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14 Aug

Originally posted by Emilia Tempest: Use armor piercing attacks (usually heavy attacks for most weapons).

Blunt weapons (maces, hammers) do usually well against armor. greathammer does it with light attacks, maces and greatmaces do it with heavy attacks
Axe weapons (1h-axe, greataxe, crowbil, elven axe, axe&shield) do well against armor on nearly all attacks, light or heavy.

And all other weapons usually do well against armor with heavy attacks.
However, weapons that do stabs (rapier, spears) usually arent that great against body-armor and rely more on headshots.

And for ranged, handguns (kruber/bardin) work well against armor.
Repeater handgun (kruber) works well against armored rats (doesnt work well o...
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Thanks @someguy01, I’ve passed this information and your log on to the development team and have asked for some additional input.

I’ll reply once I hear something back. Thank you for your patience!

11 Aug


I believe I responded to your support ticket, but I’ll drop a reply here too.

I’m glad to hear this resolved after restarting!

Historically, this issue tends to occur after players have recently enabled/disabled the Steam overlay. Waiting for a short period of time, or restarting either the Steam client/PC, like you did, should resolve this.


Hm okay :thinking: Can you check if a console log and launcher log have been generated, and if so can you please provide us with those?

Both can be located in the Vermintide 2 AppData directory using the instructions below:

  1. Press the Windows key + R
  2. Enter %appdata% within the search input and select ‘OK’
  3. Navigate to AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2

10 Aug


Originally posted by War_Chaser

This has been brought up in the past and the reason given for it not being a thing was Fatshark not wanting to screw over people who've already 100%'d the game so long after release.

Why it wasn't a thing from the beginning, but was on console? I don't know. Maybe they didn't want to give achievement hunters too hard of a time.

Yeah, that's the reason for not adding extra achievements on steam.

The reason we can add achievements on console is because on Xbox you gain gamerscore for every achievement you unlock and your total gamerscore is pretty much what you are hunting. 100%-ing a game doesn't actually give you anything extra. On Playstation it is handled a little differently. The main game has a set amount of achievements that has been there since release and if you unlock them all you get the platinum trophy. For each map DLC we release we add new achievements that goes into a sub category and doesn't affect your main game completion rate


How strange! Hmm. It’s a shot in the dark, but you could try a clean reinstallation by deleting your AppData directory:

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09 Aug


Hi @someguy01,

Hmm okay. Can I confirm if the launcher process is running at all in Task Manager?

If so, I wonder if it’s possibly opening off screen. Could you try:

  1. With your desktop active, press CTRL + ALT + TAB
  2. See if you can select the Vermintide 2 Launcher

07 Aug



We just put live a quick hotfix on Xbox One which fixes some cases where players hotjoining a mission in progress could crash!


Hi @someguy01,

Sorry to hear this. Though I’m glad you’re able to play using the launcher workaround!

It may also be worth trying reinstalling/repairing your .NET Framework installation. I believe this is version 4.8 for Windows 11:

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Hi @MXD96,

I have manually unlocked the Amulet of Ashur for you. You should see it when you next restart Vermintide 2 :slight_smile:


@MXD96, okay, sorry about that! I have now manually unlocked the Amulet of Ashur for you - you should see it when you next restart Vermintide 2 :slight_smile:

01 Aug

    [Fatshark] Aqshy on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hopefully we can share stuff a bit later, but she's still slated for this Fall.

31 Jul


Hi @MXD96,

Have you managed to locate Olesya now?

And please let me know if you still have any issue with the Amulet of Ashur unlocking. Please ensure that you have completed the level Dark Omens and Weave 1.

27 Jul


Originally posted by Freeman952

Well especially 60 fps on ps4 I don't think the console can handle this correctly. That's probably why my console makes the sound of a rocket taking off ''Houston, we have a problem''. Without forgetting the display problems that I have now, very ugly wave effect, bar that appears on the screen. It's really striking when I move the camera slowly, which I avoid doing as much as possible... So yes, having the choice would be good.

This is a bug. We accidently shipped with vsync disabled and a hotfix will be available soon. The game is still 30fps for ps4/ps4pro and 60fps on ps5

26 Jul


Originally posted by Matthew_SB

Cool, and again this is just reporting the delta from release notes in case it mattered. I'm not put out, anyway.

And congratulations!

Thanks! :)


Originally posted by -Pungent

They already did.

The game used to be ~90GB back when only the first DLC existed.

Now, there are nearly twice as many maps but the game has managed to stay sub-100 (mine shows up as 97.23GB, not sure where you're getting 112 from).

It's still not great, but at least they haven't regressed anymore, compared to the first two years where the game ballooned by ~10GB every other major update.

The reason the size of the game is this large is because it was released in 2018 and at that time HDDs were the standard (and I would argue that might still be the case for a lot of people). The seek time of HDDs is a big problem (the time for the mechanical arm to move to a different location on the disks) since just doing this action can take several milliseconds. Usually all levels, weapons, vfx, sounds etc are sharing a lot of assets so just shipping it as is would make the seek tiime incredibly long since the mechanical arm would pretty much have to move for every asset it tries to read. To remedy this problem we do something called bundling where we duplicate data for a certain situation, let's say a level, and put all that data in a sequence so the HDD doesn't have to seek at all, It just have to read the data sequentially. The bundling procedure makes the game a lot larger but also speed up load times a LOT


This is a bug and a hotfix is already in cert. Sorry about this. Too many things to test and too few people to test them.


Originally posted by Matthew_SB

Excellent news!

As a minor point, I don’t see the “Weapon Trail VFX” setting on either console. It’s certainly not in the same spot as in the PC settings, nor anywhere else I looked. Not the main point of this release of course, just a delta from the patch notes.

That might be a missing feature for consoles. I usually implement these settings so it might have fallen between the chairs (I'm on parental leave). I'll take a look at it tomorrow and assign someone to fix it if it's reasonable to do on console


@RZN_FatShart, thanks for the additional logs. I’ve taken a look and can see you ran into the following errors -

From top to bottom for list of logs above:

Log 1, a crash occurred due to an issue with the Kill Crosshair Confirmation mod. Please try disabling this mod

Log 2, cut off data (likely from another abrupt CTD)

Log 3, a Deadlock crash was experienced. These are tricky to troubleshoot as no indicators of the cause are included unfortunately :frowning:

Log 4, a GPU crash occurred here. It may be worth also running through our GPU-specific crash solutions here:

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25 Jul


Originally posted by PostapocCelt

That’s cool but I haven’t been able to access my cosmetics since March

I'm on parental leave so I'm just jumping in and helping out here and there. Please write a ticket at our forums and I'll poke the guy in charge

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