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I cant complete veiled threats because swinda is dead in ravensthorpe, i have tried quick traveling away and coming back, doing missions away from camp, someone mentioned on another forum to try dying and respawing that didnt work for me.

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Hello @dkilpin , thank you for getting in touch about this quest in Valhalla. 

This specific quest is under investigation at the moment, we have mainly found the NPCs have not spawned, rather than be found dead, however.

If possible, would you be able to provide the following details to help us try to resolve this issue? >

1. Please let us know if your latest save file has been added to the Cloud (it will have a cloud icon next to it). If you can do this for us, we will be able to use your save files for our investigation 

2. Are you able to capture a video that demonstrates this issue/being unable to progress?

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