07 Feb

Heyo Captains,

We haven't forgotten about subs, we're just a little underwater with them at the moment... (eh, eh, eh)

In all seriousness, when the next round of testing becomes available or we have any updates we will let you all know.

Until then, please remain patient while we make improvements.


Detonations are not related to angling, they occur when a projectile (shell/torp/whatever) hits a critical part of the ship - the magazine. Furthermore, please try and stay on topic when replying to threads. If you do not find a thread related to your concern/comment, feel free to make one in General Discussion.


06 Feb

Thanks for the headsup.

I'll kick it offline


Alright, thanks for the details guys. I will do some investigation on the matter and try and get back with something when I hear something!


Just a reminder, you can always pick up more det flags in the armory using credits. I myself just picked up a load of them after detonating on the weekend:


I have not heard about any changes to operations recently.

Could you be a little more specific on what you mean regarding "pulling a fast one" so I can investigate a little more?



Any changes to ships are always detailed in patch notes. Furthermore, we have previously stated that we will not be changing premium ships after their release (unless impacted by a mechanic wide change).

As such, here is @LittleWhiteMouse's review of the GS when she was first released around December 2016:

As shown on this review, her torps are listed at 8km and have not changed since then.


No appearance rates have been changed for the map :)

Glad to see someone else with love for the ocean!


Thanks for the ping!

We have shipped out all prizes from both offices for this initiative. If you haven't received your item if you'd like to drop me a DM with the details and proof of donation for the reward I'll try and chase it up for you!


I apologise, you are correct.

The Blue version is the standard perma-flague for the Takao, you get the red one in addition through purchasing.

Remember Captains!

Jean Bart will be leaving the armory in update 0.9.3 as announced in a recent dev blog:

Make sure if you're interested in her you grab her before she leaves!



In the description of the two bundles including the Takao, it does detail the perma-flague you will receive:

The Blue camo version is the standard Perma-flague that comes with the Takao, so you will receive this and the red camo.


Heyo @PAWGTriggerHappy

For these sorts of questions it is better to start a new thread rather than posting in an unrelated thread.

While we are intending to release submarines in 2020, we do not intend to reset anyones account (such as an alpha/beta wipe).

Ships will not be reset.


05 Feb

I'm still working on them!

Been a little slammed with events and what not.

Hoping to get responses out by end of next week for all applicants.

30 Jan

Mods within the Modstation are approved by WG to use and concluded do not provide unfair advantage to players, ultimately its up to you to decide whether you want to use them or not.


Ahoy Fleet!

Let us know your thoughts and feedback for the following items on Public Test 0.9.1 part 2:

British Arc - Part 2

Heroic commander Cunningham

Ranked Battles

Upgrades update

New Map: Northern Waters

For creepy crawly bugs, report there here!

If you encounter any bugs or technical issues during the Public Test 0.9.1 Part 2 session feel free to report it in this thread.

Please follow this template for submitting bugs.

1. Description
Short description of an issue with required details.
Example: spotting-aircraft doesn't work on Iowa battleship

2. How to reproduce
Exact steps need to be made to reproduce the issue
Example: 1.Take Iowa battleship with spotting-aircraft equipped 2. Go in battle 3. Try to launch spotting-aircraft

3. Result
What's the result of the issue.
Example: after pressing spotting-aircraft activating button you can hear an aircraft sound but nothing happens, the aircraft stands still.

We'd like to extend a congratz out to our winners!


Thanks to you all for taking part in this contest!

29 Jan

Yes, this is true.


When resetting a line, if you have no commander slots, you will automatically be given slots to house your captains free of charge.


We haven't announced her release yet, but we haven't forgotten about her. From the charity stream she was decided to be released for FXP, now you'll just need to be patient a little longer!


28 Jan

In same thought, just because you are experiencing one thing, doesn't mean that everyone is experiencing it or that is the wide scale case for the player base.

Heyo, I'm going to break your post down a little so I can respond a little easier.

1 - Yes, this factor is no longer present on such a large scale. Naturally the 5-10% who are extremely good at any class will also hold great influence on a game, however, the impact of a single player in a CV has been reduced significantly.

2 - This is simply not true. While yes, the rework from patch 0.8.0-0.8.5 or so was rough in terms of balance. Since 0.8.5 and even more so since 0.8.7, changes have been minimal and isolated to particular CVs, in terms of sentiment and data, we are happy with their current balance excluding certain edge case ships which we're monitoring and internally looking at. I will state, balance is subjective, and an unfortunate fact of human nature is we often focus on how things impact us alone, and don't consider the opposite factors. From this unbias standpoint, we are rather happy with the current interaction with CVs and other classes, ...

Read more

Heyo Team,

We've done some internal testing in the office and determined the factor which is causing this.

If you have AA turned off, and then quickly double tap the sectoring key (~ or o) it will sector and then disable the AA.

We will be reporting this onto the dev team.


Hmmm, alright. I'll pass this onto our QA/Bug Team and see if they are aware of any issues.

If anyone has any supporting links/replays/etc with this could you please DM it to me.