16 May

Our last Dev Talk introduced some of the new features and improvements coming to Albion Online in 2022. In this video, Game Director Robin Henkys announces the arrival of many of these features in our next content update: Into the Fray.

(NOTE: This video includes subtitles for all our supported languages.)

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15 May


The Reaver has arrived! Available now from the in-game store, this premium vanity bundle will strike fear into even the most hardened souls in Albion.

More here: albiononline.com/news/reaver-vanity

13 May

While 2021 was Albion Online's biggest year yet, there's tons more in store for 2022. In our first Dev Talk of the year, Game Director Robin Henkys takes a look back at the past year, before looking forward to some major changes, improvements, and updates coming to the world of Albion in 2022.

(NOTE: This video includes subtitles for all our supported languages.)

Click here for a written summary: albiononline.com/news/devtalk-2022-roadmap

09 May


Albion Online Content Creator Youey is a veteran player, and produces video guides to impart his knowledge on all aspects of the game’s content, from beginner to high-level.

In this video, he runs down how to profitably craft and sell items in Albion’s economy, so you’ll never be struggling for Silver again. Check it out and show it to your guildmates, and we’ll see you at the Marketplace!

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04 May


Season 15 is coming to a climax, and the battle for territory in the Outlands is becoming ever fiercer. As Albion’s guilds pore over their plans and schemes, a figure is ready to step into the fray and unleash the forces of chaos…

This new vanity bundle is stepping out from the darkness next week! Get this mighty fighter on your side and assert your power over the lands. More details coming soon…

28 Apr

Lands Awakened Patch 8

Season Winner Statue

Congrats to IAMNIUBI, winners of Guild Season 14! You can check out their statue in Conquerors' Hall, which also includes the banners of 2nd and 3rd-place winners Elevate and Judicate.

Improved Arena Matchmaking

Various improvements made to the Arena matchmaking process to speed up the forming of teams in queues. This should reduce waiting times for solo queue DPS players. The adjusted system now also distributes pre-made healers (2-3) players more efficiently among solo DPS queue players.

Other Changes
  • When catching rare fish, there is now a chance to obtain seaweed as an additional bonus drop
  • The connection between the dungeon "Cathedral of Light" (in Darkbough Snag) and Sunfang Wasteland was removed as it created a massive shortcut between these two zones. Players within these zones when...
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This Saturday marks the final Invasion Day of the season. All Season Points earned will be doubled, as will Might and Favor from killing Siphoning Mages - and we’ll be broadcasting the action live!

Check out the broadcast schedule here: albiononline.com/news/invasion-day-apr-2022

And for the complete season schedule, check out ... Read more

26 Apr


Lands Awakened Patch 8 is here! This patch brings extensive combat balance changes, improved Arena matchmaking, and more.

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For the last two weeks Albion’s inhabitants have been busying themselves collecting eggs and growing bunnies. But every party has to come to an end, and now it’s time for a gruesome reminder of what awaits us all… starting today, the brand-new Undead Direwolf skin is now available in the in-game store!

More here: albiononline.com/news/undead-direwolf

21 Apr


Spring is in full swing, bringing new life and hope to the lands of Albion. But colorful flowers aren't the only thing rising from the earth. Deep underground, something else is coming to life… something fearsome that refuses to stay buried. As the denizens of Albion go about preparing their spring decorations, glowing eyes stalk them, eyes that have seen the other side…

Get ready to bring the spring festivities to an end with a frightful new premiere mount skin, emerging from the shadows next week to arrive in the in-game store! Stay tuned for more details…

20 Apr


Mogdone is a longtime member of the Albion community, who has clocked over 4,000 hours in the game. Now, via his partner channel Mogdone Reviews, he's created a new video summing up his experiences, aimed at a diverse range of playstyles and experience levels:

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19 Apr


April 12 marks the beginning of the Rites of Spring in Albion, with decorations in the cities and themed items for you to hunt down.

And in addition, rumor has it that a brand-new, special reward will be appearing throughout the open world. Details are still unclear, with conflicting reports coming in as to the nature of this mysterious new entity. Some speak of a strange creature, never before seen in Albion, with unique powers - but these are as yet only rumors. The only certainty is that there’s going to be a frenzy across the lands as rival parties fight over the abundant treasures to be found throughout the open world.

The Rites of Spring begins after maintenance on Tuesday, April 12, and runs until maintenance on Tuesday, April 26... Read more

15 Apr


Farmers of Albion! Today brings a new Referral Season, and from now until June 1 you can get the beloved Farmer’s Ox as a mount skin for your Transport Ox base mount when you refer a friend. Details here: albiononline.com/news/referral-farmers-ox

14 Apr


The Rites of Spring are in full flow, as new life flourishes throughout Albion. So what better time to get in touch with the mysteries of nature and coax those Spring Cottontails out of their shells?

Well you’re in luck, because for the next week you can enjoy a big discount on the Druid Vanity Bundle!

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13 Apr


Rejoice, spring has returned to Albion! As life flourishes across the lands, today marks the beginning of a special, two-week in-game event: the Rites of Spring.

This year's event brings greatly increased treasure in the open world, themed items and loot to hunt down, and a brand-new mount! To celebrate, we've created a brand-new trailer (with subtitles for all supported languages):

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12 Apr

Rites of Spring - Ver. 19.070.1 - April 12, 2022

Spring has returned to Albion! For the next two weeks, the amount of treasure chests that can be found in the open world has significantly increased. Among these, a special new Spring Treasure Chest can be found. In addition to the treasure found in all open world chests, these special chests have a chance to contain unique Spring items (both old and new)!

Just like other open-world chests, Spring Treasure Chests can be spotted on both the Local Map and the World Map. Each chest is protected from being looted for three minutes, so you can guard it for the duration, or try to quickly loot it before the competition shows up.

As with past years, you can also f... Read more

08 Apr

  • [iOS] Fixed an issue where the Place button was not showing when farming or placing other objects
Note: this updated client remains compatible with the older client and is not required in order to play.

01 Apr


Let the hunt begin! For all of April, take the Hunter Challenge: earn points for open-world activities, unlock chests to get valuable loot, and claim your very own Black Panther mount.

Details here: albiononline.com/news/hunter-challenge-2022

Looking for a deal? Then check out the brand-new Vanity Value Bundles and expanded Starter Bundle selection in the in-game store! These bundles offer vanity items in combination with either Gold or Gold and Premium at huge discounts, and are available in-game to all players.

Details here: albiononline.com/news/new-bundles

24 Mar


Territories will be reset this weekend - and we'll be covering it live on the AlbionTV Twitch channel starting Saturday at 17:30 UTC. Join our hosts Lewpac, Bogul, Shozen, and Robinhoodrs as they cover the Invasion Day madness live! All fights are broadcast live with a 15-minute time delay.
  • Broadcast schedule and details: ...
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