08 Nov


What a neat song

25 Oct


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I honest think the "the game was in your hands deft!!!" With that emotion will become iconic. It was such a good energy to do it for the situation

Thank you. In hindsight I was really happy with my casting at the time, but in the moment I just spoke how I felt so I was actually worried how it would come across. I'm glad you enjoyed it

24 Aug


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Okay Vedi is f**kin Eminem.

Aha not quite but I appreciate this a lot man thank you

10 Aug


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Why are you so handsome Vedi?

Giant buckets of makeup. But thank you <3


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No qiestions, that’s a cool korina V tho.



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How much Its always Sunny influence does this have?XD I really got alot of Lethal Weapon 5 vibes from Caedrel's faces

I'm afraid for his acting you'd have to ask him specifically what inspires him haha


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Interesting, I thought for sure the intro with Caedral in the chair took inspiration from Charlie Puth - Light Switch

We drew inspiration from a variety of videos! I'm pretty sure this was another one of them! We even drew some inspiration from Kung Fury haha


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A banger song to hype up a banger weekend, you guys never disappoint I love it. It looks like you guys had a fun time filming it, hope it was as fun as it looks!

It was physically exhausting cause we're all hilariously unfit lol but yes it was a good laugh :)


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Got inspired by Electric Callboy - Hypa Hypa?


Or am I the only one that sees the same vibe in the video.

We drew some inspiration from their song Pump it for the visuals :)


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Did Caedrel play drums for real? or were they programmed drums?

The music was composed by professional music composers, we just emulated it on the shoot. Caedrel did a great job on the day learning what he could given the drumkit he had was on a bicycle xd


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  • I would say it was a loose idea from Drakos that he came up with when we were working on something else and then we built on it from there.

I like to imagine Drakos mentioned something about Electric Callboy in passing and suddenly everyone grows quiet anime style and someone says "You know now we have to do this, right?".

The original concept was actually inspired by a song called 'Push it to the limit"


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Did you write the solo yourself? Absolutely shredded it!

Normally I do write the guitar solos but this one I did not. Unfortunately, the timeline was really short for writing and producing this piece. I did learn how to play it though!


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Love the Vice color scheme

Any chance we get that as LEC merch?

We're not famous enough for band merch. Yet.


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So, when does the LECtronic merch drop?

When the song hits 1 billion views


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How much do you think i can lift if i start workout with this song?



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great video/music as always vedius! love the vibe

few questions:

- who was behind this genius idea?

- was electric callboy an inspiration?

- are there any scenes that did not make the cut?

  • I would say it was a loose idea from Drakos that he came up with when we were working on something else and then we built on it from there. Margot, our producer, really brought the concept to life though!

  • Yes! From a musical stand point we had other inspirations haha but from a visual perspective they hit a great comedic tone that Margot loved and along side some other videos, we drew inspiration!

  • Honestly every scene made it in that we filmed! We had some stuff we didn't have time for, like bench pressing keyboards haha but aside from that no not really!


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Screamo next?

If we can convince Margot you know I'm down


Hey there! I hope you all enjoyed LECtronics newest piece to get you motivated as we get closer to playoffs.

I'll be hanging around for a while so happy to answer any questions people have about the piece! <3

26 Jul


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Pretty sure it's u/Ovedius

Best buff ever

24 Jun


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Yeah, the remake sucked, cast was hilarious, and we had crazy pause shenanigans, but don't let that distract you from how Vedius solo killed PoE in 2014 with a red buff prank.

Based. I wish the VOD still existed.