16 Mar


Thank you for your continued support and love for The Division 2, we appreciate you too 🥳


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That’s how I roll 😎

badum tssss 🥁
Although I am gutted you got downed, that made me chuckle!

11 Mar


This is terrifyingly awesome! 😁

22 Feb


That is really cool 😍
I love the circuits across the drawing!

16 Feb


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Like criminal undercover...


08 Feb

07 Feb


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Sure I’ll get a screenshot next time I’m on. I tried going through their bug report but video was too large to submit.

No problem and thanks for sorting that out I'll keep a look out for it ☺


Can you share an image with the location on a map so we can send a rescue crew out to save you? 👀

In, all seriousness though I've passed this on, a map location helps the team pinpoint the location this is happening for testing :)


Looks great! 👏🏻

02 Dec


Happy to hear that 🥰

24 Nov


I've made sure to pass this on for you, thanks for providing a video of the location as well :)

12 Nov


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That is nice but where's the most iconic piece of gear for any division agent cosplay? The SHD watch, where is it? 😅

The story is my agent lost all of her gear and equipment in an incident that also caused her amnesia and head injuries. She salvaged ISAC and integrated him into her respirator, hence the orange wiring on her mask.

It's a very basic cosplay because, well it's my very first and also have you seen how difficult it is to get a SHD watch? :D

11 Nov


I realised I forgot to share this on here, I finally finished my "Survival" inspired Division Agent cosplay!

Check out the story moment on my Twitter for all the photos, if you're interested of course :)


I wanted to go for an amnesia story of an agent who's just survived some severe trauma after an unknown incident.

Cosplay by me ...

Read more External link →

Congratulations Agent 🤝


Originally posted by El_Grindo

Some new open world activities or variants of the known would be nice. Something like invaded control points, maybe up to legendary difficulty, or defending a CP or ...

I think this is an incredibly interesting suggestion/thought :)

20 Oct


I am so glad you shared these 💖
They are beautiful!


@dagrommit I updated your links in the OP so they should be working now 🙂

19 Oct


@chewit_mishmash Thanks for this, I have forwarded this to the team and they're looking into it 🙂

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