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Halfway between Readingum Abbey and the Henge Farm area, there is a world event where someone is by a barrel of ale and five Norse warriors dancing around it, in front an ale house. A bard is there playing music. After all that was said and done, I completed the event and then something very strange I have never seen before. As I was leaving, a caught a glimpse something as I was going past...one of the five Norse Warriors...?!? who was supposedly poisoned. I ran into him he made a noise so I know something was there!

I did the Odin's Search and a blue dot appeared on top of the warrior, as would any of my allies. The warrior went towards the lake. I followed him. I jumped in and found there were 3 more Norse Warrior bodies floating in the water. I thought maybe it was a glitch or a bug. I reloaded a previous game before and I did the same exact thing I did as I did before, testing my theory. Only THIS time when I returned from the lake, all five Norse Warriors were alive and well.

I went back to the water and returned. The warriors were there, but in different spots, still in front the ale house. Very strange indeed!!

Have anyone else experienced this? Is this a glitch?

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Hey there.

This does indeed sound like a rather strange occurrence. If you are able to replicate this would you mind providing us with a video demonstrating this we could take a look at please?