28 Mar

The last few months have been incredibly busy for the art team, and our artists have created a staggering amount of work, with around 600 brand new 2D assets including event pictures, government reforms, and missions to support the content that was added for Domination and the 1.35 patch.

Here’s some of our favourite examples:

Ottoman mission art:

Japan mission art:

Ming mission art:

new event art:
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21 Mar

Greetings Everyone!

Today we will take a final look at some of the balance changes and the additions for usermodding coming with 1.35.

We'll also be presenting changes to the Age Abilities. As some Great Powers have received changes to their power level, it was only fitting to adjust their Age Abilities too. We have a lot of balance changes to show off. So many in fact we don't have room to post them all in this steam post!

Today's Dev Diary can be found on our forums here:

Developer Diary - 1.35 Balance Changes and Usermodding Additions[pdxint.at]

14 Mar

Good afternoon and welcome to another Developer Diary! This week we will be taking a closer look at various types of new content added to the game, starting with a review of the new Government mechanics that will come with Domination, and the additions we made to previous DLCs as well as to the base game.

Before we begin, let’s take a moment to address the concern around power creeping in 1.35 that has been discussed by the community in the past weeks. The content we showcase in Developer Diaries is usually in a rough form, not just from the perspective of numbers but also even from that bonuses. QA and Beta testing, along with your feedback, shape and changes the content vastly over the coming weeks. As a result, more often than not the content of the Dev Diaries does not reflect the final iteration. We take great pride in combing through and interacting with many of the comments under the Developer Diaries. We wanted to take this opportunity and note that in the cases of the... Read more

07 Mar

Hello and welcome to another Development Diary! Today we will be talking about the new, yet undisclosed content for Europa Universalis IV: Domination, the new expansion that was announced yesterday!

We are very excited to show you the final features that we will include. But let's start by addressing some of the countries that may be on the list of what could be considered Early Modern Great Powers, the main theme of Domination, and that will not receive new content in this expansion. First of all, you may have noticed (and widely requested) new content to be included for two of the ‘historical winners’ in the Middle East during this time period, the Gunpowder Empires of Persia and the Mughals, and also for some other ‘historical losers’ in the area, as the Mamluks. To be clear, they were left out of this expansion on purpose, since we have future plans for the Middle East, so you can expect us to create new content for them in the future. Some of you may have al... Read more

06 Mar

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Originally posted by bri: They're doing a company-wide announcement show tomorrow.

Indeed you can find a link here [pdxint.at] if you are interested! It starts only a couple hours after posting his :)

21 Feb

¡Hola a todo el mundo, y bienvenidos! In this week’s Development Diary, we will be talking about the content that we have created for Spain and the different Iberian countries, mainly Castile and Aragon, as they are the top runners for its formation.

First of all, for the redesign of Spain’s content for the upcoming DLC, we took a bit different approach than other countries that have been shown in the previous weeks, following this line of thoughts:
- We thought that its mission trees did not need a major overhaul, as it was already quite developed in Golden Century, covering most of the Conquest & Colonization paths required as Spain; therefore, we aimed to redesign its structure, adding a few missions here and there to get some extra flavor, and to rework triggers and rewards, to update them in line with the other Great Powers.
- We also decided to put more effort into adding more ‘mechanical content’ instead.
- On top of that, we also decided to add more ... Read more

14 Feb

Bonjour! Welcome to this week’s Development Diary where we will be taking a closer look at the new content for France. Before we begin, I would like to take a moment and discuss the idea behind giving content to France and other countries which have already received content of any form in previous years. The idea behind revisiting them for the upcoming DLC is that we want to elevate them up to our current standards of quality and aim at making these nations fun again for people who have completed several campaigns before, already. In addition, we consider France alongside the Ottomans and some of the other Great Powers as the final big bosses of the campaign, powerful and scary, but at the same time not railroaded towards success.

To be clear, the content displayed here (missions, reforms and events tied to the tree) will be part of the DLC. We’ll also be adding a lot of new content in update 1.35 for free, but we’ll talk about that later in March (although we already gave an ... Read more

07 Feb

Privet! Welcome to this week’s Dev Diary, which is all about Russia. The last time Russia saw any big changes was with the release of “Third Rome” in 1.22 and the addition of their mission tree in 1.26. Ever since not a lot has happened there. 1.35 will change this as we are revisiting this region and updating it so it can keep up with Scandinavia, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Ottomans.

All numbers and art you see here are not final.

So let’s take a look at what we have for Russia!

The mission tree for Russia is split into two sections: the one you currently see is the Muscovite section, while the mission “Found the Tsardom” updates your tree with the actual Russian part. As Muscovy is the major player in this region, I have decided to focus first and foremost on their update, which is why we have this part here.

However, the Russia mission tree you get when forming Russia looks a bit different - depending on who you form Russia ... Read more

31 Jan

Konnichiwa! Welcome to another week’s Dev Diary, this time around focusing on Japan. As a region, it already received a good amount of interesting content during ‘Mandate of Heaven’, with the introduction of the Shinto interactions, as well as the Shogunate. The goal of revisiting Japan is to expand its mechanics & tie them around new flavor in the form of a mission tree for Japan, new events as well as government reforms. Let’s take a look!

[WIP] All values, art and even layouts showcased here are work in progress![WIP]

Note, as you probably might have guessed already, Japan also gets access to the Emperor of China dedicated branch that I showcased a few weeks ago albeit the descriptions and titles are curated for immersion and accuracy reasons.

The tree will be granted upon forming Japan and it houses 30 new missions,... Read more

24 Jan

Merhaba ve hoşgeldin!

I am excited to showcase the new content for the Ottomans. But before we get to that, I want to comment on some lessons we have learned from the development process of Lions of the North, even if we are quite happy with the final result and its release state:
  • Branching missions are like seasoning: a few of them can add some interesting paths to your country. Too much and they ruin the mission tree as they are clunky to use, generate walls of text and are in general not pretty to look at.
    They are also prone to script-related bugs and are too painful to maintain. Because of that, we will not have any case akin to the Teutonic Order in the future where half of the mission tree is covered in branching missions.
  • Customizable government reforms like the ones of Livonia were a fun experiment, but from a script perspective a nightmare to create. It also requires the player to have Wikipedia open in order to get the g...
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22 Jan

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Glad to hear it :steamthumbsup:
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Hi! Hope you have gotten this issue resolved by now, but if not feel free to contact our support over at https://support.paradoxplaza.com/ and https://pdxint.at/supportforum
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No approximate date ready to share yet unfortunately. But follow along with the DDs and on our socials and we'll keep you posted ;)

If you want a very unhelpful approximation though it's going to release sometime in 2023
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What a cool project, best of luck!

17 Jan

Hey everyone, happy new year and I hope 2023 grants you health, growth and lots of love. Let’s take a look at the new content we have prepared for China! We started thinking about this one year ago, while working on the 1.33 update, but now the time has come for it!

Before we begin, the content you will see here is by no means finalized, as always your feedback is greatly appreciated and cherished!

Playing Europa Universalis is all about building up your nation, growing and expanding your borders. It’s all about the struggles and the thrills of each conquest, fighting at the edge of bankruptcy or measuring your moves carefully. However, Ming does not really suffer from these issues at the hands of a player due to the fact that it starts as the nation with the highest development and strongest economy in 1444 and until 1.35 it was regarded as a fairly relaxing experience for most players. Surely there are some minor obstacles early on, but in general the playthrough wa... Read more

20 Dec

Hello and welcome to another EUIV DD!

Today we will be talking about the rebalance of the Unit Pips we're working on for the upcoming 1.35 update. This task has been led by our QA Team, which was reinforced throughout the year, and that has been key to the release of Lions of the North, as the new members that have joined the Team credit over 5,000 hours of gameplay on EUIV. But apart from testing the game, they are also involved in the game design process, a classic at Paradox, which usually relies on close cooperation between the different teams. Therefore, this is the proposal we'll be testing in the following weeks, taking also into account the feedback we receive in this DD, of course!

Hello everyone, I'm Pintu, one of the Embedded QA’s working at Tinto.

I want to show you the rework we are doing on the Unit Pips of the different Techgroups, one of the Systems that saw very few changes since the Release of EU4. As we implemented... Read more

13 Dec

Hello and welcome back to another Europa Universalis IV Dev Diary!

It’s been a while since the last one, back in September. The main reason for this is that the Team has been quite busy during these months. In October we released the 1.34.4 update, that fixed most of the issues we wanted to cover after Lions of the North, and participated in the last edition of the Grandest Lan, which could be organized again at Moszna Castle (and that you can watch at the Paradox Grand Strategy YouTube channel!). In November, the team focused on launching EUIV on a new platform, GOG, with the 1.34.5 update; this is the fou... Read more

15 Nov

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Hello! It sounds like this is probably an oversight or bug in game. We encourage you make a bug report here: https://pdxint.at/bugreport

Be sure to give as many details as possible and check the guidelines and examples through the link above if you have any questions about how to write and submit a bug report. Thanks for your assistance in discovering this issue.

14 Oct

The Grandest LAN is back in it's physical form!

~100 people from the community and Paradox Tinto will be taking up the mantle and once more spend three days in a Polish Castle for some amazing Roleplaying and Multiplayer action. If you are not one of the lucky participants this year you'll be able to follow the event in real time through our Twitch livestream as well as Skanderbeg[skanderbeg.pm] for some interactive map exploration.

Streaming Schedule (small deviations may occur)
Thursday 20th Oct - 19:00 - 00:00 CEST
Friday 21st Oct - 10:00 - 00:00 CEST
Saturday 22nd Oct - 10:00 - 23:00 CEST

Our channel on Twitch: https://www.twitch.... Read more

20 Sep

Hello everyone!

It's been a week since we released EUIV: Lions of the North and 1.34 'Sweden' update, and I'll start by saying that the entire team involved in it wants to thank the community for their great support. The feedback we have received so far has been very positive and we greatly appreciate the passion with which players have embraced this release. The teams that have worked on this project at Paradox Tinto and Paradox Interactive have put in a lot of effort, and we feel very rewarded to see this great reception. So let me say on behalf of us, thank you very much!

But even if the release has been really good from our point of view, there will always be issues appearing, and our goal is to continue to improve the state of EUIV. Therefore, we’re currently working on the first hotfix of the update, version 1.34.3, which will fix a bunch of issues reported since last week. Stay tuned, as it will be released in the next few days.

Apart from that,... Read more

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