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Originally posted by h0ggu

Hi, i'm wondering if /u/RiotTony can answer some of these questions, also I apologize for the late comment/post. I'm wondering if you could provide some insight into input latency related to League of Legends, has there been any work or analysis done about this? I believe its a critical issue that was never looked at, especially considering LoL is the most competitive and popular esports game where milliseconds determine who wins the teamfight(especially during flashy plays/outplays such as zhonya/flash/smite steal/juke/sidestep etc..), has there been any consideration about implementing NVIDIA Reflex SDK, or looking at input latency in general? This should be a high priority especially since new high refresh rate low response time displays are enabling gamers to easily notice high input lag and frame spike/fps drop issues, not to mention there are multiple 8kHz polling rate mice and keyboards on the market now, and keyboards such as Apex Pro TKL with 0.2m...

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Hey /u/h0ggu - sorry about the late response. I've been busy. :)

Regarding input latency, we do look at that, but I think we could do more there. For example, we've recently discovered that mice with very high update frequencies can actually cause the game to slow down. Not sure why yet, but at the moment there is no benefit in having a mouse which updates faster than your frame rate, so dial it back and you'll get better performance (We'll let you know when that changes).

Shaders should all be precompiled - what you might be seeing is files being loaded mid game. This is bad, and shouldn't happen, but sometimes it slips through.

We are looking at better frame capping too. No ETA on this, but it is on the board.

We don't use a separate input thread ATM. Not sure if it would m...

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30 Jan


Originally posted by SirWobblyOfSausage

Could it be server issues along the route that we're all hitting? Has anything changed league euw side since before Christmas? As it's the only time it's been happening since.

I need to run a traceroute and keep an eye what is going on. It seems super strange. It's only league we're having issues with. Is there a specific IP I can traceroute and record?

Thanks for your help.

This could be an issue for some players. Not everyone though.

League hasn't changed any networking stuff on the EUW side - I suspect it is some infrastructure between the UK and EUW servers.

the EUW servers have a range of IPs - I think you can just look at your last game log (*_r3dlog.txt) and you'll see an IP in the first couple of lines and that's your server for that game.


Originally posted by s47unleashed

Yes, I capped the FPS in-game at 144 in order to have a stable game. But guess that doesn't work. No, I haven't used afterburner lately

Frame capping only works to slow the game down to that rate. When your GPU is spiking, it makes the frames longer than 7ms (144fps) and so the game stutters, running slower than 144fps. I don't think your issue is League related - I think its something external, stealing GPU cycles.


Originally posted by s47unleashed

right, sorry, I just updated the permissions. You should be able to access it now

Got it. Thanks.

There is something bad going on with your GPU. It's stalling constantly, like every 2 seconds, which would make it very stuttery. Your CPU is running fine, frame capping is working, slowing you down to 144Hz, but its your GPU stalling. Do you have anything else running in the background which uses the GPU at the same time? Recording while you're playing?

Are you running any frame capping software? Afterburner or something like that?


Originally posted by geraldlimyd

Thanks for the help Tony, looking forward to your reply tomorrow. Cheers!

This is my latest RDP if there's any difference to it:\_link

That RPD indicates that your frame rate was pretty close to what you've capped at. I didn't see any network issues this time. How did the performance feel for that game?

Looking at server data for your previous game, I couldn't see any issues with your connection, but one other player had a pretty bad connection. That shouldn't cause issues for you though.

Although, there is a frame spike every 60 seconds in this last game. Not sure what's going on there - it looks like something else on your system is running on a 60second update, causing a spike.


Originally posted by genesiscz

Nah, I can confirm that no Blitz made it much better. It didn't help to close the Blitz process mid-game, I had to close it before the game so the overlay didn't load. Another VERY INTERESTING is that when I received a notification from Telegram, FPS drop from 95 to 75 to ~10 seconds. Clip here (see frametime on the left)

I can send RDP too if it helps.

Cool. Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah, other applications running can have an impact on League's performance. Not much we can do about that unfortunately.


Originally posted by s47unleashed

Alright, here's the RPD file: oh and I just realized, no, I've never used the dx9 legacy mode. I always had DX11 then

You'll need to give me access to that file.


Originally posted by SirWobblyOfSausage

It only teleports when there are fights. No ms increase, always at 16ms.

Do you have an EUW ip that u can use you monitor network issues?

Yeah. I do. In that game, you had a few cases where there were a large number of packets lost in a single frame. Of particular interest was one player from Algeria who had a terrible connection, with constant packets lost throughout their entire game. You and two other players had some cases where large numbers of packets were lost, one of those losing packets almost every frame. The other 7 players seemed to be fine.

Actually, the two players from the UK had bad connections. One player from Algeria had an awful connection. The players from Germany and Norway had excellent connections. SO I don't think it was your machine at fault here, rather it was the connection from your machine to the server.

29 Jan


Originally posted by geraldlimyd

Hi Tony, thanks for your reply!

I'm currently on a wired connection to my PC, did a speed test and these are my results:- Ping 1ms- Download speed 966.25mbps - Upload speed 994.85 Mbps

These results looks normal to me as typically I would get these few results back.

As for the router, I changed them around 1 month ago and had no issue on league.

My in-game ping usually ranges from 2ms to 5ms.

Did a router test/wifi strength with the Router support team, managed to find out that there was no issue, packet loss 0% , comments provided by them was it could be due to the game server having lots of players.

Hmm. Could be your connection to the server. I’ll check when I get into work tomorrow.


Originally posted by MchLeLe

Your GPU is still slowing down periodically. This shouldn't be enough to affect your frame rate though. I noticed that you were losing focus a lot - were you alt-tabbing from the game about 12 times in that game? I just want to make sure its you and not a bug.

How does it play with overwolf and afterburner off or disabled?


Originally posted by Adventurous-Pear-497

Without vsync and with no frame cap it can run over 300fps with no issues at all. But I have that old problem where my champion teleports when the fps is too high. If I cap my fps to something lower it starts to get screen tearing all over the place. That's why I always played with vsync on or capping the fps to the refresh rate of my monitor with RTSS.

But now as you can see the game is having some spikes that was not happening before... Looks like the game refuse to cap the frames sometimes and it suddenly drops like 3 fps or even unlocks the fps completely... Some matches have way more spikes like what you saw there than others, so it's really random.

We don't currently test League against 3rd party frame capping software. We have enough combinations of HW now without multiplying it by RivaTuner, Afterburner, and every other GPU management application at every possible frame rate. We are doing some testing now with different applications to see if we can repro the behaviour you are seeing. If we can repro it, I'm hoping we can fix it, or provide a workaround.

Does capping to 240fps result in tearing?


Originally posted by geraldlimyd

2 days ago it started to lag and choppy. When frames drop to 100-110, it starts to get choppy and lag, sometimes even dropping down to 70-90 frames. My usual frames since I started league is 144 as I capped it to 144.

V-sync for both nvidia control panel and in-game are off. No overlays, on DX9 mode now.

CPU: RYZEN 5 5600G

GPU: GTX 1060 6GB

GPU driver version: 528.24

Reproduction rate: Every game

Woah. That one's a weird one! Looks like a network issue. You have lots of 20+ms stalls in the network update phase. The rest of you game is pretty much ok, just lots of network stalls.

If you can play wired, give it a shot. Otherwise, check your router or wifi strength. Or drag your computer to a friends place and try there.

28 Jan


Originally posted by Adventurous-Pear-497

Im really thinking that the game is having some major issues with frame capping tools or even with the own inbuilt vsync... Everytime that I cap my fps to get a stable 75hz I get random frame drops during the game. For example, when I'm capping the fps to something like 75fps it drops to 74 or goes above the frame capping which makes no sense. It happens even using vsync and randomly during the game. When it happens is very noticeable and annoying because the game stutters. It's always 1 frame lower or above the frame cap. I basically cap my frames to get the freesync benefit in almost all my games without any issues, just League does this weird behaviour.

CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x

GPU: RX 6600

GPU driver version: The latest one

Reproduction rate: Every game and it really happens randomly during the game. Some games have way more stutters than others.

What overlays are you running? None

Did running the game in DX9 mode help? No

Did r...

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From that RPD, you have set vsync on and frame cap to 80. But, your game is running at 75fps (probably syncing to your monitor's frequency). Your CPU and GPU should be able to run at twice that frame rate.

Your complaint seems to be about the sudden frame spikes - I see 3 in the RPD you posted. A first spike up to around 100ms, then the frame rate increases to about 140fps and a secondary smaller spike after which the frame rate goes back to 75. The rest of the game is a solid 75fps. Is that correct?

That type of behaviour looks like league is having issues with your monitor. What happens without vsync?


Originally posted by s47unleashed

CPU: Intel core i-7 12700FGPU: RTX 2070GPU Driver version: newestReproduction rate: probably every game or every second game

I do not use any overlaysI always used DX9

Interestingly the FPS drop ALWAYS caps at 60. The game feel extremely stuttery then.

You should not be running with DX9. Try again with DX11. Also check your GPU settings- are you capping there or forcing vsync?

As I said in my OP, without a RPD I can't help you much.


Originally posted by SirWobblyOfSausage

Happened again, didn't fix unfortunately. 12 mins into this game and started again so Alt Tabbed out to type it.

What were you seeing? From that RPD, it looks like your game dropped to around 100fps, but overall, your average frame rate was 122fps. Which is not that bad.

Teleporting is not a symptom of bad game client performance, rather it indicates network issues.


Originally posted by Prestigious_Pin_2697

CPU: Intel 9700k not overclocked

GPU: Giabyte RTX 3080 Vision and Asus 1070ti Turbo (issue persisted across both GPUs)

GPU driver version: 528.02

Reproduction rate: Every game.

What overlays are you running: does not make a difference if discord/blitz/facecheck overlays are enabled or disabled. I do open Nvidia performance monitor to check gpu performance.

Did running the game in DX9 mode help? : No

Did running with SMT/Hyperthreading turned off help? No

RPD File :

Game was running perfectly fine until 2021 where it started to slow down and have issues keeping at 144fps on 1070ti. Was part of the reason I updated to the 3080 thinking it would fix the issue. It did not, and has been getting worse and worse in the last 6 months.

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You'll need to provide me with access to that file.


Originally posted by wickedslick3K

CPU: Intel i7 11700K with ~40% OC


Driver: 528.24

RPR: Every game AFAIK

Overlays: Outplayed (Overwolf) and Mobalytics (Overwolf)

Haven't tried DX9

Haven't tried SMT/Hyper


What seems to be the problem? That RPD indicates you were playing at around 180fps pretty solidly.


Originally posted by emonic2344

Have had this issue for months, just want to play tft ill buy the battle pass plz help

CPU: AMD ryzen 7 mobile 4800H

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

GPU driver version: 527.56 (released 12/8/22)

Reproduction rate: every game

What overlays are you running: none

Did running the game in DX9 mode help? no

Did running with SMT/Hyperthreading turned off help? no


Yeah. That looks crazy bad. From the game, it looks like you are frame capping to 144Fps with VSync off. But from the RPD, your GPU is trying to run with vsync on and at something around 100Hz.

Check your GPU settings, make sure vsync isn't set to on or to override the game's settings. You should be able to do that from your NVidia control panel.

Let me know how you go.


Originally posted by buckeyeorbucktooth

EDIT: read my comment below for a bandaid fix

EDIT 2: the fix made my game worse

CPU: Intel Core i7 - 107000 @ 2.90 Ghz

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070

GPU driver version: (1/15/2023)

Reproduction rate: every game

I used to have 300+ frames uncapped on highest settings. Now I have to play lowest settings and it hovers between 140 fps to 60-50 in late game teamfight or with minions. I do not have this problem with any other triple A games including Elden Ring and cyberpunk.

Overlays: none running, quit out of discord and , and it still lags

DX9 mode: no discernable difference in FPS drop, still lags consistently

SMT: WAY slower in late game teamfight, down to 30/40 FPS


Thanks for the RPD. The game thinks it should be running at 240fps with vsync off, but it is actually trying to run at 144Hz with VSync on.

Check your GPU settings (from your driver/OS). Make sure that you are not forcing vsync to be on or running at a fixed frame rate.

And as you found out, do not turn SMT on. That was for a different issue which has been fixed.


Originally posted by KINGTGERGO

16 GB DDR3 1600mhz

I only ran Spotify, but even if I close it everything stays the same.

I only have this issue in League though. I actually had decent FPS until a couple weeks ago. I will try to run the game on the previous WIN 11 build.

Let me know how you go. I've seen a few people complain about slowdowns with the latest Windows update and it would be nice to know for sure that it does affect some people. Because then we can do something about it.

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