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hello, please help. I finished ALL mysteries in the whole game of AC Valhalla except for this one. I carried the man to the village, and put him down on the trail in front of the barrel (where the ‘place’ instruction was given) but the interaction with the women doesnt start. I closed the game and had all the updates but cant complete it.

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Hello @Borgiaruud1, thanks for getting in touch! I'm really sorry to hear that you can't complete "A Dead Man's Tale" in Vinland. I've done some research and don't see any other reports that reflect the description you provided.

Could you please confirm that you've approach the the center but the woman did not start shouting? Would it be possible for you to record a short video of the issue and share a link with us on this thread so we can investigate it deeper?

I look forward to hearing back from you.