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Hello. I bought Assassin's Creed Valhalla via Epic Store. and I can't change the language. there is only 1 language and it's the Russian language. can you explain to me why? I am not living in Russian I am living in Georgia and we have a war against Russia and it's very uncomfortable that I have to play in Russian. Please do something It is very discriminatory I feel very oppressed. Epic Store support told me: Oh, I understand, in this case, you'll need to get in contact with Ubisoft Support, so they can address this issue properly since this game is not developed by Epic Games.

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Hello @NasPeruS and welcome to Discussions.

First of all I am really sorry to hear about the situation with the edition of the game. Taking into consideration everything you've mentioned above including your conversation with the Epic Games Store support,  It may be that the regional version of the game that you own includes the Russian language only , in which case you'll unfortunately not be able to select other languages in-game to use.

In this case I would suggest you to DM us on Twitter or Facebook or create a case so my colleagues from the customer support team will have a closer look at your account and the edition of the game.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.