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This evening I completed all of the gold medals in all of the Mastery Challenges (both part 1 and part 2). Upon completion I went to purchase all of the rest of the items from Hildaran's shop only to discover than I was 30 Battle Mastery points short. There were two weapons that I was unable to buy. Since I have completed the gold medal for every challenge, I do not know how to earn more.

Is being 30 battle mastery (the red currency) intended behavior after completing everything or is there a bug somewhere?


18 days ago - Ubi-Viral - Direct link

@lordofascension Hey! Thank you for getting in touch about mastery points. There are a few ways to earn mastery points. One of the ways is through mastery challenges which you have completed, there is another way below:

  • If your settlement is level 6 you can go to a merchant and purchase a Scroll of Knowledge for 700 silver, this will reward you with 1 Mastery Point'. There are 4 total scrolls you can buy in Melunois, Paris, Amienois & Evresin.

Can you confirm if you have tried the above please?

Also can you let us know what level you are?

Thank you.

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Hello @spirantcrayon22,

Thank you for clarifying this for us! I'm sorry to hear that you are unable to purchase all items from Hildran's shop despite completing all mastery challenges.

Can I kindly ask you to provide us with a few screenshots showing completed challenges, so I can pass it along to the development team? Many thanks!

@LordofAscension - thank you for clarifying this for us as well and for providing us with the screenshot. This is definitely something that we will look into - however, can I also request a few screenshots from you showing us completed challenges? It will allow our teams to investigate it further for you.

If you have any additional questions, please let us know!