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can someone please help me or send me the resolve link for this issue?

it's very frustrating how the sudden fps drop during gameplay or even on the menu makes me want to quit the game. Everything was fine until the festival event started. I already tried every advices from the forum and on the internet. i already update all the outdated drivers, disable the overlay game on Ubisoft Connect, reinstall the game, and still experiencing the same issue.

FYI, Every other game works fine.

My system:
GTX 1060 6gb
Windows 11 22h2
Intel i-7 8th Gen

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Welcome to the forums, @brnzbmbr!

First, can you please check this FAQ to make sure you've not missed any of the basics? Particularly, running both Ubisoft Connect and Valhalla as an administrator.

Additionally, you'll want to try and run the game in compatibility mode for Windows 10, as Valhalla does not have Windows 11 support.