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This could be the strangest bug I’ve ever experienced in Valhalla ever. I got this contract from Reda today to kill a target in Svartalfheim, but it turns out that the target is actually Vaskr... the Jotun central to the ‘Love Conquers’ World Event whom CANNOT BE KILLED. So... I want to go back to Reda and explain to him that he has his server wires crossed, because this is one of the biggest screw-up jobs he’s ever assigned.

The following recording was taken AFTER I had already experienced the bug a first time. I loaded up an older save, went to Reda, and got the same bugged quest. For those of you who have not completed the ‘Love Conquers’ quest... be warned... spoilers ahead...

I was able to load my game from an older save and left Svartalfheim completely to do some regular Reda quests back in England, but this is definitely something that needs to be addressed in the future so it doesn’t happen again.

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Hiya @TheNorfolkian thanks for sharing such a detailed report on this! As mentioned in a few of the threads linked by @XBL_Laberbacke this is an issue that has been raised to our teams. I have also gone ahead and shared your extra info and report with them as well.

@kart_zsa I have shared your post also, and have moved your thread over here to keep tidy.

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