11 Jun


Please keep this on topic.

Discussing representation in game is the aim of this thread. Please do not derail this thread, or attack others over their opinions and point of view. Keep it civil and treat each other with respect and kindness.

08 Jun


I apologise for this. We didn’t have support staff late last week due to some very hard, extenuating circumstances.

Our team have been briefed on this being our highest priority, and it will be looked into first tomorrow when office hours resume.

(Also yes, today is a public holiday.)

04 Jun


We are also discussing this with the devs and are looking into this further on our end. But yes, please check for us so we have more information to provide.

29 Apr


  • Daily Deals have been added to the Offers menu, replacing the Bundles section.
    • Bundles will continue to be available in the Weekly Event Tab in the Shop. (They haven’t been removed).
  • Daily Deals will contain 3 different offers that players will receive:
    • Player Level Offers: These offers contain different items based on a player’s level. Players at various stages of the game tend to focus on getting different rewards, so these offers have been set up to help them.
    • Kingdom Offers: These offers...
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24 Apr


What Kafka said. We have greatly increased our server capacity, and our server programmer double checked our performance during the times of these posts. All good on our end.

23 Apr


Yay! Glad to hear it.

08 Apr


Hello Adventurers,

We thought we should let you know about an upcoming feature in the Gems of War 4.9 Update. We have decided to introduce Rewarded Ads into the mobile versions of the game. What are Rewarded Ads I hear you all ask? Let’s go through them in point form:

  • Rewarded Ads are short ~30 second video advertisements for other games and applications.
  • Players can watch them at their convenience if they wish (or not, it’s up to you), they are not a pop up ad, you can access them from the World Map menu.
  • After watching an ad, you will receive a small reward, equivalent to about half of what you’d earn in 30 seconds of PvP.
  • You can watch one of these ads every 8 hours (though we may change that timing in the future).
  • They will only be available on mobile, as unfortunately there are no ad systems on console or pc.

So, why are we adding them?

  • Quite simply, they are an extra source of income for us...
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26 Mar


Ahoy, adventurers! We love colouring books, so we made one for Gems of War. Breathe life into some of your favourite troops and download the free PDF here: 🖌️🎨

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24 Mar

17 Mar


At roughly 8pm PT Wednesday 18th March the game will be unavailable for up to 30 minutes while maintenance is performed on the game servers and databases (the hardware the game is run on). The downtime will be on all platforms (PC, mobile, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch). For people in other time zones that’s at: 3am GMT Thursday 19th March 2pm AEDT Thursday 19th of March Thanks for your patience while this necessary work happens!

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12 Mar


Originally posted by SamCarter_SGC

When are they going to add a reason to use anything other than key teams, game is pretty stale right now.

You'll be doing more team building and experimenting with our new World Events.


Originally posted by Bamboodpanda

Yao Guai carried me in the beginning of the game. He's a top tier mythic disguised as a legendary in my honest opinion.

My current team is:

This is a bit more expensive as all 3 are legendaries, but none of them are Mythics so if you play long enough, all these cards are obtainable. The only "rare" thing is the Sky Hero. It was in the soulforge a few weeks ago so if you missed it, it's probably going to be a long while before you see it again. You can use other weapons, prefereably something that creates red or explodes. Try not to use Yellow or Red as it takes mana away from Divinia. You want her up and looping as soon as possible.

A great substitute weapon that I used for a LOT of content ...

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Om my wow this reply is a thing of beauty.


As you all are very aware, we made a change to the Sunspear Hero Class.

We also know that not everyone liked this change. That’s normal - it’s the nature of game development that some changes and new features won’t appeal to everyone equally.

For context, when we were first made aware of potential issues between the Heatwave trait and the Firestarter Talent, we looked at potential fixes with the least impact. This is why Heatwave was changed instead of Firestarter, as Firestarter is in the Fire Talent Tree, and the Fire Talent Tree is shared with multiple classes; changing it would have affected all those classes (and we were fairly certain there would be some people using it on those classes who would be affected). For that reason, we changed Heatwave – so that only the Sunspear was affected.

When changing it, we wanted to try and keep the theme of the Sunspear’s legendary trait (which focuses on getting Red Gems for more Red Mana). So, the new trait was a ...

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Hey folks,

We’ve postponed the maintenance for now.

We’ve been talking to the sys admins about the maintenance and they’re able to push it back to the same day and time next week so we don’t have to interrupt Guild Wars week 📷

We know how important Guild Wars is and also if anyone gets caught out the lost battles aren’t able to be edited or compensated by giving an extra battle or GW points, while if anyone gets caught out in another Guild event we can help them.

We’ll put the same warnings up again next week so everyone has adequate notice.

Sorry for the false alarm! We thought with 24 hours notice it was going to go ahead but we were able to get it pushed back after all!

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11 Mar

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06 Mar


Wow look at your shading! That’s amazing!

24 Feb


The gold hasn't been touched recently, so these teams must be significantly below your team score.

14 Feb


Please contact our support here: so we can help you further.

11 Feb


Hello @Maggie1983! It isn’t possible to still be on the 4.3.5 version of the game. However, his error could be due to a few issues. I recommend uninstalling the game on his computer, and installing it again, as sometimes data can get out of sync.