01 Nov

Hi, @BigDanT. Just wanted to add some clarifying info.

When swapping to a build that doesn't have vamp, it will cure it. (i.e. - remove it) However, when you swap back to a build that has it, you will get it back without wiping your progress in the skill line.

Also just to clarify, curing vampirism or werewolf never reset your progress in earlier updates, so no risk there.
Hi All, wanted to clarify a few things in the thread here.

First, here is a fresh new Overland Content Thread.

We have created a thread for overland content feedback for everyone. This is a new thread that will be used going forward. Future threads on this issue will be closed and redirected here.


Indeed, it looks like a forbidden topic. We calmly discuss the problem, but people appear who are aggressively opposed to us. Then these topics are simply closed.

The topic is not forbidden. We have seen an uptick in players who are fatigued by the frequency of the conversation overall. We hope the new thread will serve as a more cons... Read more
Hi all. As others have mentioned, there are other existing threads on this topic. If you wish to continue talking about this, please using existing threads.

While we understand the want to continue discussing this topic, we have gotten several messages about creating repeating threads around this topic is creating a negative experience for others on the forum. Additionally, having multiple threads about a single topic breaks valuable feedback that we may end up missing. We will be closing this thread down to keep the overland issue contained to one thread.

You are more than welcome to continue the conversation in the linked thread above. We will do this with other threads as it makes sense as well. Thanks for your understanding.

31 Oct

Hi All! Thanks for those who pinged me here. We will follow up on this ticket and make sure it is in the right place for Customer Service to address.

However, I would like to reiterate what @kargen27 said. If you are submitting a ticket for the same action, please only submit one ticket. When submitting multiple tickets, it's like resetting your place in the queue. So the process gets longer and more complicated as Customer Service then has to go through multiple tickets.

30 Oct

Hi Everyone, we have resolved the issue and players should be able to start logging back in. If you continue to have issues, please let us know. Thanks all for your patience here.
Hi All, we’re investigating the issue now. We will update with more information as it becomes available.

29 Oct

The DPS loss is what we were referring to. We will need to check on FPS loss.

@Tigertron This will be on launch. We will check on when PTS will be updated, but the focus is on launch currently.

This is the official discussion thread for the blog article "Crown Store Showcase—November 2021"

Prepare for your descent into the Deadlands with a host of new and returning mounts, styles, assistants, and more all coming to the Crown Store this November!
Sorry for the delay here, everyone! We checked in with the Dev Team and the bug is verified fixed for Monday.
Hi All. Wanted to chime in here to provide some clarity. Thank you @Destai for tagging me in the thread!

First and foremost, thank you for raising this discussion. Having this discourse is vital to having an open dialogue and improving communication.

So the teams here at ZOS take feedback seriously both from outside and inside of the forum. Regarding forum feedback specifically, our teams share and have detailed conversations about forum threads regularly. Various teams have their own process when review and factoring in feedback from the forums. In addition, myself and other community team members share threads with relevant teams to make sure your thoughts and feedback, both positive and negative, are shared. The community team gives updates to that feedback when we can, but we also recognize there is more work to be done regarding communication across the board.

Several of you have noted ways that communication can be improved. We have seen those comments... Read more

27 Oct


Those are probably in the grab bag like the apple cauldron, etc.

This is correct. They are in the grab bag. Thanks for passing along the info, @Araneae6537! Much appreciated.

26 Oct

Thanks for the ping, @ArzyeL. We are checking in with the dev team now on this issue. We should have more to share on Thursday.

This is the official discussion thread for "Update 32 Preview and Guide- The Armory & Curated Item Set Drops"

Learn more about two of the big new features all ESO players can enjoy with Update 32!

Arriving in tandem with the Deadlands DLC, the Update 32-base game patch brings a host of bug fixes, balance changes, performance updates, and two new features that all ESO players can enjoy: the Armory and Curated Item Set Drops.
Hi All! Thank you so much for your feedback regarding Crowborne Horror. We'll be collecting feedback and sharing that with the dev team at the end of the event. So please keep the feedback coming. This will aid the dev team as

22 Oct

One last update here. We see your feedback regarding loss of time for the event and will pass this along to the dev team for compensation consideration. We'll follow up sometime tomorrow after the team is back online for the work day. It's pretty late and most of the team is gone except for a few who helped to get the PC NA server back online. Thanks, all.
Update: Hi All, PC NA reboot is complete and open to players. If you are running into issues, please let us know.

Thank you again for assisting with feedback and being patient as we worked on the reboot.

Any comment on how long this maintenance is likely to take?

Good question! We are estimating approx. two hours for maintaince. But the teams are working hard to get PC NA up as fast as possible. We'll update when everything should be ready for players to get back in.

21 Oct

Xbox NA Players: Just a quick follow up from our previous post. We will not need to reboot Xbox NA. Our internal teams identified the issue there and resolved it. The megaserver should be recovering now. Please let us know if you continue to have issues logging in. We'll pass that feedback to our internal teams.
Update: Hi All. It seems there was a widespread network issue that caused the initial issue. That seems to be recovering now. If players are able to get into their various megaservers and stay connected, please let us know. That will help to establish if certain areas are still being impacted. Please give this some time as the megaservers are still recovering.

While we have various megaservers recovering, we will need to reboot PC NA to fully get this megaserver back online. We are prepping for this reboot to happen shortly.

We are also investigating a separate issue with Xbox NA that we are troubling shooting. This megaserver may need to be rebooted as well, but we will touchbase there once we have fully investigated.

Thank you all for your continued patience and submitting your feedback.

Follow-up- Update: We will not need to reboot Xbox NA. Our internal teams identified the issue there and resolved it.


Hey All, please let us know what platform you are on. We are looking into what platforms might be impacted.

We have if you read all out posts...Xbox NA/EU, PC NA/EU and PS NA/EU have all been mentioned as being down

Asking for players to note what is down so we can have a grasp at how widespread the issue is while our internal teams are investigating. We are trying to provide as much information as possible to assist internal teams.

Thank you all for submitting feedback here. We'll update once we have more information from investigating.

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