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Obsidian Aarik

13 Dec


We are excited to announce that we have patch 1.1.1 ready for you all to download and install! Thank you all so much for your patience while we worked to get this patch out to you, so please update when you see it and let us know how it works for you.

  • Holiday Tree presents are only delivered at night.

  • Buildings that get destroyed with stuffed creatures hanging from them will no longer crash if the building is destroyed.
  • Fixed crash that could occur from charge attacking grass of clovers.
  • Holiday Trees properly spawn presents again for players where it was not working.
  • Fixed a few instances of missing text, including one of the quest objectives on the Javamatic quest.
  • Changing diff...
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28 Oct

Thank you all for your reports to our Support Team as they have helped us gather some information to find resolutions for the following issues. Hopefully these will help you with your time in the backyard, and we hope you have a fantastic weekend! And be sure to hit up our support team if you continue to experience any issues! support@obsidian.net

  • Fixed crash that could happen when a client would equip a pet armor to a pet.
  • Fixed crash that could happen when using photo mode while in a turret.

BUG FIXES Major Fixes
  • Natural Explorer no longer deactivates when attacking non-hostile creatures.
  • Loading a save will now cleanup ant hills that have too much food stashed in them causi...
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31 Aug

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! Thank you all so much for your patience while we worked to get this patch out to all of you, so please update when you see it and let us know how it works for you!

Crash Fixes:

  • Fixed crashes that could happen using Shared Saves
  • Fixing a progression blocker that could happen where a Haze lab door would not open
  • Reduced DLL dependencies for Steam version to help accommodate playing the game on Windows 7 and Windows 8.0

10 Jun

Bug Fixes: Crash Fixes:
  • Fixed crash that could happen with dew drop / soda drop spawning introduced in 0.13.3.

08 Jun

CHANGES Jumping creatures stuck in small areas will now periodically attempt to escape from them.

  • Reduced memory usage while in the Oak Lab for Xbox One and Xbox One S to prevent Out of Memory crashes.
  • BURG.L conversation now has proper text for various languages outside of -English (translation pass now complete).
  • Creatures no longer walk through base walls when you are not looking at them.

  • Fixed crash when running "Cancel Nearby Blueprints" when the player is dead.
  • Fixed crash when near a newly spawning Dew Drop by the Oak Tree that immediately combines into an already existing Dew Drop.
  • Fixed random crash that could occur when looking at buildings that get destroyed or recycled.

  • When using a gamepad to select a Ch...
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20 May

Bug Fixes - All Platforms: Major Issues:
Fixed client crash that could happen when using the Oven, Grinder, or Spinning Wheel that was introduced in 0.13.1.

18 May

CHANGES Factional Reputation / Waft Emitter / MIX.R
  • The amount of extra creatures that are sent during base attacks in multiplayer has been lowered.
  • Lowered the amount of negative reputation players gain when hanging around certain areas of the yard that aren't bug dens.
  • Players no longer generate negative reputation with Bees by just being in the Flowerbed area.
  • The max amount of flying creatures that can be attacking your base at the exact same time has been halved. No change for non-flying creatures.
  • Infected Gnats no longer participate in defense events.
  • Infected Wolf Spiders no longer participate in base attacks...for now.
  • Defense event creatures are now much easier to stun.
  • Defense event creatures now remain stunned for longer.
  • Defense event creatures now have a much lower stun cooldown.
  • Defense event creatures n...
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19 Feb

Hello Watchers!
Another patch with more bug fixes!
Patch notes for v4.1.2.0047
Resolved Issues
  • The Combat Start is no longer visible before starting combat in certain situations.
  • Terrified party members who cannot move will now pass their turn correctly.
  • Casts interrupted by "Mage Slayer" are now correctly removed from the turn queue in turn-based mode.
  • In deck-to-deck combat, loot can no longer be lost if there is too much.
  • Characters are now able to jump between ships' decks during combats in turn-based mode.
  • Characters automatically finish reloading when their turn starts.
  • The combat speed slider will now update correctly when using the hotkeys to change it.
  • The Combat Start autopause event will now trigger properly when combat starts with a cutscene (e.g. deck-to-deck combat).
  • Vela's level now matches the player's level in Hylea's Challenge, granting h...
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06 Feb

Greetings Watchers!

Below are the Patch notes for the v4.1.1 update! Thank you all for your feedback and reports during this beta of Turn-Based mode. As always, for any issues please feel free to utilize the forums or support site here. [support.obsidian.net]

Patch Notes for
Known Issues
  • Jump points are not usable in Turn-Based combat: We are aware of this issue and are currently looking for a solution to address this problem.
Resolved Issues
  • The storm cutscene will now always trigger properly after the introductory fight.
  • The grimoire UI will now correctly display grimoires that are in stores and containers.
  • The Infamous Captain passive no longer causes ship deck fights to start during the introductory cuts...
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24 Jan

Greetings Watchers!

Today is a glorious day in the Deadfire! 4.1.0 is now live and so is Turn-Based Mode which is completely free for all editions of the game!

Since Turn-Based Mode is currently in beta, we would very much appreciate it if you all could give us some feedback on our forums


Patch Notes for
New Features
  • Turn-Based Mode (Beta) - A new way to adventure in the world of Eora, Turn-Based mode is an alternate way to play and experience combat in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. This is an Open Beta feature, and we'd love to hear from our players on how this mode feels, and any issues that arise from playing it. The new game mode can be selected by starting a ne...
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11 Jan

Greetings Watchers!

We have just placed our 4.1.0 patch onto the Beta Branches of Steam. Click here[forums.obsidian.net] for instructions of how to join the Beta. Please bear in mind that many changes are still being worked on and added as we get closer to patch!  Please let us know if this patch has any unintended effects on your gamestate or if you encounter any new bugs from this patch, here in our beta forums. Thank you in advance for your help and feedback!!
Patch Notes for Resolved Issues
  • Various typos in Forgotten Sanctum have been resolved.
  • Certain conversation prerequisites will no longer be incorrectly locked or unlocked in specific circumstances.
  • Prepared chants are now removed when respeccing a ...
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28 Jun

    Obsidian Aarik on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hello all!

It is a known issue that higher end Nvidia graphics are having many problems with the game, with huge frame drops, memory leaks, and crashes. We are actively working with Nvidia to get the problem resolved, and with the help of our Producer David Benefield we have been able to get Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire on the Nvidia list of optimized games. This will allow for testing on our end to be better in line with what our community is running and we're working with Nvidia to get a fix for their graphics cards to work as best as possible with our game, but it may take a bit more time.

In the meantime you can attempt to adjust your settings with an article on our support site here[support.obsidian.net]. This was made thanks to the a... Read more

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