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I have a question about the specs. I am thinking to buy i7 10700T or i5 10600T. The T series has a low base frequency 2 or 2.4Gh and can boost abobe 4Gh but as far as I understand that can't be for more than a minute. So my question is would these cpu's be good to run the game?

edit:I read this https://community.intel.com/t5/Proce...p/298502#M6786
and if I understand correctly the low TDP is achieved just by lowering the base clock, so there isn't any better technology in the T series.
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Hey Thomas_Hajj,

Having compared the CPUs you've mentioned to those needed for the minimum / recommended specs posted in the system requirements, they look to meet those requirements - but if you wanted "high" performance or above, you would likely need a better one.

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