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10 Mar

09 Mar


That’s interesting, thanks CC! I’ve let the development team know and they’re going to investigate and check the issue and test with various monitors.


It looks like colour banding. We’ll take a look!

It may look better or worse depending on your monitor. You could try adjusting your monitor’s brightness and contrast settings to see if there’s any difference/improvement.


Np, glad to hear that! Give me a shout if you run into any issues again.

08 Mar


Originally posted by someguy1456

Speaking of bugs after this latest patch, I've noticed a bug where sometimes, when warrior priest goes down, once he's completed the downed animation, he'll start standing there (menacingly).

(PC btw)

Sounds canon to me..

(I'll pass it on!)


Originally posted by tinylittlebabyjesus

Just curious, is Fatshark done making cosmetics for VT2? I could go for a Grail knight with antlers.

More to come, tinylittlebabyjesus! Not sure about a Grail Knight with Antlers, but we'll see what we can do.


Originally posted by Irishbarse

Nice. Only been playing since I got the game at Christmas. Really enjoying it.

Welcome to the party. Spoilers; everyone (probably) dies.

You're welcome!


Originally posted by ThugQ

Happy Anniversary everyone! It has been an amazing ride, from minigun Huntsman fighting rat ogres to a true Knight of the Grail challenging the Chaos Gods and Belakor. Keep it up <3

He was a battering ram. That's what he was


Originally posted by Major-Following-2169

Then "Hail SigMarch!" Thanks brother!



Originally posted by Major-Following-2169

Question, totes cereal:

Will this be available for Console users?

(PS4 here)

Already is fam. Fur reals.


Originally posted by pentium233mhz

Last Sienna class coming out soon?

Depends on your definition of soon! We've got more to explore before Sienna 4.0 though..


Originally posted by se05239

Don't worry. So am I.



Originally posted by Umgak_shield_raki

Can I see it somewhere else than Twitter?


There is! You should be able to disable ‘Voice Chat’ within the ‘Audio’ section of the Settings menu.


Watch this space, but close enough!


It looks like the cause of this crash is related to Voice Chat - can you please try disabling this and see if the crashes resolve?


Hi @AndrewDan,

Sorry to hear that. You’re running into a Deadlock type crash which are unfortunately a little tricky to determine the root cause of.

Firstly, I recommend to try running through our general crash solutions (e.g. Verifying file integrity), here:

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