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23 Aug

Originally posted by jmelt17

Well damn, I bought digital on launch to support the Devs but I cant justify buying it physical too

We super appreciate it! :)

16 Aug

Originally posted by mauriciogonvi

What about the balance patch?

It's in the works! Unit Strategy Manual included in the Deluxe Edition has been updated to include the new stats.

Originally posted by EnjoyingYourself

Oh man! I don't need a physical version, but I'd LOVE to have some of that other schwag, like the map and the Strategy Manual. Maybe it'll be sold separately eventually?

Unfortunately not, all the bundled-in items are exclusive to the 'Deluxe Edition'! However there is already Wargroove merch available via The Yetee (T-shirts, vinyl OST, Commander pins, Faction stickers, Faction banners etc.)

Originally posted by Andrenator

Me: hmm, I don't think I need a physical copy


Glad you like them! :D

Originally posted by nodisposition

I’m so excited! Where can we preorder?

Hoping pre-orders will be available once we have a release date set & retailers have their webpages setup. We'll share links as soon as we know more :)

Originally posted by adyo

I just want a darn digital version for ps4

It's out! : https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP2531-CUSA14944_00-WARGROOVE0000000

15 Aug

Originally posted by Spartan_exr

Looks amazing! Hope it will be available for purchase online, as I rarely see releases like these in physical stores in Norway!

Yes it will be :) Retailers will be setting up their online store pages as soon as we can confirm a set release date.

26 Jul

UPDATE: This is now closed - thanks to those who entered & congrats to Derek!

This is the entry thread for the 2nd Community Choice Award, where one map selected by you will be featured in the ...

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24 Jul

Wargroove coming to PS4 on July 23rd!

about 2 months ago - /u/SuperconsoleKaty on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by [deleted]


Hi there, saw your posts - sorry to hear you had issues trying to find & download the game on the store. This was a global Store issue on PSN's side and completely out of our control. We're of course really disappointed about the situation too. This issue has now been resolved overnight.

In case you haven't found the link yet it's:
UK Store: ...

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Yes it does indeed have a platinum trophy :)

23 Jul

Originally posted by Chozo_Hybrid

I can't find it on the NZ psn store.

Here you go: https://store.playstation.com/en-nz/product/EP2395-CUSA14974_00-WARGROOVE0000000

22 Jul

As for other timezones, Wargroove launches at midnight in each local EU region and at 8am PST for NA.

Just falwless!

about 2 months ago - /u/SuperconsoleKaty on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by [deleted]


This is artwork from an official Wargroove t-shirt by The Yetee: https://theyetee.com/collections/wargroove/products/majestic-duo

Wargroove coming to PS4 on July 23rd!

about 2 months ago - /u/SuperconsoleKaty on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by mexicomiguel

So no cross platform play, does that mean that we won't be able to download the community created maps from other platforms? I read the release notes but wasn't sure if that was also unavailable.

Community=made map/campaign content is still available cross-platform for PS4, just not online multiplayer.

18 Jul

Originally posted by Bloopsers

Is this what was teased with Caesar?

Yep! But there's lots more in the works too, hoping to share some more details on an upcoming patch next week after PS4 launch.

12 Jul

VOTING HAS NOW CLOSED. Congratulations to winner Fadedsun with their map "Life in 19x19 v1.5" (Code: DY6YWXV2). You can find winning map & other featured designs in Community Maps Spotlight #11.

--- --- ---
Starting on the 11th edition of the Community Maps Spotlight we'll be awarding a Community Choice Award to one map selected by you each Spotlight!

Any biome, map or custom campaign will be considered, except from those with NSFW contents (incl. bad language and naughty map design) or those that have already been featured in a previous Map Spotlight post.

We'll make a new thread each time to keep things tidy - this will be open until July 26th.

  • To submit a map: Comment in this thread with your map code, a mini description and ideally a link to a screenshot
  • ...
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08 Jul

04 Jul

Awesome! Hope you enjoy it :)

26 Jun

New update?

3 months ago - /u/SuperconsoleKaty on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Version history is updated here for all platforms:

01 May

Any plans on make coop campaign?

5 months ago - /u/SuperconsoleKaty on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by mamaburra

It seems the devs have no plans other than fixing bugs.

We're actually working on new things for the game right now! Can't give details or timings just yet, but exciting stuff is definitely in the works, as well as ongoing bug fixes of course.

30 Apr

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