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After starting up with the Cent from Randvi's Alliance Map, the main Quest marker never showed up. But during my exploration of Cent, I fortunately came across Basim and the priest Cyne-burn. After finished talking to them, there was neither quest marker nor the main quest listed under Quests tab yet the tab had an exclamation mark. After exploring the whole of cent by looting plundering and completing the wealths, artificacts and mysteries, I began watching youtube walkthrough to proceed further. Now currently I am in the mission of "The Man Behind the Man" where the title shows up in the HUD but like before, no quest marker is visible nor the quest's name is listed under quests tab. Though the tracked quest is described in the Quests tab's right hand side window, it is not listed on left hand side quest list. If I now accidentally select any side quest, I cannot track the main quest back. Please help me with this.

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Hey there @rajpopstar3007, sorry to see you're having some issues with quest markers not appearing. A lot of the quests in Valhalla could be really annoying to get through without any indication of where to go. I'll need to see a few pictures to try and help you out here.

First, take a screenshot of the main menu of the game, so I can see the current update number that you're on.

After that, take a screenshot of your current quest log in quests tab.

Finally, take a screenshot of the quest names you can see in the HUD.

Just in case you need any screenshot assistance, you can use the built-in feature of Ubisoft Connect!

Once we have those images I can help you get this figured out.

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