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01 May

Any plans on make coop campaign?

about 2 months ago - /u/SuperconsoleKaty on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by mamaburra

It seems the devs have no plans other than fixing bugs.

We're actually working on new things for the game right now! Can't give details or timings just yet, but exciting stuff is definitely in the works, as well as ongoing bug fixes of course.

30 Apr

26 Apr

Hey everyone!

Here's the latest custom maps spotlight, featuring some cool content to download ready for the weekend!

--> ...

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12 Apr

Hahaha, that was amazing. Well done. :)

29 Mar

Originally posted by mamaburra

Great work guys, thanks! Could we get a sneak peak at any upcoming QoL changes?

I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but I feel like the longevity of Wargroove rests upon allowing us to play custom maps and matches though some form of integrated lobby/server browser, thus eliminating the need for Discord.

You've granted us a full-fledged map creator, please don't limit our matchmaking options to sync Quick Play on standard maps.

I don't have a list available yet of upcoming patch notes, but in terms of an online lobby system, it's something we're considering - but can't confirm anything concrete at the moment!

Originally posted by MayhemMessiah

  • Fix crash when right clicking map

Hmm. I may be missing something here.

haha woops :P

Originally posted by qwertylerqw

I’m glad to see this! I’ve seen a lot of people have the issue where they get stuck in quick play matches. I’m glad that they’ll finally be able to play online again

Thank you for the constant support, Chucklefish! We love you!!

Let us know if you still encounter any issues, we're on the watch-out! :)

28 Mar

Hi all, quick patch notes list below for the 1.2.4 update which went live yesterday on Nintendo Switch. This was a bugfix which included a number of fixes from the PC versions. Xbox One bugfix update is on its way!

* Fix "desync" issue with online matches that prevented players from seeing any activity on matches

* Fix issues with players being stuck in Quick Play matches

* Fix issues with timers running out in Quick Play matches

* Fix crash on inspecting units on any maps that attempted to Spawn "Any Commander"

* Fix tooltips being left behind on recruit screen

* Fix 2v1 disconnect after victory screen

* Fix crash when selecting barracks

* Fix examine does nothing in Tile Info window

* Fix tile info displaying a large gap when using controller

Do check the ...

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Hi everyone, quick update on the on this:

As you may have already seen, we've been working on a server-side fix, and believe everything should now be in order. Sorry to those of you who were affected and thanks for your patience while we looked into it.

Please do let us know if issues continue and thanks for bearing with us!

15 Mar

Originally posted by staleswedishfish

I'm emilyvsart on instagram, and they have been SO SWEET about my fanart! They comment and like pretty much everything that fans create and post on Instagram, which is really awesome since their audience there is pretty small!

That's lovely to hear - your Nuru was awesome!

11 Mar

06 Mar

Hey all,

Quick update to say that the 1.2.0 quality of life / community feedback patch is now live across PC, Nintendo Switch & Xbox One, so do update to the latest version and check it out!

Full patch notes can be found in yesterday's Dev Blog: ...

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20 Feb

D'aww what a majestic pup!

19 Feb

Originally posted by DougyDangerD

I am blown away by how responsive to feedback the developers are and how quickly they implemented these changes. Thank you!!!

Thanks for the lovely message, we just want the game to be as good as it can be! :)

16 Feb

FYI we're testing a number of fixes that we hope address the quick play timer issues. They'll be shipping on the next patch to all platforms. We'll see if there's anything we can do to mitigate the issue on PC side a bit earlier, but no promises (some investigation is still required!)

However, I don't believe that these issues are caused solely by cross-play. We have reports on Switch vs Switch players having those issues... however, due to the nature of the player base and unintuitive combinatorics, a large number of matches will involve at least one PC player (likewise, a large number of matches will involve at least one Switch player), leading to the perception this only happening with cross-play!

15 Feb

Originally posted by SchwaAkari

No listed changes to the Map Editor yet, hmm? I guess the main game does take priority.

We creators would love a Copy/Paste feature for the Event Editor and Cutscene Editor, though, as if you've not already very likely heard. It seems to be the #1 requested feature in the official Discord's #custom_content channel.

Nonetheless, I'm pleased to see the changes up ahead, and doubly pleased to see Hard Mode is to be the considered canon difficulty; having already beaten the main game on default slider settings I'll have something to rub in the faces of my friends forever now who keep struggling with certain missions ;p (I'll display this theoretical trophy right next to my theoretical Dark Souls 2 pre-patch Bow-less Shrine of Amana plaque!)

We're hoping to do a separate patch focused on the map editor (QOL + new features) at a later date! Right now we're focusing on the main feedback points within the game itself!

EDIT: Patch 1.2.0 now live, full patch notes here - ...

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Sedge and Ragna in perler beads.

4 months ago - /u/SuperconsoleKaty on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Aww these are so cute! Great job :)

Originally posted by dolusdeceit

And submitted. That was fun and reminiscent of when I used to make Warcraft 2 maps.

Nice, best of luck!

14 Feb

Wargroove Localisation Feedback!

4 months ago - /u/SuperconsoleKaty on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by TheMikenyan

Should consider changing “Wait” to “Stay” when moving Caesar.

I am personally VERY for this.

Originally posted by dolusdeceit

Hmm... by midnight the 14th I'd planed on 21 hours from now. Might be a mistake, oops.

To confirm it's 11:59pm GMT on Feb 14th - today! :)

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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