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EDIT: I finally did it by calling my ship then starting a raid and letting my crew fight the last 2, it took a while and totally wasn't worth the bonus. Anyone know if there is an ability I can get to assassinate animals so i don't have this issue in future?

I spent a good hour trying to figure out how to do this. I know i am wasting my time and all this effort isn't worth the extra bonus materials but i just want to figure it out for future reference.

I'm playing in Ireland doing a king mission to clear a camp with bonus remaining undetected. This normally isn't that hard even on difficulty 1 below nightmare and max stealth difficulty except for one issue. I have to somehow assassinate or kill the wolf sorcerous and its wolf pet that transforms into one of those werewolf things without being seen. For some reason unlike previous AC games, I'm not getting option to assassinate the pet at all, if i did I could double assassinate both and be done with it. I was hoping instead if i killed all humans first and wolf pet is last to detect me when i killed its master that wouldn't count as seen since literally only thing that seen me is wolf fat the end, but nope, wolf pet still counts as detecting me despite its only thing left. I then thought maybe i can try just shooting them from a bush from far, but second, I hit one I'm detected despite being in a bush. Only thing left i can think of is killing them by environmental effects like oil jugs, but the issue is. this is at a makeshift camp in the forest, there is nothing here that I can use to kill them both without being seen. I even try to set grass on fire to maybe slowly kill them by fire, but grass won't catch fire with fire arrows.

This is either a big design failure of the game, or I'm simply missing something. In previous AC games this would be easy, as i could set grass on fire, I could assassinate wolf, i could just quickly kill them with arrows from a bush, etc. But none of these tactics are working. What am i missing?

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Hey @zengrath thanks for sharing your experience of trying to clear this camp undetected and how problematic the animals were.

I'm unaware of any ability that lets you assassinate animals or overcome them with ease, I believe this is by design. Perhaps using your wolf companion ability may help if your wolf was fully upgraded, but I am unsure if this will detect you, if you wolf kills an npc/animal npc.

Hopefully one of our players can share with you some tips and tricks of how they deal with situations like these, where the animals in the area can become a nuisance.