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Re: [[TFS] Death Jarl Breastplate is not appearing in Everold's Shop](/topic/167509/tfs-death-jarl-breastplate-is-not-appearing-in-everold-s-shop)

After finishing 8 !!! time complete runs, achieving all trophy including both Hell tropy's, and done all the questslines the quest "A gift from the Otherworld", the quest does'nt seems to end!?!?
Purchased everything from Everold, leaving the saga shop over and over, but the breast plate won't show up as the quest keep exicts??

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@miw-rohwan Hi, and welcome to the forum !

I've taken note of your report, and I'm sorry to hear that the Death Jarl breastplate is missing !

The quest "A gift from the Otherworld" remains in your quest log as you can keep visiting Niflheim.

Regarding the last Death Jarl item, for the purpose of our investigation, I invite you to provide us with the following elements :

👉 Screenshot showing that Hel has been defeated

👉 Main menu screenshot, with the game version visible as well (bottom-right corner of the screen)

This will help us isolate the Issue, in order to isolate the problem and find the best possible solutions.

Don't hesitate to let us know if you'd like to share additional details, or if you have any questions !