Soren - Captain of Ghost Ship

Soren - Captain of Ghost Ship

26 Feb

Hello Miners,
It’s now 3 years since Deep Rock Galactic was released into Early Access on Steam and Game Preview on Xbox. And it is almost 5 years since development started and Ghost Ship was founded by six hopeful game dev veterans. And now the Ghost Ship crew counts 25 heads and the Deep Rock community crossed 2 million. And it’s still growing.

When we started out, we decided to deliver constant updates to the game to make sure we could include the feedback from the community as swiftly as possible. Starting in Closed Alpha, going through Early Access and a 1.0 release, we have in total delivered 33 updates to the game and an innumerable amount of hotfixes to said updates. And when we announced the latest update to the living Roadmap the plan was to continue with a new major update roughly every quarter (or 3 months). This ... Read more

23 Feb

Hello Miners,
As we’ve mentioned, on Friday the 26th we will mark 3 years in orbit for Deep Rock Galactic and already starting this Thursday, we’ll be having a little anniversary fun.

Beginning Thursday 1:00 PM UTC+1, you can enjoy the 3-Year-In-Orbit Anniversary events including:
  • NEW ARMOR HUNT ASSIGNMENT: Unlock the new Scale Brigade Armor and Headwear by completing a special Prestige Assignment. After the event, which will last until March 14th, this assignment will only be available to players with Rank 100 and above.

    UPDATE: It appears to be easy to misunderstand the rules about this Armor assignment. So let's try again: Until March 14th this assignment is available to EVERY miner that has completed the Conquer Hoxxes intro campaign. And after March 14th, it will be available as a R...
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04 Feb

Hello Miners!
It’s the first Update of 2021, and we got some spicy stuff for you! This time we got two entirely new Planetary Regions for you to explore - the mysterious wonders of the AZURE WEALD, and the thorn-infested hell of HOLLOW BOUGH. Update 33 also includes all-new Mactera variations and several new strains of horrible Glyphid Dreadnought mutations. And then of course there’s the usual slew of other goodies - read more below for the full picture!

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew


The Azure Weald is a chilly place, every bit as hostile as the rest of Hoxxes IV - but still, we cannot deny ... Read more

02 Feb

Hello Miners,

On Thursday February 4th at 1 pm CET we will release Update 33: New Frontiers. To go along with this major update, we are also releasing a paid cosmetic DLC named "Dawn of the Dread".

The Dawn of the Dread Pack is here to offer something...a little bit different. Spice up your look with four new sets of unique armor (one per class), new helmets, and new Paintjobs. This Pack is reserved for the true Big Game Hunters of Hoxxes - dress up in the broken remains of your slain enemies, and make a statement! What exactly that statement IS, however...that's probably better left for the company shrink.

- 4 unique suits of Armor, one for each Class
- ... Read more

26 Jan

Hello Miners,
Once in a while, it's good to look back and see what you have accomplished. When we founded Ghost Ship Games four and a half years ago, we knew we would bring Deep Rock Galactic to life, and we decided that open development and co-op first would be our guiding principles. But - we never anticipated the fantastic community that would spring up around the game, or the fact that we'd strike gold like we have and end up with a bonafide success on our hands.

Before we launched into Early Access, we reached an internal agreement that 200.000 units sold during the game's lifetime would be suitable, and would allow us to continue and do a new game. But now we just crossed 2 MILLION units sold, and the game is performing stronger than ever - not only in sales, but also in the strength of the community. When reading a random thread on gaming and suddenly one user comments "Rock and Stone", causing the whole thread to explode in rock-and-stone shouts, then you know yo... Read more

08 Jan

Hello Miners, We got an announcement to make. On the last road map, we stated that the two new biomes we would add to update 33 would be Azure Weald and Caustic Mire. When we made the decision for those two biomes we were actually experimenting with multiple different types of biomes and after a couple of weeks of prototyping, we fell in love with a different biome than Caustic Mire. Say hello to Hollow Bough!

Biome Description Hollow Bough is a biological oddity that has the Science Department scratching their heads - this entire region of the planet is dominated by colossal, organic conglomerations resembling the inside of hollow trees. However, these structures are under attack by an invasive species of voracious vine-like plants, as much a threat to us as the planet itself. We recommend traversing these environs with extreme... Read more

22 Dec

Hello Miners,
You did it!

You nominated Deep Rock Galactic so hard it got shortlisted for the Better With Friends category. We are extremely proud of this. Deep Rock Galactic was always a game about playing together, so this nomination feels like a win in it self.

And now we just need one more vote from you to bring us to the top. So smash that vote button and spread the word to prove to the world that Deep Rock Galactic truly is Better With Friends.

Oh, we didn't forget that we promised you a reward if we got nominated. The BOLTED MARAUDER helmet will be added to Update 33 scheduled to release in late January. Not sure what we'll do if we also win the award, but we'll come up with something.

Since this will likely be our last Steam post before Christmas, we would like to say thanks for all... Read more

11 Dec

Hello Miners
It's soon time to get in a very merry mood! On Monday December 14 at 1pm UTC, The Space Rig will be dressed up, presents are to be found in the caves, and The Yearly Performance Bonus assignment will be available to all. And just because Management really likes you the generous rewards includes two Xmas flavored head wear. On top of this, you all get to claim a fancy Yuletide Sock to put on your head.

Take note that the Yearly Performance Bonus can NOT be aborted and must be completed before this event ends on the 2nd of January, 2021.

Update 33 Update 33 is still on track for release towards the end of January 2021. We will have more information and teaser... Read more

05 Nov

Hello, Miners! Now that we're hopefully done hot-fixing Update 32, it is time to brief you on the upcoming updates for Deep Rock Galactic. In other words: a new revision of our Living Roadmap.

When we launched into 1.0 back in May, we made a promise that we would keep supporting and developing Deep Rock Galactic for as long as it made sense to us. And the conclusion there is that it absolutely still makes a lot of sense to us - the mines of Hoxxes have more hardworking Dwarves in them than ever before. Deep Rock Galactic has turned out to be an almost unstoppable force that slowly grows and grows. We hope it will continue like that for a long time.

UPDATE 33 DELAYED TO JANUARY 2021 While Update 32 ended up taking quite a while longer to get out of the door than we initially projected, we hope you all agree with us th... Read more

27 Oct

Hello Miners,
Yesterday, we activated the Halloween event and it had way more Pumpkins than intended. We have dived into the caves and destroyed all the surplus pumpkins.

Also, after reviewing the feedback and weighing pros and cons, Management has decided that the two Halloween hats from 2018 and 2019 should be added to all players wardrobe while the Halloween event is live.

--- Patch notes ---
  • Halloween themed Title Screen
  • Fix pumpkin mesh not replicated correctly. Resulting in weird movement for clients
  • Fix for pumpkin-gate: now there will be the intended amount of pumpkins in the caves
  • Fixed halloween items on the spacerig not networked correctly
  • Reactivetate the Halloween hats from previous years

The patc... Read more

26 Oct

Ghastly greetings, Miners!
It's that spoooooky time of year again, and someone has once again dressed up the Spacerig to get us all in a gruesome mood. This year we felt a bit demonic, and the free Halloween Headwear is of course styled to match: Allow us to introduce the Horned Horror!

As always, the seasonal event's cosmetic items are limited to be claimed while the event is live (it ends on the 4th of November), though Management does reserve the right to just give them out at later point.

ROADMAP UPDATE WHEN? Update 32... Read more

22 Oct

Hello Roughnecks!
It’s finally time for our first major post-launch Update - completely free for all who owns the game! The main dish is two brand-new mission types: Escort Duty and On-site Refining. Both mission types focus on heavy duty mining equipment that needs tender loving care and protection from a team of hard working dwarves! The side dish includes a ton of new cosmetics, further weapon balancing, a much-needed overhaul of the Assignment Board, and many other things. Bon appetit!

It’s time to get greasy! There has never been a better time to be a combat miner working for DRG. See you in the mines!

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

P.S. We know many of our fans on Xbox/Microsoft-Store are also reading these patch notes, so a quick note on the Update 32 version on those platfor... Read more

01 Oct

Hello Miners!
We have two pieces of news for you today. First of all, the Store page for the new Roughneck DLC is now live. This new DLC is called Roughneck pack and is themed around a better-ventilated outfit and with a company-issued hardhat to make up for the lack of body armor and protect your noggin’. Read more

24 Sep

Hello Miners!
First things first: Update 32: Roughnecks At Work will release on Steam on October 8th.

Yes, that’s in Q4 and we promised Q3 in the roadmap, and for a while, we thought we could make it for the very end of September. But it’s still not finished, and we don’t want to rush things, so we decided to give it a week more in the cooker. We will, though, release Update 32 to the Experimental branch early next week. So, technically, you will get access to it in Q3 ;-)

Teasers for Update 32: Roughnecks At Work So, what will be in Update 32? In our roadmap we promised you some new Mission Types, and we are certainly going to deliver on that one. The two new missions are called Escort Duty and On-Site Refining and the overall theme is about working with heavy machinery deep in the mi... Read more

16 May

Hello, Miners! We have just released a small hotfix patch for the launch build.

  • Fixed Dreadnought eggs in elimination was not using correct terrain detection and could be placed on very thin ground, making the egg break immidiatly.
  • The egg can no longer be removed by removing terrain below it before it has been broken. (It leaves half a shell that can then be removed by removing terrain)
  • Explosive barrel dispenser now selects a nearby location when it fails to find a valid location rather than 0,0,0. The actor should now be destroyed properly when game events explode
  • Flares are now upgraded from the start instead of having to purchase mods. Those who bought the mods will get them refunded. The flare mods were a remnant from the old upgrade system. They were not adding anything substantial to the player progression and were an unnecessary hindrance to new players
  • Adjusted Machin...
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15 May

Hello, Miners! ...What a launch! We were excited to the point of hysteria to see the game finally hit 1.0 - and seeing that big Steam Front Page banner in place was just amazing. Milestone Get!
The launch has seen a lot of new players joining the Company Ranks, a ton of Regulars to help them get started, and a horde of existing players return to the caves of Hoxxes. So now it’s time to look forward and talk about the future of Deep Rock Galactic.

UPDATE 31: QUICK POST-LAUNCH UPDATE In the process of finishing the 1.0 build, we had to leave a handful of new features and content behind. But now we are dusting them off and have decided to quickly put together a new update. This first post-launch update, called Update 31 for now, should be released in about 3-4 weeks time, so early to mid June. It will include 3 new Secondary Missi... Read more

13 May

Hello Miners! It’s fantastic to finally be welcoming you all to Deep Rock Galactic 1.0!

This marks the end of more than two years of Early Access development and It has been an amazing journey! We could not have asked for a better community to have along for the ride. And, if you are a new player, rest assured that hard work in the mines awaits you, alongside high adventure, big guns, fancy beards, alien monsters ... and of course - all your fellow dwarven miners!

We are super, super excited to leave Early Access and seeing where the game will go from here. And fear not...we are far from done adding to DRG!

Rock And Stone!

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

... Read more

12 May

Hello, Miners! We have been absolutely flabbergasted with the crazy amount of amazing trailers you all produced in two weeks of recording and editing frenzy. When we decided to run the competition, we honestly didn’t know what to expect, but now we know we have a community packed with very talented trailer-making people all around the world!

Before we jump into the result of the competition, we just want to state that 1.0 of Deep Rock Galactic will launch tomorrow, May 13th, at exactly 3 pm CEST / 6 am PST / 1 pm UTC. With the help of you, we have finally reached the finish line and we can’t wait to see what will happen on Wednesday when we all say Rock and Stone to the world. And calling it a finish line is a bit wrong. It’s more like a pitstop, since we will keep on running and deliver more juicy content onto the game.

Oh, and t... Read more

06 May

HELLO, MINERS! Welcome to Almost Launch Day and our whole new setup! To celebrate the impending 1.0 version of the game, we've been hard at work carving out new cosmetics and music - all of which will be available to you through the game's 3 new upgrade tiers. We thought it was only fair that we did a bit of a write-up to let you know what they include.

But before we start, just to be clear: After the launch of 1.0, we will keep supporting the game with free, meaty updates focusing on new content for the game for as long as it makes sense. More info on this on launch day.

This is simply DEEP ROCK GALACTIC, the core game, the one that's been available all along, with all the procedural... Read more

29 Apr

Hi Miners This is it!

On the 13th of May, two weeks from now, we can all celebrate the launch of 1.0 of Deep Rock Galactic!

Before we head into the details on ALL the things that are happening today, the next two weeks and on launch (and beyond), we first need to thank all of you for supporting us. Some of you have been with us from the very beginning of Closed Alpha back in late 2016. Some of you have joined in since Early Access Launch in February 2018. And some of you just recently joined the ranks. But all of you should be proud of what we have accomplished together in the true dwarven spirit of a co-op first game. Deep Rock Galactic is today owned by more than 1 MILLION players and daily played by more than thirty thousand people. This keeps blowing our minds so much that we hardly have any cells left to think with!
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