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Ever since about 11pm EDT Thursday (6/16), River Raids have stopped providing foreign supplies when I open the big chests. I was on the River Exe and picked up 150 foreign supplies from the first two bases I raided (1 chest in 1 and 2 chests in the second). Then I noticed after the next 2 bases that I was getting leather and iron, but no foreign supplies from any of the big chests.
I Journeyed up the Themes tonight (6/20) and after the first three bases, which should have provided a total of 300 foreign supplies, I still had ZERO.

I've restarted the game. I've restarted the xbox. I've reloaded an earlier save point, but I still do not get foreign supplies anymore.

I have completed building the armory, but have not bought all of the available items from the raiding store. So, I still need supplies.

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Hey @kamikazesg12

I'm sorry to hear you haven't been receiving your forign supplies. I see this issue has been ongoing for some time but we continue to forward account details on to the dev team for those who have been affected by it, so I shall pass yours on too and hope it helps with getting this resolved.