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Latest Patch NotesGunfights, Heists & Everything Nice (about 1 month ago)

07 Oct

Gunfights, Heists & Everything Nice

about 1 month ago - superconsole on News - Thread - Direct

Hey folks!

Last week we had the pleasure of introducing you to our upcoming Commander, ...

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28 Mar

Hi all, quick patch notes list below for the 1.2.4 update which went live yesterday on Nintendo Switch. This was a bugfix which included a number of fixes from the PC versions. Xbox One bugfix update is on its way!

* Fix "desync" issue with online matches that prevented players from seeing any activity on matches

* Fix issues with players being stuck in Quick Play matches

* Fix issues with timers running out in Quick Play matches

* Fix crash on inspecting units on any maps that attempted to Spawn "Any Commander"

* Fix tooltips being left behind on recruit screen

* Fix 2v1 disconnect after victory screen

* Fix crash when selecting barracks

* Fix examine does nothing in Tile Info window

* Fix tile info displaying a large gap when using controller

Do check the ...

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