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Latest Patch NotesSwitch Patch Notes for version 1.2.4 (3 months ago)

06 Mar

Hi all,

Shortly after launch we announced that we were working on a quality of life patch, combining some community feedback we received and adjustments we wanted to make. Well good news –Wargroove Patch 1.2.0 is available now!

A quick PSA, you may also find yourself needing to update to the latest version in order to access the game’s online features after the patch, so do make sure you’re up to date if you have any issues.

If you do by chance find any bugs please do report them to the support section in the Wargroove Forums[community.playstarbound.com]. If you’d like to chat to the developers and share your thoughts, you can also find us lurking in the ... Read more

11 Feb

What's Next for Wargroove?

4 months ago - Katzeus on Steam - Thread - Direct

First of all, I want to say how humbled and thankful we all are here at Chucklefish for an incredible launch week. It’s truly been amazing, we’ve already covered the cost of development and are throwing ourselves into improving the game further.

So what’s next for Wargroove?

Short Term
We’re working on a number of quality of life fixes and hope to get them to you asap. We’ll try to get things done as quickly as possible.

Some of those quality of life improvements will include:
  • The ability to skip battle scenes more quickly. With various options on how this will work.
  • The ability to force fast map movement to ‘always on’.
  • Tooltip...
Read more
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