25 Aug


I weaponized cringe and infected them all!

Jokes aside, it's been great to grow with the team. The decisions we've made and the freedom we've been given has been great. Here's hoping it continues!

19 Aug


Originally posted by DarthHaul

I think you guys should throw down the gauntlet on a rap battle against the LCS.

You folks would crush them lol

We did that already! Check out the rift rivals rap battle :)


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And with 2 days to write and learn the lines. Serious kudos Vedi. I felt the 2nd half of the G2 v FNC verse from you.

Appreciate you friend


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Your second verse was absolutely amazing

Appreciate you.


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You’re rapping was unironically good. I work in nightclubs and this was legitimately better than some touring acts I’ve worked tbh

Careful with that, you haven't listened to me do it live xD


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It was great, and your rapping skills made me lose my wig, but I'm really sad that SK and Schalke 04 were left out (just a cameo). SK revived from Spring spring split and went from 9th place to 4th. Schalke finally found the roaster that clicked with GodGilius and the rest of the team stepping up and going on a 7 win streak and making into playoffs looking as a serious contender for the title. I think they deserved to be in the video

We couldn't do 6 teams unfortunately. The video was already a bit too long for our liking, that's why we gave them to the cameo to make sure that they were included!


Originally posted by aegroti


Also Vedius must have been practicing because he was much better this time.

I appreciate you.


Originally posted by Resto_in_peace

I love the subtle shoutout to NF. Great stuff keep it up.

Ever since the last rap battle i've been listening to all kinds of rap and he's a big inspiration to me. There are a bunch of NF references for sure haha!


The turn around for this video was really insane and I'm so happy we were able to make what we did. We hope you like it!

Please give us feedback. We love making these, but what other raps would you like to see? Maybe some cool guests too?

25 Jul


Thanks. I appreciate you.

08 Jul


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Wait a sec... how come nobody tagged /u/Ovedius ?

Because.. I'm Welsh?

04 Jul

19 Jun


You gotta add Sad! To this list. Its the best song of the week

10 Jun


Originally posted by fnaticfanboy121

Will volibear be avaiiable in the first week of the LEC?

He's enabled yeah!


Want to note, Wukong's clone can knock up targets, but only targets who haven't been knocked up by Wukong already. So if you're standing on his clone and he ults, you can get knocked up, but you won't get double knocked up basically. I misunderstood the ability! My apologies!

09 Jun


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The thing you were eating

I was eating a dog?!


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How was the hot dog u/Ovedius ?

What is a hot dog


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You're welcome

08 Jun


You thought I was joking.

But there's even more.

4 more days.

I'm on a horse.