of the British heavy cruisers, a new unique Commander, cruiser London, and much more!

Commanders! Due to the installation of the Update, the server will be unavailable:
From: 12.01.2020 02:00 UTC
Until: 12.01.2020 06:00 UTC
Update size: 1.5 GB

Because of the updates being made to upgrades, the dismounting of them will be free of charge for a period of 1 week from the release of Update 0.9.1.

British Cruisers: Part 2

A new line of British heavy cruisers has become available for all players to research.

Unique Features of the Ship Branch

Their powerful artillery can cause significant damage per salvo, but the guns have a relatively short firing range and arcing shell trajectory.

In contrast to light British cruisers, these ships have high-explosive shells in their arsenal that can cause heavy damag...

Read more

10 Feb

You're getting upset over content that is in a very initial phase, pre-balance, pure concept.

I've been listening to player feedback all day, look in this thread.

Also regarding this:


I'd take caution in your tone right now.

Yes, as were the other 3 threads and this one all together.

It doesn't take long to work out the topic from a video I've seen already and a comment of "so entertaining"

I've heard nothing about these ships going away permanently.

@AdmiralQ we have already had several threads on this topic today. Please look for these topics before starting another one. As such I'll be merging this one in with the other ones.



When we get closer to the line split we will provide you details on how various "trades" will occur depending on your progression.


Doubloon compensation will depend on the package you purchase.


I still have a few left at the moment ;)

Before we nerf anything, we have to get a base line of where they are to determine how much we need to change them.

It is likely after they go into testing when changes are decided there will be another dev blog.

We do a big nerf, players complain

We do a small nerd, players complain

We're starting with a small change, and then see if we need to do more, if so we will do so, this is the 2nd if not 3rd nerf the Kremlin has had over the last few patches. We will keep tweeking it until it is where we want it to be - balanced.


Stalingrad stats are preforming as they should

We recognise Kremlin is over performing thus the recent nerfs she has received.

As for the the exact stats and specs, in which ships enter the production test, they are almost every time do not stay as they are initially and change. These stats are a starting points and they are assigned prior any statistically significant testing, based on our calculations and approximations. As the testing goes and we receive the data and testers feedback, we adjust the ships to the needed side. And production test changes may be pretty dramatic, we don't have any limitations on how big they should be.

So yes, these stats are extremely WIP and subject to change.


Once again.

We already have a topic on this video from Flamu @CAPTAIN_JACK_HOLDEN, please in future look at other existing threads before posting another. As such, I'll be merging this one in.

In future @AutonomousRedux, please see if there is another thread discussing the topic at hand before posting. As such, this will be collapsed into the other thread on this topic.