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Dear Ubisoft team,

I have been trying to get assassin’s creed running on my Xbox X, yet it can’t connect to Ubisoft connect. Every time I try to connect it gets a white screen then for a second it jumps to another window but then jumps back to the game and asks me whether I want to connect. At some point I was able to play the game for a couple of hours until it died after I fast-traveled and now all progress is lost and I am back at where I was. The game is simply not playable for me. Please advise.


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Hey @Beangamer2022, thanks for getting in touch with us, welcome to forums and sorry to hear about the difficulty you ran into with connecting to Ubisoft Connect through Valhalla.

After having a closer look, I can confirm that we have received similar instances in the past and this appears to be already resolved, however if you do continue to experience this, I would suggest you to try linking your Xbox and Ubisoft accounts through another platform, such as:

  1. Ubisoft Connect mobile app
  2. Account Management website
  3. Ubisoft Connect app in Xbox Store

Keep us updated and if you have any further queries, let us know!

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